Bikini, Tankini, or One-Piece?

Bikini, Tankini, or One-Piece?

We have been hard at work on designing new swimwear and getting it ready for Summer! The Sculpted Tank Swimsuit is already available on XDress and the Bamm-Bamm Swim Set is our latest edition! We know swimsuit shopping can be hard at times, but if you are going on a beach getaway a super cute swimsuit is a must! The first question that tends to come to mind is, should I get a two piece, or a one piece? This is where we are here to help you find the right fit and cut for your body! 


Tankinis are excellent for staying a little more modest, but still getting to pull off a two-piece. Our Bamm-Bamm Swim Top leaves the mid section showing a little more than the usual tankini, along with contrasting leopard paneling and halter straps. This style will give you a more feminine look, while remaining a bit sporty. For the bikini bottoms, we added two square metal o'rings as an added edgy detail. The Bamm-Bamm Swim Set is great for strutting your stuff on the beach or getting right in the water for a swim!  


One-pieces are overall great for elongating the body and getting the fuller coverage you may want. Our Sculpted Tank Swimsuit is an essential piece with classic criss cross back straps. This suit also has side paneling made out of our space grunge print that will create a slimmer and curvier appearance to your body. Sometimes going for something minimal and simple does the trick and you will be comfortable the entire day at the beach or out by the pool.

Another piece we will be getting in very soon is a sporty vintage two-piece made out of a black and grey floral graphic print. We can't show you the entire set, but here is a little sneak peak of what it'll look like! The top has a sleek racerback design with a feminine touch of picot down either side of the bust creating more curvature and adding that bit of femininity. The bottoms are a classic bikini cut with full back coverage that are bound to be the perfect fit. Some swimsuits can be thick and overly bulky, but this minimal two-piece will smooth everything out and keep you looking chic! 


However, if you are out and about and in desperate need of a new swimsuit while on vacation. We have a couple of tips to keep in mind! 


Halter tops are most flattering and can create a cleavage effect if you are looking for something more feminine. Bandeau tops are not ideal since they tend to slide down and flatten the chest area. Plus, no one wants to keep having to fix their top while they are at the beach looking to enjoy themselves. Also, keep in mind the width of the straps, we recommend the thicker halter style rather than string straps. It'll provide a much smoother fit and adds a tinge of elegance and class. 


When it comes to bottoms there are quite a few styles to choose from and it all depends on how much coverage you are looking for. Some high waisted styles can be fun and flattering. However, if you are looking for something more interesting than a usual bikini bottom, try out a skirted pair of bottoms with ruffles that can bring some femininity to your outfit. Also don't be afraid to mix and match! If you happen to find a top you really love and the bottom isn't there. Anything that may go with the trim or similar colors of the top can also work out! Swimsuit shopping a lot of times is trial and error process, but the right one will always appear and make your day! 


What's your favorite kind of swimsuit? Let us know in the comments below! 

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We’re lucky these days to be able to show just about everything we have. I’m old enough to remember the 70’s, when, for all the sexual liberation of the time, it was touch and go just how much of our butts we could show. Now, of course, thongs made for men can be worn almost anywhere, although I prefer thongs made for women for that extra kick. And I love wearing a g-string that disappears between my cheeks. Worn with a sweatshirt that’s long enough to reach your hips, and you’ve got an outfit that from the back looks like you’re naked from the waist down, which is quite a thrill! But for me, there’s nothing like a one piece to say femme. Get one with some support up top and you’ll be surprised how good your breasts look. And French high cut sides will accentuate the long legs that we all have. Add a pair of wedge sandals and everyone will be impressed!


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