Balancing Femininity

Balancing Femininity

Hello loyal readers! Today I would like to discuss the topic of femininity/masculinity, and how to find the perfect balance between them in our daily lives as men.

Now I am in the minority in this regard, as I am able to exude my femininity on a consistent basis within the workplace as well as my personal life. However, this comes with several challenges. One of the most notable is the fact that most individuals think that just because I wear skirts and dresses that I am incapable of stereotypical masculine tasks/roles.

For example, in my most recent visit with my mom and stepdad, I was wearing a velvet mini skirt. My stepdad was trying to carry some packages from the car, and didn't even ask for my help even though he had in the past when I used to dress "normally". I had to insist on helping, which was a shock to him. These situations truly portray how people's minds can change based on what we wear, and it's up to us to prove that in the end, they are just clothes and do not change what we are capable of.

Now many of you that are reading this most likely hold esteemed positions in a professional environment, which preclude you from presenting completely feminine. I've read a lot of your comments and most of you seem to have struck a good balance already, perhaps by adding light makeup and minimal jewelry, in addition to underdressing. However, there are extra steps you can take that still provide a good balance without being overly feminine. This can be done by adding clothing items that are considered unisex.

XDress offers several options that fit this description, such as the Sleek Satin Bodysuit, the Shadow Stripe Bodysuit, and The Ribbed Striped Camisole. These items would not be suitable for a professional environment however, so if that is what you are shopping for then perhaps a trip to a brick and mortar store is in order. Many women's slacks and button-ups look quite unisex, with many feminine colors/designs available that are not too risque. Take that next step up and you will not regret it!

Now many of you like myself, are in committed heterosexual relationships. With this comes several other challenges as well. The primary one, in my opinion, is making sure to not overshadow your wife/girlfriend's femininity. Most women hate it when other women wear the same clothes as them, so it's important to develop your own style that doesn't resemble your significant others'.

In addition to this, you cannot be critical of her choices in style or clothing. For example, there are times I want to see my girlfriend wear a beautiful skirt with heels and stockings, but she wants to wear jeans. In this case, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself. The reason being that she lets you wear what you want, and you need to do the same. Lastly, always remind her that you are the man. Hold the door for her, buy her flowers, treat her to dinner, etc. It will be much easier for her to accept this side of you when you still fulfill certain masculine roles.

To conclude, being feminine is a wonderful thing that we all can agree makes us feel wholesome. Just always remember to not go into overdrive, and maintain that feminine/masculine balance. Doing so will keep your relationships, whether professional or personal, much healthier and free of negativity.

That does it for this one! So what kind of difficulties do you all face by being feminine? How do incorporate that balance into your life? This is a very serious topic so I'd love to hear from you all!


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Interesting that after yesterday’s blog (July 5th, 2023) they posted a link to this blog. While I agree with elements from both, there are definite contrasts, and areas that contradict each other between the posts. Nathan says to develop your own style that doesn’t resemble your significant other’s, but WB soaks of matching panties and lingerie. It just goes to show that what works for one person may not work for the next person. We are all individuals, as are our spouses/wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends, significant others. As far as the balance goes, I’m in the military, so my wardrobe is not only fairly masculine (though, in a sense it’s sort of unisex, because the females wear the same uniforms in many instances), but it’s also picked for me nearly every day. So, of course, I’m always wearing a bra and panties under my uniform. I push the boundaries some, where I can, but for the most it’s hard to have any balance in my life.


I’m very happy with the balance I’ve struck, mainly because it’s only ever been about wearing feminine underwear. I select the girliest lace panties (and occasionally stocking and suspender belt), but that’s all I’ve ever really been into. My outer appearance is quite plain, jeans, t shirts/ shirts, plain shoes or boots, which belies the sexy panties I wear underneath. I wear quite tight jeans without a belt which poses a bit of risk with VPL and panty peek. I did occasionally wear stockings and a suspender belt out, but I was very conscious of the strap clips showing through my jeans, so it was quite obvious I was wearing them. so now I just stick to lace panties, which I wear everywhere, 24/7 except in the shower, but they’re always the last ting to come off, and the first thing I put on. I don’t wear pink shirts, but love wearing my pink soft lace g strings, and it doesn’t get much more feminine than that.


I only wear feminine clothes underneath in outdoors in front of other people. I only expose them in front of other cross dressers. I don’t wear make-up at all. I workout, I am a strong tough man. I don’t wear dresses, but wear night dresses at night. Otherwise only panties and bodysuits. If I swim in a private swimming pool alone or with other cross dressers, I wear a one piece swimsuit.


I balance femininity and masculinity throughout the day. I am very many outwardly. Love working with my hands, building things, tearing things down, fixing motors, etc. but I feel very feminine towards the end of the day. Like to shower and be clean, smell good and relax in comfortable clothes, like XDress or Body Aware manties. Sometimes I wear them throughout the day but sometimes the work I am doing isn’t really fit for satin manties.


I Love to wear thongs and women underwear , my girlfriend was little confused at first ..but as explaining and further understanding she enjoys me in them #straight #crossdress


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