A Perfect Day!

A Perfect Day!

Close your eyes and fantasize with me about your perfect day.  What does it look like?  How does it begin?  My perfect day is waking up and as my eyes open I see that I am wearing a white Butterfly Nightie.  I love the delicate lace and sexy mesh.  I throw back the covers as I excitedly start my day.

I look through my lingerie drawer to find the perfect bra and panties to wear today.  I decide on the Champagne Pink Ruffle Bra and matching tanga. Since nothing is sexier than fishnet stockings, I pair it with my Frilly Garter Belt. I finish my lingerie with my Satin Zipper Corset.  I will never tire of the way it feels to have it tighten around my waist as I lace it.

After I am dressed in my lingerie, it's time for my makeup. I apply my foundation and powder and finally my blush, which is a perfect pink. I love bright red lipstick, but there's nothing I love more than dark eyeliner and mascara on my false eyelashes. 

I savor every moment of my makeup routine. Finally, it's time to get dressed.  I almost feel sadness knowing I am covering up my cute lingerie... but the sadness turns to a thrill as I slip into my black Satin French Maid Dress. This is my favorite maid outfit that I own because I love the cute ruffles and the intricate criss-cross ribbon up the front. I pair it my white Lolita Petticoat to give my maid dress an extra frilly appearance.  

Lastly, I finish my look with a pair of my black Risque Pumps. I love the shine and the feel of the tightness as I fasten the buckle around my ankle.  

I spend the next few moments gliding through my house as I clean here and there.  I savor the sound of my stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floors.  I can't help but getting distracted by every mirror I see.  I gaze into my reflection and I see a beautiful french maid and it gives me a thrill I've never experienced before.  

It's time for a light lunch and tea, so it's time to dress up again!  I feel a pang of regret as I start to slowly unzip my french maid dress. I watch it fall to the floor and I am again in front of my closet wearing nothing but my heels and lingerie as I pick out what to wear next. I choose my pink Little Miss Muffet Tea Dress and I unfasten my fishnet stockings from my garter belt and choose a pair of white stockings instead. I keep the petticoat as I love the way my dress gets an extra level of girliness from the lacey layers.

I change my high heels and slip my feet into a pair of white Mary Jane platform Shoes. The white patent shine is a perfect match to the delicate pink ruffles and bows on my dress.  

I sip my tea and I smile at the lipstick traces on my teacup.  It's the little feminine things that are sometimes my favorite. I sit and savor this moment and I never want it to end.  I reapply my lipstick after my tea and I find myself staring into the mirror and seeing a beautiful and happy girl looking back at me.  

My perfect day is winding down but there's still time to finish my day with another wardrobe change. I reluctantly unzip my tea dress, take off my high heels, unfasten my white stockings from my lacy garter belt, and strip off my bra and tanga...but not before selecting my last outfit for the day.  My feet and legs are a little sore, but I savor the feeling as it is a reminder of spending the entire day in heels.  I slip into my Sparkly Black Sleep Camisole and matching Tap Short.  

I am sleepy and happy as I climb into my bed as I look back on my perfect day... and dream of tomorrow... which will be another perfect day!



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A perfect day for me would start with a trip to a nude beach. Sunbath, swim and cocktails followed by a nap. Dinner by the ocean in a frilly sundress and some XDress panties.


I sleep naked and wake up as such. However my thoughts quickly turn to what to wear. After showering, I slip in to a black, silk thong, luxuriating in the comfort of its hold and feel. I then pull on a black vintage girdle which fits comfortably without being too tight. What is it about constriction that makes it so liberating? With one eye on the mirror (vanity is an issue) I then slowly pull on a pair of black, opaque hold up stockings. I adore the feel of nylon as it glides over my legs. There is something about that lace top and the gap of flesh between it and the thong clad buttocks that almost wants me to strip off again for action. Happy that my black lingerie ensemble is complete, I then finish my wardrobe for the office and step out. It is a delicious feeling that nobody knows what you are wearing under your suit. Come the evening there is nothing better than my partner helping me out of my lingerie whilst I return the compliment.


Dear Hanna, love your story. My greatest day starts in a white nighty with white pinup panty. Then it is into black breast-form bra, black panty. with black thigh high and 4 in heel, red lipstick and matching nail polish. Then its on with little red dress. Love to read all your blogs, thank you, will keep up on life story


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