Times of Bliss, Pt. II

Hello dear readers! I sincerely hope that all of you, as well as your families, are safe and healthy. During such surreal circumstances, it is vital to our well being that we continue engaging in the things we normally do that make us happy. I speak for everyone here when I say that just the simple act of dressing gives us that happiness. So let's talk about clothes, lingerie, and cosplay!

As we continue to isolate ourselves at home, there is no better time to further explore our feminine side through clothing and makeup. Now I personally have taken this time to expand my wardrobe, exploring what looks best on me. I have really been loving cowl neck tops lately, as I think they are very well suited to the male physique while also enhancing a feminine upper body shape. In particular, I like satin and slinky materials, the ones that are soft and have that beautifully elegant sheen to them.

Of course, a beautiful top must be paired with an equally gorgeous skirt, and I adore the skater style. The feminine flair of a skater skirt makes the hips appear bigger, and when paired with the bulge of a cowl neck on the chest, it provides me with just the look I want.

Of course, you must finish the look with makeup! In addition to my usual foundation/eyeliner combination, I have started using a pink colour corrector to help hide the shadow created by facial hair. I have really hit my groove with makeup and clothing style, and it feels great! To be confident in how you appear is the most vital piece in this journey we all share. Whether you have already hit your groove, or for those who are still trying to find it, now is a great time to treat yourself and get the clothes that make you happy and confident.

In Angie's last blog: Walk This Way, the intricacies of feminine movement are detailed in-depth. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check it out! Clothing is just part of the feminine experience, but how we move and act is just as important. I would like to add that one of the best ways to perfect feminine posture (and physique) is by wearing a corset. Not only do they create an hourglass figure and straighten posture, but the pressure on your waist forces your hips to rotate as you walk. I highly recommend looking into buying one if you haven't already! XD has the Gothic Corset and the Mesh See-Thru Corset, and both are excellent options. I have been wearing a corset daily for several weeks now and have certainly noticed a reduction in my waist size, making my skirts and dresses much more flattering to wear.

Now let's talk lingerie, shall we? I think we all can agree that a bra and panties are essential to the feminine experience, and wearing them provides a feeling like no other. With limited social interaction, there has never been a better time to wear a bra as a male. Being free of the anxiety that someone in public has noticed your bra is something I definitely cherish right now. Particularly a satin and lace bra that happens to be my favourite. The richness of colour satin provides is beautiful, especially paired with lace. Second, comes velvet and mesh bras that are just as sexy, and I highly recommend all of these to you if they aren't in your wardrobe already! My favourite panty styles are high waisted and thongs, because the feeling of wearing them surpasses all other styles. Luckily, XD offers a huge selection of both bras and panties that fit perfectly!

Now let's turn it up one more notch. Everyone loves cosplay, and there are so many different looks such as; French Maid, Schoolgirl, and Cheerleader to name a few. My particular favourite styles are both Gothic and Pin-Up. Starting with Gothic; when I cosplay I like to wear a mesh bra and panties, combined with fishnet stockings and a garter belt, covered with a short black vinyl skirt and paired with thigh-high boots.

When I do Pin-Up cosplay, I choose a longline retro-style bra and high waisted silk panties, combined with either nude or black back-seamed stockings and a satin garter belt, and of course, finished off with a pair of patent pumps. Wearing such things provides me with complete bliss, and I get to experience this feeling much more often now that I am always home!

So that's enough from me, its time for a conversation with you all! What are your favourite clothing styles? What about lingerie? Do you cosplay? Let's hear from you!



Very interesting to read you
Good luck to you

Terryerymn September 21, 2020

Nathan, you mentioned dressing up as a schoolgirl, so I had to write! I am a regular 26 yr old single straight male, into sports, gaming, pub with mates, so this may seem strange….. At school (in England) I was always fascinated by the girl’s school uniforms and gym clothes, and girl’s leotards. My idea of paradise for stress relief at home is to dress up as a schoolgirl. When on my own I will often wear a plain white bralette like a training bra, white schoolgirl panties (plain white full panties with delicate edging and double gusset), a white blouse with puff short sleeves and a black gymslip. My panties of course show when I bend over! I wear long white knee socks with a pattern embroidered in the weave and black Mary Jane shoes. Then I am in heaven, I am reasonably slender build so I think I look pretty hot. I imagine being at school with me as the only male girl with all the other real girls. Of course I imagine I get spanked on my pantied bottom for being naughty. I wish there was a school for adults who liked to dress up, it would be my fantasy come true, and I like to imagine what the lessons would be about. But for now this is how I like to dress at home and forget all the bad things that go on in the world. It is the best stress reliever. Does anyone else share my fantasy, or an I the only one?

Jamie August 27, 2020

As the Covid-19 shut downs restart here in southern California, we hear that depression is on the increase. I can so see that, it feels like things will never get back to normal. My company has me furloughed and I have no idea when I will get back to work. Stuck at home, I am so thankful for XDress and all the pretty things I have bought over the last couple of years. Being able to wear pretty panties and camisoles is for me extremely calming. Fortunately my wife doesn’t mind. And ordering these girly things every now and again gives me something to look forward too. I usually wear short Bodyaware shorts over panties with a cami or else a tank with a feminine narrow athletic back, and it looks great! Why guys feel that they need to cover up most of their body and especially legs with long inseam shorts has always seemed illogical to me. I think XD is offering a very important service for many ordinary guys like me, and its also nice to be able to read other people’s thoughts in these blogs.

Paul July 15, 2020

Thank you for sharing I am new here and wanted to say hi. now I need to find a corset

Paul July 11, 2020

Hiya Gurlz
I think xdress must be teasing us all with some naughty new additions to its range during lockdown. All the more to have fun with. As the saying goes ‘never waste a good crisis’. It helps to be able to have some brightness brought into all this dark. It just goes to show how the creative juices flow in the most trying of times.
Nude lipsticks are delicious Kyrstin. I like those too.
I hope everyone is OK.
Stay safe and be pretty.
Ally x

Ally May 16, 2020

Hi Nathan,

Another great blog. You are so right – with the stay at home thing we are dealing with, we have a lot more time for dressing the way we want. I’ve worn a bra every day for the past two months. Now if the weather would just warm up, I’d be in skirts every day as well. Stay safe everyone, and have some fun while you’re at it!

Fond regards,

Angie May 12, 2020

Sounds like some of you are finding time for some healthy dressing indulgence. I love the new mesh dresses and body stocking xdress has just released. I can’t wait to begin experimenting with some of that!

Love to you all

Ally x

Ally May 08, 2020

Hi gurlz!

Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times in which we live. Thanks Nathan for posting Part 2. I enjoyed reading the comments and I completely agree with Keri about this COVID-19 giving us more time to explore our inner femme and become even more adventurous. I’ve been having fun with a little more makeup than I normally apply daily, especially bronzer and lipstick. I’ve experimented with several shades of nude lipstick and found I like them a lot, and an added bonus is that my GF finds the look very alluring. That has led to some interesting evenings during lockdown!

Everyone stay safe


Kyrstin May 06, 2020

Hello Nathan

Excellent post. It is a fact that the moment we live in offers us the possibility of being even more ourselves. I am 2 months in confinement and for the first time I went around the drawer of my underwear. As I am at home, I like to wear thong or tall underwear with a T-Shirt or female leggings that makes a woman feel very much. My boyfriend always loved and encouraged my femme side and loves to see me in lingerie. Stay at Home ……..

Francisco May 04, 2020

Hi everyone
Actually this time has decreased my ability to dress as my whole family is home. I enjoy the family time but miss my home alone time

I am working so underdressing has been my go to

I ve pushed the make up though: eye brows shaped and penciled in slightly
Foundation concealer and lip balm

Panties occasional bra or femme cotton cami or tank

Femme jeans and toes done

Cosplay at times with a pro pre covid days is o hold

Really thinking about a corset soon

I really love lace but now i m enjoying the mesh offerings as these bras dont show thru!

Wear something pretty today
I am


Stevie May 03, 2020

Greetings Gurls,

This stay in your home has mixed blessings. I for one have made more time for my feminine side. Which I truly enjoy. Makeup has been my passion of late. On a rare occasion I have even gone out with way more makeup on than I usually wear. Only to the supermarket or for a pickup order. I am not sure if anyone has noticed, noticed but not said anything or who knows maybe even approves. Anyway, it has and continues to be fun as I explore and learn how to apply at a higher level of proficiency. BUT, it has clearly brought out my most inner feminine feelings and desires.

Oh, I shouldn’t mention but I have been sort of naughty by getting on line and making contact with others that have our interests. Oh my that will bring your fem side out.


Keri May 03, 2020

Hi everyone – it’s not a bad time to explore our feminine side outdoors actually. There is virtually no one around, we all have to keep six feet away from each other and disguising yourself with a mask is almost the norm. Who is li,ely to bother you under these circumstamces?

Love the pretty floral face mask on the model by the way. Who would know it might give away your underwear colour of choice? What fun!

Ally x

Stay safe everyone.

Ally May 02, 2020

Yes I wear bra and panties every day I love the lady’s under wear

Hugh May 01, 2020

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