Love Yourself!

Good day to you all! As the summer season approaches, it is the perfect time to start building confidence in yourself and your body. Self love is certainly one of the most essential pieces to maintaining a positive outlook within yourself. And that is exactly what I would like to discuss today.

Loving yourself starts with accepting who you truly are. Being a crossdresser is a perfectly normal thing and should never be thought of in disdain or disgust, especially when you are thinking about yourself. This can be a difficult habit to shake due to the conditioning of those around you, or the comments of others. One of the best ways to combat such feelings is by surrounding yourself with those that are supportive. Even if you do not have friends or family to rely on, luckily there are websites like XDress where support is exactly what you will find (as well as amazing lingerie that will fit perfectly).

You will find that loving yourself definitely gets easier with time, just like anything else. One of the most efficient ways for me to feel wholesome within myself is by being consistent with my morning routine. Putting on my makeup in my favorite underwear, then picking out an outfit for the day is just a truly therapeutic experience. Looking in the mirror and seeing your outfit and makeup together brings a sincere feeling of validation, as you know this is you in your purest form. This feeling can be heightened even further if someone compliments you on your outfit or makeup, completely alleviating any prior worry of judgement.

Of course, treating yourself to your deepest desires and buying yourself clothes and lingerie is another fantastic way to love yourself. I personally love anything black as most of you know, and anything satin or silk in particular. If you don't know what your favorite colors or fabrics are, go shopping! Xdress has any and all colors from the more vibrant neons, to the rich romantic shades to suit any individual. There's nothing quite as soul-cleansing as buying yourself new clothes or lingerie, trying them on, and finding how much you love them. Don't stick to just lingerie either! Skirts, dresses, shoes, makeup or whatever else you can think of, just buy it!

Don't just buy it either, wear it all the time! Simply going about your day fully dressed or underdressed has an immediate effect in aiding your confidence, so why not do it everyday? And since you wear it at home, why not wear it out too? The nervous feeling will quickly subside, and you will feel absolute euphoria as you enter your favorite stores/places dressed the way you always wanted to be. I personally dress up fully everyday and my feminine clothing and lifestyle has simply become second nature, I no longer even feel the slightest guilt for it. This is something you must train your mind to do; to just be yourself unapologetically. Once you start fully dressing, you will not imagine living life any other way.

After all, wearing a beautiful dress or lingerie is something that makes women feel sexy, and there's certainly nothing wrong with it making men feel the same way. I personally adore the moments I spend with my girlfriend where we are both dolled up and go out together, only to end the night in intimate embrace as our souls connect on the deepest level. Embracing your femininity will lead to many amazing places, but there is none better than the arms of someone who loves you for who you are. And if you're single, loving yourself will soon lead to others loving you as they cannot resist your confident energy.

So, do you love yourself? What methods do you use to further build your confidence? I would love for us all to lift each other up and share any experiences that have helped you love yourself.



John no mix up. Don’t feel u have to be gay to wear sexy pretty lingerie! Lots of hetero men who love panties bras stockings skirts dresses. Does not mean u r gay, if u r so be it but don’t feel forced because of a style of clothing Stevie Get ur lingerie on

Stevie November 19, 2021

Yes, people on here seem to be on my wavelength. I’ve got hundreds of pretty panties, and perhaps need to thin out the collection to just the ones I love to wear. Favourites are real micro panties which hold the front in nicely and form a jockstrap to frame a shapely bottom. Especially when there are some nice thin straps, and pink is favourite colour.

John November 18, 2021

I am hetero, and married; it’s the girls that catch my eye. I do have a feminine side, love to wear pretty panties, and the feel of wearing a mini (even micro) skirt with silk stockings. I just wish that I had the courage to go out dressed like that. In a big city you have anonymity, but in a small conservative town I’d end up being the talk of the town! So, I just keep my panties and stockings to myself. I’d like to go to a gay bar/ club, or better still an underwear party, but fear being expected to have male on male sex, which revolts me. A bit mixed up.

John November 18, 2021

Jean Great comments. Thats whats so cool about this site . We all love to hear everyone’s expressions and views. I love bras and skirts w a thong. As for the pouches i tend to like them hold everything together but i still like the flat front panties. Anyway i love hearing from everyone Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie October 20, 2021

I agree with Angel that the idea of wearing female panties is very sexy and I did so myself for many years, until I discovered Xdress. In practice though, I found women’s panties not to be very comfortable for long term wear as the crotch is so narrow that it cuts across the boys, and at least for me I found that there was far too much fabric in the back coverage. Plus of course there is often no elastic to keep everything in place. So I like XDress panties because there is plenty of room in front and they have flat plus pouch styles, both of which I buy. I was put off bras years ago when I tried a women’s bra it looked plain ridiculous on me, as I have a flat chest. I now have a couple of Xdress pull-on bras that work much better as they don’t have large defined cups, so look more normal, so I do wear them from time to time, but usually under a loose shirt or sweater so the straps don’t show. I also love the camis available on this site, they are super sexy and look good on me.

Jean October 18, 2021

Hello. I’d like to respond to Adam, who asked about straight guys wearing female underwear. Well, I’m one of them, and I’m a sucker for lace. But it’s interesting to point out that I, for one, love female underwear that can fit me more than made-for-men underwear. I do not like panties with the front puch for a man’s bulge. Instead, I love female panties, lace or otherwise, that can fit me. I love underwear that’s extremely feminine, and all my wardrobe is filled with flowers, bright colors and other traditionally feminine looks. I also love panties, thongs and G-strings that cut through my flesh and keep me on a tight leash. Oh, God, how I love those! And the latest trend for me are bras and skirts. I wear them at home all the time now, and bras even to go out. But I have to be discreet about them, so I mask them with an overcoat or a jacket, which I would not like to do. I feel so good in my bras and skirts, not to mention my panties (already have over 70). So there’s my feedback, Adam.

Angel October 18, 2021

Well for one I m hetero married proud crossdresser! But, I didn’t tell people what boxers I wore so why do I need to tell them I’m wearing panties or a matching bra? Do I need to tell them I’m wearing toe nail polish? The best thing to do is tell the SO early in the relationship IF you think its going somewhere! They hate it if you tell them 20 yrs in If its outerwear then that’s a whole new conversation! Lots of hetero men wear panties. The community is very diverse! All genders ! Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie September 29, 2021

Stu I love it So happy to have you here I m 56 and finally accepted myself at 50! I love wearing lingerie! Makes me feel sexy confident and alive as well as a little naughty This is a great clean blog Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie September 29, 2021

Can I ask how many guys in this thread (or any other thread) are straight with a female partner? When I look into male lingerie, men who love lace underwear, men who wear stockings and make up etc it definitely seems to be mainly the gay community who embrace it with confidence and lack of judgement and to be fair they always look amazing, I am interested in how many hetro and traditionally ‘masculine’ men are out there who are into this and how they navigate through fear of judgement and being open about loving wearing these items. I would love to just be open and confident without fear of my friends and families judgement (as at the end of the day it’s just material!) But I really worry that people would find it ‘wierd’ and be uncomfortable!! I wish I could just be confident and fly the flag for clothes having no gender but I guess I’m scared. Would love some feedback ☺️

Adam September 23, 2021

I feel like Ive come home when I read this blog. Always on point with the subject. Ive been dressing for 35 years and the guilt and shame I felt afterwards always made it hard to accept my femme side. This is changing rapidly since telling my wife, although she still struggles with my femme side, the fact that she’s ok about me dressing whilst home alone, has helped me work through the shame and guilt, allowing to actually start loving myself for who i am and not what the culture expects me to be. Ive always loved women’s clothes and too be honest, I’d dress more if I could. I’m making time for my girl days, almost in a ceremonial way. I shower, i slip into my fav knickers and always a camisole, applying my make up is joyful, even when I cant quite get my eyeliner perfect, its possibly the most creative experience i can give myself, that transformation !!! I turned 50 recently and love chic, sexy, outfits. When I look in the mirror, I smile at myself, I don’t do that much in male zone. Ive just been shopping, during my lunch hour and purchased some new eye make up brushes, bangles, rings and the most amazing polka dot blouse. Giving yourself permission to be yourself and love who you really are is illuminating. Feeling sexy and femme is powerful.

Keep getting your girl on.

Stu x

Stu Lee September 17, 2021

adam, great comments and I do get it think about this, who ever knows what underwear u are wearing dont worry about that , did u ever wonder before i also am like if she doesnt like the sexy undies i sure do stevie

Stevie September 13, 2021

Its so comforting to read these comments and to hear from other men who have the same passion for beautiful silk and lacy underwear. I’ve always been drawn to women’s lingerie but my partner has no interest in wearing sexy lingerie, she doesn’t even bother with underwear at all so one day I figured if I can’t enjoy seeing it on her I’ll see how it feels to wear it myself. My god what a feeling! I am obsessed with lace underwear and wearing it in secret makes me feel incredible!! Luckily my partner reacted in the best way possible when I revealed what I’d discovered and she absolutely loves seeing me and feeling me in knickers 😃 she is very passionate about fighting gender stereotypes which helps but its been amazing having her be so supportive and enthusiastic about me wearing lace knickers. I am still miles away from being comfortable enough for others to find out, when I go out in lace panties i am terrified of someone seeing them, I have a lot of traditional masculine friends who I feel would react badly and assume I must be gay or a pervert! I’m not scared of people thinking I’m gay, who cares, I’m not but so what if I was! Its more a fear of my friends feeling awkward around me. Anyone else get what I mean? So far it’s just knickers I love, never really considered a bra as got no boobs (or moobs!) But I have one pair of stocking I love! I just wish I had the confidence to be open about wearing lace undies because at the end of the day clothes have no gender and lingerie is sexy – whatever body it is on!!

Adam September 09, 2021

What are we doing today to get our lingerie on? I changed my nail polish on my toes! Took some pics of me in my new orange skirt and cami from xdress and wore some mascara concealer and did my eyebrows What r u doing? Stevie

Stevie July 31, 2021

Hi Stevie and Kyrstin – it’s so nice to hear we’re in tune with this. Hearing your support gives me that little bit more freedom to be the way I like. Thank you both!

Keep dressin’

Ally x

Ally July 24, 2021

Hey gurlz hope everyone is well. Ally and Stevie are right, do what you can when you can and freely enjoy every minute of it! My GF and I get pedicures regularly and it’s always fun for both of us. I’m lucky to work in a place where I can have a little freedom to dress as I like but I do it in moderation with low or medium heels, tight slacks or jeans and light makeup. And always panties underneath of course! Rock your best outfits!!

Kyrstin July 23, 2021

Ally You got it all right! If u r not in a situation where u can dress as you like there are some things u can do to satisfy your cravings. Underdress! Panties bras camis women’s tanks Nail polish on those toes! A pedi with clear polish! Women’s jeans! Stockings in the winter Sports bras! Women s sweaters in the fall A man bag Clear finger nail polish Lingerie at night Bubble bath Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie July 14, 2021

Hi there croosdress lovers!
Great article and comments. So true.

Even if you have to keep your dressing secret, love yourself by making time for it. What you do, doesn’t have to be approved of by others for you to love yourself.

Find times or places where you can dress and feel good. I’ve recently found the time and the place for a walk where I can wear one of my favourite skirts and shoulder bags and enjoy the fresh air around my legs whilst walking on paths through long grass. It makes me feel so free and is what I owe to myself.
Not everyone is in a situation where they feel able to dress how they would like to from morning until night. Think about where and when you can do something though, and start from there. You owe it to yourself to love yourself and claim the right to be how you want to be.

Love dressin’

Ally x

Ally July 03, 2021

Chris yes u r right! We should live for ourselves and b true to ourselves! Panties make us feel good look good and satisfy an inner craving! Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie June 26, 2021

Haven’t we learned from the last 18 mos. that life is short. Do what makes you happy…..wear pretty panties, put on a lacy bra, feel the yummy material under your work clothes and smile!! The best way to start the day off right is to open your panty drawer, choose some feminine panties, slip them on and then go “give em hell!” Good luck from a true panty lover ❤️

Chris June 26, 2021

Jose this is THE BEST support site you will find. Not creepy pics and sex stuff but real people in real situations real struggles and good advice . Chime in to the topics and welcome Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie June 07, 2021

Yes I agree 100%. For some of us it’s a bit more difficult because my wife doesn’t really accept my cross dressing but is fully aware of it. I told her about this sight and she isn’t on board. I’m hoping she will be one day. I’m so comfortable in feminine clothes but I think I’m going through stages because we use toys and I wear panties and thongs (sometimes because she’s trying to get use to it) but I can’t wait to go out in a dress and heels again. I see there may be a positive support system here. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one here into these beautiful feminine clothing🥰

Jose June 07, 2021

Great topic Love yourself, so simple yet so hard. Especially if you are a crossdresser; as other groups gain there acceptance and more importantly an understanding of who they are, we xdressers remain misunderstood and not accepted. So we have to support each other and understand ourselves. Like u said there is nothing wrong with us. Crossdressing is a normal activity by a small percentage of men. I had to read and research to finally understand there was nothing wrong with me. I finally accepted that and then i was able to love me for me. Xdressing is part of who i am not all of who i am I so agree that we should b able to wear clothing that makes us feel sexy and good about ourselves. So i wear what i want to underneath and some of what i want to on the outside. It is thrilling invigorating and builds confidence and relaxes me Get ur lingerie on And love it Stevie

Stevie June 04, 2021

Another great blog Nathan! I agree that time does help with the confidence to dress up and it does take a supporting community, like, XDress, to pull it all together. However, it does start with self confidence and the ability to do what makes YOU happy, regardless of what people think. Our world is too judgmental to begin with. I love the feeling of satin panties and a bra/garter set under my dress clothes. My little secret is know only by me and a select few others. However, when I am “out” I love it even more and embrace the femininity that XDress undergarments bring when combined with skirts/dresses/or other women’s clothes, especially yoga pants! Stay sexy and thanks for the blog!

Scott June 03, 2021

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