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See what's just arrived from the designers of the best men's lingerie in the world!
Xdress is always coming up with new and fabulous designs.
The Valentina Panty £20.00
Fishnet Garter Tights £13.00
The Picot Ribbed Camisole £26.00
Valentina Lace Short £20.00

Neon Soft Leggings £44.00
The Rosa Panty £20.00
The Picot Ribbed Panty £20.00
Picot Satin Panty £22.00

Slinky Picot Thong £22.00
Picot Satin Thong £22.00
Retro Bob Wig £26.00
Mesh Floral Nightie £40.00

Mesh Floral Panty £22.00
The Anna Lace Panty £22.00
Satin & Lace Panty £22.00
Cutie Ruffle Panty £22.00

Frilly Ripstop Panty £24.00
Slinky Picot Panty £22.00
Cutie Ruffle Babydoll £34.00
Mid Rise Lace Garter £28.00

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