Following the customs rules and VAT changes since Brexit on 1 January 2021, we are no longer collecting 20% VAT on orders to EU addresses.  If you are viewing the site outside of the UK, then the prices you see on the site exclude VAT (20% UK VAT is removed). However, if your delivery address is in the UK at checkout, then the 20% VAT will be added back into the total.

Please understand that on delivery to your home, you will be charged your country's VAT rate as with any other purchases you make in your country (plus customs duty if the order is over 150 Euros) plus a collection fee of around 10 Euros. These are taxes imposed by your government that are your responsibility, and cannot be refunded to you by Xdress, so please do not ask!

We recommend keeping your order to under 150 Euros (including shipping) as orders above this amount will be assessed a customs Duty charge of around 12% in addition to the VAT.  The rate depends on the customs tariff classification code of the goods ordered. Note that customs authorities sometimes refer to the VAT tax as just "Customs", but this is distinct from "Duty".

If you choose to refuse the customs fees and the parcel is returned back to us, shipping costs and a 20% handling fee will be deducted from your refund.