A Shift in Energy- Part 1

A Shift in Energy- Part 1

Imagine when you are getting ready for the day, you look into your drawer, and get to pick out what you are going to wear. What will look best under your outfit? How are you feeling today? Maybe a hot red, soft pink, or sexy black? Will your attire reflect your energy today? 

These are some of the things that come to mind. Then as you slip into your bra and panties and start to get ready. Perhaps, you are only underdressing today and putting on your regular work clothes. Or instead, it’s a skirt and blouse depending on your work environment. Maybe it’s something sexy to lounge in? 

Have you felt the shift in your energy when you slip into your clothes?  Have you noticed your energy as you pick out what you wear, maybe a softer sense of yourself?  A sense of confidence? More feeling of being yourself? Have you noticed this phenomenon?

I know that for myself, I feel my energy shift when I get ready. Whether that be for my workday, or on the weekend when I get to lounge in the morning or getting ready to go out for the evening with my girlfriend. I feel a softer side of me come out to play, or what I feel as a softer energy when I slip into some satin and lace. 

My girlfriend made the comment recently that she feels a different energy when I get dressed up, whether it be something more intimate, or just wearing a dress.  I must say that the Cheeky Satin Bras from XDress are perfect for adding in “enhancements” which heightens the experience and takes my energy to a whole different level. I definitely recommend them!

I know that when I get my gurl on, which is highly encouraged by my girlfriend I might add, that I shift my energy from my usual masculine energy to a more feminine energy.  I find that a softer, more understanding, and compassionate part of me comes out to play to reveal another side of me.  In fact, so much so, that “she” has a different name. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a split personality, or want to be two different people.  I just found that with such a big energy shift from the masculine to feminine energy, that the feminine energy needed to be acknowledged, so we gave her a name.

My girlfriend and I went out dress shopping a couple of weeks ago, and my girlfriend told the clerk that she was looking for dresses for her girlfriend, not only was she telling the truth, but  it was so much fun. I also got to feel that feminine energy of the girls going out shopping together.  To be honest, I know who my girlfriend prefers to shop with.  Maybe I should ask her!

Do you feel your energy shift when you dress up? With what you wear?  With what colors you choose? Make-up choice?   

This site / blog is such a great way for us to share, learn, grow, and be understood. Therefore, I would love to hear your thoughts. Your experiences. Your growth. I know my energy today as I write this, what’s yours?    


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First off, wowsers !!!

Ive literally just stumbled across this amazing site, honestly this all makes me feel so much better about who I am. When I decided to dress, usually when no one else is around (obviously) my energy shifts instantly, I soften into my body, in a way thats just not there normally. A shower usually washes my masculinity away and anything that may be left disappears as soon as I start choosing my underwear, once I slip into the chosen items, Im there. The way I feel and see myself instantly changes, I love my body when I’m in femme mode, it makes sense, my long legs, slim arms, are welcomed. Its part of my therapy.

Love and hugs
S xxx


I wake early-super early, so I can walk around the house and outside in the backyard in just bra and panties. it’s so empowering, it’s so me. I’ve taken to wear my bra and inserts in public too, I just need to be careful as I have a high profile position professionally. My fantasy is to go to Vegas, get a make over and a mani, don my wig, dress, well-the whole shot, so to speak. I just want to be. I love my full panty drawer and drawers full of bras, too. Mmmmm….


PJ so true most of us are heterosexual. I wear it for the taboo effect the mixing of masculine and feminine and it just looks good- to me. And its so much fun Get ur lingerie on


Hi Stevie – I’m totally with you as I feel like a feminine man too. Wearing a bra and panties feels normal and almost obligatory for me – I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t wear them – as does wearing hold-ups. I nearly always wear women’s shoes now too, be they heels or flats. As you say Stevie, life is too short.

Love you all

Ally x


Shift definitely! I shift into this is who I really am! This is the real me! More and more at 56 i want to be myself, time is running out. I wear panties and bra almost every day! It feels so normal and puts me in a great mood. Monthly pedis at a salon 15 miles away! So worried someone will notice my bra?! But i press on with mascara light foundation and filling in my brows. As i said before everyone keeps saying how young i look Wearing the clothes i like represents my true blend of masculine and feminine! I d say I am a feminized male, encompassing all the masculine traits with a blend of both in my presentation My goal is to wear heels out in public if not a dress and heels Get ur girl on I am Stevie


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