Are You a Sissy?

Are You a Sissy?

What would you do if you could be a woman for one day? Would you play the role of a submissive housewife, keeping the house up to par and making sure all the household chores are done with the utmost care? Maybe you would undertake all these duties while wearing a sexy maid uniform? Would you obey your partner’s every demand and order, striving to be the best little subservient housewife you could be?


Is being a woman for a day one of your fantasies? Maybe you don’t want this fantasy to end. Would you rather wear a dress and heels than a suit and tie? Would you rather be sexy and dolled up than look masculine and rugged? Do you enjoy role playing and secretly have a closet full of sexy dresses, lingerie and costumes? Are you more comfortable wearing makeup than going through your day without? Are you infatuated with erotic humiliation and have a fetish for BDSM?


Do any of these indecorous behaviors pique your interest? If so,I may have described your fantasy and/or lifestyle. Are you a sissy? Let your inner sissy shine through!

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I would love to be a sissy for a day for my wife and her (imaginary) male partner. I have fantasies of my wife getting me totally hairless below the eyebrows, especially in the crotch area, so I look prepubescent. Then dressed is slutty tiny red panties and bra (maybe with short girly party dress or see thru baby doll), and some slutty make-up. Then forced to greet my wife’s boyfriend, and kneel in front of him to show my submissiveness to a real man. The rest would be somewhat x-rated but I would get him ready to take my wife while I kneeled by the bed, ready to do my maid clean up afterwards. I wish Xdress made some slutty outfits, I have tried a couple of women’s but of course they don’t fit very well, and are out of proportion. How about a girl’s party dress or schoolgirl outfit? My wife doesn’t mind me wearing lingerie fortunately, but I suspect my fantasy, even for a day, would be a step too far! The other question I often wonder about is whether I would actually enjoy this sort of fantasy in real life, maybe I’d find the sex part horrible. Has anyone gone as far as to fulfil their fantasies and either enjoyed it or been put off from repeating the experience?


It was a while before I discovered XDRESS and their products..which are amazing by the way.. It was after that when I really got into wearing panties and bra’s. The feeling is soooo much more delightful than boys undies, and wearing a bra makes me feel special. Especially when out in public…my little secret! The quality of the XDRESS mechandise makes all this even better. The fit, the look, looove it! And the models on here. OMG. Can we say cute?


I meant to write this a while ago… If you feel that being a sissy (or feminization) is not for you after trying the fennel tea for a bit, you can drink clear green tea and it will gently restore your testosterone levels. Almost everything will get back to normal after a while (male sex drive, endurance, strength etc.).


I’m not sure where to add this but in terms of working out to achieve your ideal body weight… I mentioned before about eating light in the morning and then not again until early afternoon. In addition, if you are going biking (morning is ideal because you’ve already been fasting through the night and this forces your body to burn fat reserves) its a good idea to have a protein after your workout to tone your muscles. A lot people like the convenience of a protein supplement but what they don’t realize is that almost all of the protein supplements on the market are synthetic and as such they are not particularly good for you. The only one I’ve heard of that is not synthetic is called ‘go pro matrix’ (or something like that). Otherwise, you could eat tofu or something containing high quality protein from regular food. I’m not suggesting that everyone has to have the perfect body but there are a plethora of health benefits from getting in shape. Not to mention, you will look really good in lingerie! For a feminine figure you can do hatha yoga, cardio etc. And if you prefer the more masculine look you can do weights, the smaller the number of reps with the larger the weights the faster you will build muscle mass. Good health and good wishes! Note to moderator… If you feel any of this isn’t worth posting feel free to remove entirely, edit etc. I’m just passing on some of the things I’ve learned about this whole process that might help others.


Hi Jen, Sure! Someone edited my post a little and that’s probably for the best. Fennel tea is something that people who cross dressed many (think hundreds) of years ago used. It seems to block testosterone while having a lot of phytoestrogens. Its a very powerful and feminizing herb for guys. That’s why I recommend going slow and seeing how you adjust. I wouldn’t take too much because its just too many changes too fast – ouch! You can use it gently over a period of months to get the desired effects (this would amount to about one cup a day). If you’re not one hundred percent certain you wish to do surgery etc., then best to take care of your manhood and take breaks from any kind of herbal or conventional supplements (a few weeks off after a week or two on etc.). You’ll know when you feel like things are okay. For clothes lately, I’m partial to your Valentina collection as well as your Anna lace Panty. Its a bit hard to wear panties under clothes all day only because there are elastics and so on that can bunch things up a bit. For that reason, a nightie, a robe or something like that is particularly comfy! I would love it if you had a nice stretchy lace boxer! My favorite thing to wear would be a cute white blouse with a deep v neck and a nice silver grey pencil skirt with some xdress panties underneath (maybe some thigh highs etc. too). Thank you for everything!

There is one other thing… When you start to explore feminizing your body with herbs (or conventional means) you have to somehow decide whether you wish to maintain a more masculine physic or pursue a more feminine figure. I think there is a threshold where you can still go into ‘Sissy mode’ but once you have permanent breast development for example, you are probably going to be a full time sissy, or ladyboy, or femboy or however you wish to describe it. These changes are not reversible. Its hard not to feel a bit feminine when you shower each morning and you can feel that things are different. Or when you see yourself in the mirror and you look womanly without your shirt. You know? So that’s for each person to decide how little or how much they wish to pursue sissification. You might find that with developing breasts they are sore and a bra from xdress would be a big help just so nothing is rubbing or touching them. So that would determine your clothing options too.


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