A Matching Set

A Matching Set

Seeing your lover in a matching set of lingerie can inspire, motivate, facilitate, or intensify the emotions that come with seeing that special someone wearing something that you just want to rip off or feel up! With that in mind, XDress is working tirelessly to create some new matching sets just for you!

 Our new Daisy Mesh Collection is a huge hit with our customer base. I see so many of these items being sent out each and every day! We also have released a new Pink Ruffle Set this week! There are constant request for new sets to be created. In turn, those requests are then passed along to our design team. The go-ahead for these new requests and patterns have been approved so I had to share with everybody what we will be coming out with!

 I know I typically blog about unique experiences or providing some insight into our every day life here at XDress. That being said, I was super excited when our design team told me that we were coming out with these new sets, so here is a little sneak peak.

This new fun ditsy flower mesh print will include a bra, panties,bodysuit, and a garter!



This white butterfly mesh will have a tank, panties, and a bra! I fully expect these new lines to be extremely popular!



With these new lines being released, it made me think about what makes a clothing line or style popular in the first place? Do we find the matching material pattern pleasing to the eye? Or is it the fact that somebody has taken the time to coordinate? I would love to hear what you find interesting about matching sets! All of your input helps us to design unique items and cater to the many different desires. Any feedback that we receive is greatly appreciated.


That will do it for today! Short and sweet! Keep an eye out for the new lines coming soon!

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