Beautiful You!

Beautiful You!


Greetings dear readers. I hope this blog finds you well and wearing something pretty. In this blog, I’d like to explore a little deeper into the wonderful world of facial makeup. If you haven’t read my blog, “Less is More” you might want to read that first as a primer for this one. Today, I’d like to explore different applications of makeup according to the situation.

As far as different situations, basically we’ll be considering the difference between daytime and nighttime makeup. Whether you are going to be in public or not will likely determine how far you want to go. The majority of us have to walk among the gender binary on a daily basis. Perhaps not so much at night, but that varies with individual lifestyles. My wife and I are not really night people, so I have a lot more latitude in the evenings.

Whether day or night makeup, begin with a facial cleanser in order to remove all that facial oil and dirt. Either ask your gg for a recommendation or just check out your local store and find one that appeals to your skin type. There are name brands you can’t go wrong with. As a side note, at the end of the day or evening, be sure to remove your makeup. It tends to clog the pores. This is where a great cream makeup remover comes in handy to leave your skin feeling soft and clean. 

Okay, first let’s consider daytime makeup. The type of complexion you have will determine the first step. Some of us have facial blemishes that tend to stand out. For this, you should start with a concealer. Face Fix is a good product for this. First, you will need a facial sponge. You simply moisten the sponge and then apply the concealer making sure to blend it outwards. Your goal is to have a very even colour all over your face. If you don’t have blemishes to speak of, you can skip this step and go on to the next.

The next step is to apply a facial foundation. There are two types of foundation: powder and cream. I’ve tried both and prefer cream. With cream, you can put a dollop of facial moisturizer along with a pump of the foundation in the palm of your hand to mix them together for a truer match to the colour of your face. I also recommend blending down the foundation to your neck so it doesn't seem your head is floating above your body. I also find that cream stays with me through the day better than powder. However, having a powder foundation is good for touchups throughout the day. This is the first step, whether we are talking daytime or nighttime makeup. 

Now, we get to the difference between daytime and nighttime makeup. The basic difference is that daytime makeup is lighter than nighttime. The big difference is all about the eyes. You can apply a bolder look at night, but we will get to that later. Either daytime or nighttime, start with a blush. You will need a brush for this one. You can find very nice brush sets with the right array of brushes for different applications on different areas of your face. Use the large brush for blush. The blush should be applied mostly below the cheekbones in order to create an accent for the cheekbones. If you have a darker blush and apply it directly to the line of the cheekbone, you run the risk of looking like a circus clown. Blush during the day is a tricky one if you are in a gender binary environment. The same for eye makeup. 

Speaking of eye makeup. This is probably the most challenging, in terms of being in a gender binary environment. The rule of “Less is More” definitely applies here. If you are in a safe environment in the evening, you can let more of your inner femme come out and play. Let’s start with eyeliner. If you are in a gender binary environment during the day, you may want to skip this and save it for the evening. You run the risk of looking like Jack Sparrow. In applying eyeliner, apply it right at the base of the eyelashes. For an evening look, apply it heavier below the bottom lashes. 

In the evening, we are looking for a smoky look. This is achieved by the use of eyeliner and eye shadow. For eye shadow, I would recommend that you get an eye shadow pallet. The nice thing about having a pallet is you have the choice of several colours and can mix them as you choose. You will need a smaller fluffy brush for this application. Try to gradually intensify the colour for a smoky look. It's easier to add more than start out with a large amount of pigment on your brush. YouTube is a great place to start if you have no idea how to apply eyeshadows, but trial and error works too to see what will work for your eye shape. 

Next, mascara for the eyelashes. Some folks have eyelashes that stick straight out. If this is you, consider purchasing an eyelash curler. It looks a bit like a pair of tongs and you can find it in the health and beauty aids section of the store. Curl your eyelashes first, then apply mascara. Here again, you can apply more at night. If your eyelashes are a bit sparse, some fake eyelashes can do the trick to get the volume you're wanting and seal off that evening look. As I said, the glam look may be left best for evenings since fake eyelashes can appear as not your natural eyelashes. 

Next, let’s get those eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil and be sure to match it to your natural colour as close as possible. Personally, I’m not much into the heavy brow look, so I don’t use it. It really depends on the colour and thickness of your eyebrows. If I applied a dark look, I’d come out looking like Groucho Marx because of the heaviness of my brows, which I have waxed regularly.

Next, let’s go to your lovely lips. Daytime lipstick is safe if you stay close to your natural skin colour. With nighttime lipstick, you can go darker. Just use common sense so you don’t end up looking like the proverbial lady of the night.

One way you can get some excellent tips on the finer points of daytime and nighttime makeup and the application is to get a makeover from a pro. Makeover artists mostly could care less about what your gender is, and men do get makeovers.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Warm-up those keyboards and share your thoughts with me and others. I always love hearing from you!

Fond regards,


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Hello , TY very much My 1st time on . I wear my Toes and fingers painted and love it ! ESP my Toes ! Love feeling & looking Fem . I wear hi heels nice ones as often as possible and leggings or nice Jeans . I’m ready to try short skirts ;) . I’m also ready to try light make up . Eye shadow & eye liner . Some very light lip gloss pale pink maybe ;) . I’m all about nice pedis and my Toes looking super Cute ! Love the gel look solids , blues and Purples . Thank you


I use eyebrow pencil. Over the years I found Revlon to be easiest to use and another eyebrow pencil to fill any areas . I tweeze my eyebrows at lease once a week. I also use Olay skin conditioner and it really works making my skin soft . For body lotion I use gold bond body lotion. Just a tip use a laser to remove
body hair at least once a month.Just some tips.
I also use bath and body womens body spray . I try and get most feminine sprays.


Thanks ally and keri
i m not sure if people are noticing and not saying. Based on where i live they’d say something
whichever it is i m going forward thank to you gurlz for giving me confidence
I love my girlie side
It balances me perfectly


Hi again. Stevie I think people see more than we realize sometimes. They are either just being polite, politically correct or it doesn’t bother them. I was at my local hair shop for a cut the other day. She actually asked what I used on my face. I was somewhat taken back. She added, “it’s just enough”. So I was honest and told her I used Olay face moisturizer first then a skin color concealer {I wasn’t brave enough to say the brand CoverGirl} and last a light dusting powder to reduce the shine. All she said then was, ‘it looks nice". I also use most days a very light amount of lipstick that matches the color of my lips. Be careful to anyone trying lipstick. Buy the right stuff and as Angie says "less is best:. We don’t want lipstick on a glass or cup {been there} or a napkin {been there also}.



Hi Stevie -onward and upward!
It’s amazing what we think people will notice or say – and they don’t!
I’ll think of you when I put on my lipstick today.
Ally x


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