A Couple That Xdresses Together, Stays Together

A Couple That Xdresses Together, Stays Together

If you type in “men in lingerie” or “kinky couple” in the search engine of tumblr, I’m pretty sure Kinky Paret will pop-up on the results page somewhere - as they should. Kinky Paret is a fun married couple who like to spice it up in intimate apparel and play - and take pictures. Lots of amazing DIY pictures. More importantly, the husband is an avid Xdress shopper. As you can tell by their Xdress-exclusive photo shoot, they can’t get enough of our products.

We caught up with Kinky Paret to find out why they love to dress each other up in lingerie.

Briefly, tell us who Kinky Paret is?

We are a naughty couple and we love sex. We love to discover new things together. We also found out that we enjoy having our pictures taken for everybody to see. It is pretty exciting!

How long have you been together?

At the end of March we will have been together for 6 years. We were dating for 5 years and the 6th year we got married.

When did you first start dressing together?

It was my idea (wife) as I discovered that exchanging underwear would be so much fun! I put my panties on him just to see his beautiful ass with my hot thong, and in return, I put on his underwear. I didn’t have any idea that this world existed. A very nice world that I have come to love.

(For Wife) Did seeing your husband in feminine lingerie always excite you from the beginning?

From the beginning, it always excited me to exchange underwear. Especially, checking out his great ass in my panties. As time went by, I could see how much he enjoyed it and it brought us closer. May I add that he got in touch with his feminine side but not in a flamboyant way. This has brought us closer more than ever, no

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