What to Wear to Bedtime

October 02, 2018 2 Comments

What to Wear to Bedtime

Greetings, dear readers. I have a topic I’d like to discuss, and I’d love to have your input. First, let me tell you a story. (My apologies to Moody Blues, but the title just seemed to fit.)

Anyway, back to the story. All of my adult life I have slept in the nude. I know – TMI – but trust me, it fits into the topic. Several years ago we had a really cold and dry winter, and our central heating system sucked what available moisture there was right out of the air. I am blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with sensitive skin. The sheets were itching my skin like crazy, despite moisturizing before I went to bed. I complained to my wife that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because of the itching. She went to her closet and said, “Here, try this.” It was a satin night shirt. I had the best sleep I’d had in several weeks, and claimed that night shirt as my own.



A couple of weeks later, my wife was away from home on a business trip and it occurred to me that if the night shirt worked so well, maybe a nightgown would be even better. There is a little women’s boutique that my wife and I like to shop in, and I’m pretty sure the owner knows we aren’t just shopping for my wife. I went to the boutique and asked the lady if she had any nightgowns in extra-large. She showed me where they were. There was a very pretty one, pastel yellow, with a nice lacy yoke and lace on the hem. It was a wonderful satin. I took it to the desk and told her it was for me because of my itchy skin, and that my wife’s satin night shirt inspired me. She didn’t blink an eye, other than to say, “Well, who knows? You might set a trend for other men.” I thought that was pretty cool. I slept wonderfully in my pretty nightgown. When my wife got home from her business trip, I told her what I’d done. She said she was very proud of me for going to the boutique on my own and ooohed and aaahed over my pretty night gown.

Years later, I now have six satin night gowns (three given as gifts from my wife) and a very pretty baby doll (also a gift from my wife) in pastel pink satin with spaghetti straps and a chiffon overdress. From there, I discovered the delight of satin robes. You can find a couple of very pretty satin robes here at Xdress – one is the Satin Peony Robeand the other (my personal favorite) is the Supreme Satin Robe.



From there, I went on to discover the comfort of satin tap shorts and The Smooth Satin Cami, again from Xdress. They are very comfortable sleep wear, and look great. One hint – if you order the Glistening Satin Camisole, get it in a size larger than you usually wear, as loose sleep wear is more comfy.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What I’d really like to know is what your preference is, regarding sleep wear. Do you wear PJ’s? Or do you prefer nightgowns? Or perhaps baby dolls? Or, are you one of those people that prefer to sleep au naturel? I’d love to read your input!

Yours for a good night’s sleep,


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October 18, 2018

For me the best is a long nightgown made of satin, with long sleeves, with scallaped lace hem, ribbons etc. Of course it must be in pink colour (best is fuchsia). Unfortunately, there is no such thing on xdress.com, but I hope it will appear one day.
Close to ideal is: https://www.amazon.com/Latuza-Vintage-Victorian-Nightgown-Sleeves/dp/B01L6COX76/ :)


October 17, 2018

It must depend on who you are with and what for. I have never been one for pyjamas and generally sleep naked, particularly when alone. However with a partner a whole new world of opportunity opens up. I had one partner who loved to dress me in black baby dolls with black stockings. I was ambivalent at first but when I saw the effect it had on him it was infectious. I prefer my partners to wear sexy lingerie rather than nightwear but, on the basis that it comes down to the delicious anticipation of removing said lingerie, what turns them turns me on. That said, a black thong and black hold up stockings will always do it for me…especially if that’s what we are both wearing.

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