A Wonderful Life!

Hello to you all! It's been another difficult year so far, but I would like to take this time to talk about all the amazing things we've done. In particular, those wonderful moments that are spent simply just enjoying life and who you are. 

When my girlfriend and I first became accustomed to my new lifestyle of xdressing, we did not have as many date nights as we normally would. Understandably so, it took us both a while to become blissful in our lives again after adjusting to such a drastic change in our relationship. However, it's been a whole 3 years now since that time, and I am thrilled in the very fact that this part of me no longer causes any discomfort in our relationship. In fact, it has brought us closer than we ever thought we could be. 

There have been quite a few things that have helped us overcome our difficulties throughout the duration of my transition to becoming who I truly am. The first one of them is that we always would give each other a compliment when we thought the other was dressed well. Generally compliments are always a boost to your confidence, but to hear that your outfit looks good as an xdresser from your SO specifically? That is an incredibly validating and wonderful feeling. This alone brought on a newfound respect for each other, as we always made it a priority to boost each other's confidence. 

Compliments aside, there is nothing like the romantic gesture of buying your SO something sexy. My girlfriend and I have made this a regular routine in our relationship, (as should everyone, honestly) as it is yet another huge boost in confidence to wear something provocative for your lover. This is certainly a feeling all men should embrace as women do, especially because of the wonderful lingerie available to men these days. For example, the Contrast Rosa Panty or Anna Lace Panty are great options to add to your lingerie collection. Don't stop there though, add something even more daring to the ensemble such as the Valentina Bra and Lace Garter Belt

Of course when you have a lingerie collection, one must ensure to wear all items from their collection on a consistent basis for them to be used as intended! Pick a day of the week or weekend in which you and your SO can dedicate an evening or even the whole day, and wear your lingerie for each other. I specifically love a candlelit dinner and wine,  looking across the table reveling in my gorgeous woman adorned in a beautiful lingerie set and high heels.  If you are single, or maybe this isn't an option with your SO, do not give up. You must still set aside time to embrace your femininity and enjoy it, or else it will eventually become too difficult to contain. 

A couple hours spent going through your closet and modeling clothes for either yourself or your SO is another incredibly therapeutic experience. My girlfriend and I often do this together as a way of bonding, as well as to discover new and exciting outfits. This also is a great way to help each other find out what clothes suit you best, again to boost confidence. Through this also comes a greater appreciation for each other, and the amount of effort that's put in to making oneself look good. I see so many people in public that often look like they simply pick an outfit off the ground and walk out the front door. This is always such a tragedy, as it is so easy and also so rewarding to walk out of the house with a head-turning look! 

With COVID still perpetually plaguing us, it can be easy to fixate on the negatives of the world. Today though, I am inviting you all to take a moment and reminisce over any and all of the unforgettable moments you might have had this year, and share them here! Let's bring back blogs with 20+ comments! 



Hi Scott ! Thank u for your comments! So happy to hear of your SO support; that my friend is a beautiful thing! I so relate to getting home to undress and dress lol Stevie

Stevie September 11, 2021

Nathan Truly inspiring blog comments Last year I was able to dress more though not in front of my SO U r right, if you don’t set aside time for dressing it will consume you and overwhelm u in desire to do so I love the xdress sets I buy as a collector as well as a dresser I wear something every day and cant wait until fall to wear my bras again Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie September 10, 2021

Nathan-Agree we need more blog posts as they help everyone in the XDress community grow mentally, physically or emotionally. It is nice to have such support! I love your story and am happy you too are fully out and comfortable in your XDress. I am as well part time and although it did take some time, it was worth the wait despite some “setbacks” along the way. If the last year has taught us anything, it is to be yourself. Sometimes we cannot for either professional reasons or reasons we are not quite comfortable with but the more you grow the more you will find that level of comfort. Although I cannot dress for work (or don’t want to), I LOVE getting home and getting out of my work clothes and into a beautiful dress or skirt (hoping the purple polka dot skirt drops in the near future!). I typically wear panties under my work attire and it is a confidence builder for me professionally. Stay true to yourself and stay sexy and beautiful! When I travel for work, I wear my skirts and bra’s around the room and down to the lobby. Working up the courage to be full on out as a woman and my SO is working to help me get there. Stay sexy and safe!

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Scott September 10, 2021

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