My Cross Dressing Story! – Jill

So I’ve been asked to share what being a crossdresser is like, for me at least. I’m certain that while my feelings and experiences will resonate with some in our community, still others will struggle to relate. And that’s okay. Any response that isn’t rude is welcome and encouraged.

For me, my awakening came like an unexpected flash of lightning. When I was 13, my mom suggested to me and my brother that one of us should dress up as a girl for Halloween, but for laughs, you know? And in an instant I knew that I wanted to, but I also knew in that same instant that I wanted to dress as a girl for more than just a costume, more than just a cheap laugh. I ended up wearing a wig and a denim dress that Halloween. Nothing more.

But this was 36 years ago during October in the mid 80’s. At that time is was practically a crime to be gay, so I’m not sure how bad it would have been for a heterosexual boy like myself, who was quite small and not particularly strong and robust to come out and say “I want to dress as a girl.” I’m betting things wouldn’t have gone well to say the least. It was another two years before I had another chance to wear something designed for the feminine form.

It happened by chance one day while I was home alone and doing laundry. When I was putting my wet clothes in the dryer I found a pair of my sister’s panties that she had left in the dryer. I picked them out of the dryer and held them up. Suddenly those feelings came rushing back. Seconds later I was in my room undressing, my breathing was fast and ragged. With her panties around my ankles I paused for a moment, trying to decide whether or not I really wanted to cross that line. Of course I did! I’m sure you all can imagine how I felt otherwise you probably wouldn’t be on this site reading this blog. But just in case, I felt amazing! So pretty and girly!

Over the course of the next two years, I would occasionally sneak into my sister’s room and borrow a pair of her panties. I would run back into my room, quickly put them on, then I’d…...well, you know. But it wasn’t just about sexual gratification, it was how beautiful it felt to feel so delicate and feminine. But I stopped because I also felt shame. Shame for enjoying how good her panties made me feel, for feeling like I was some freak deviant, a monster. But also shame because I’d borrowed something intimate without her permission. It would be many years before I wore panties again.

When I was 26 I dated a woman, the particulars aren’t important. What is important is that she asked to put on her panties one night. I had to play the tough macho guy initially but finally “relented”. During the three years we dated, I wore her panties many times, often without her knowledge.

In my 30’s I would occasionally buy panties and even a few bras! Oh how I loved my bras! But again the shame would come rushing back so that after owning my feminine things for no more than a couple of weeks, I’d let the shame force me to throw it all away. This happened in a vicious cycle of buy, enjoy, shame, and finally purge. And it happened again and again throughout my 30’s.

When I was 41, I moved in with my girlfriend who would later become my wife. As I was packing to move into our new place, I realized that I’d never again wear women’s clothing. Although I didn’t like that, I was okay with it since I still felt like it was wrong.  It would be several years before I realized I was wrong.

At the beginning of this past June, my wife and I were having a conversation about our sex life when I blurted out that I wanted to buy panties for myself. My usual tact was not present that night. I was like a drunk playing with a hand grenade, just pulling the pin and tossing it out there to see what I hit. My wife of course had numerous and understandable questions. Was I gay? Did I want to transition? Why didn’t I tell her sooner? No I wasn’t gay and no, I didn’t want to transition but I didn’t tell her sooner because of my guilt and the stigma surrounding guys who wore women’s clothing. Cross dressers were queers, losers, child molesters and so on. And I didn’t want my wife to think of me in those terms. Can you relate to that?

We talked a while, until she was sure I had told her everything. Then to my surprise she went to her dresser and pulled out one of her nighties and had me wear it. It was thrilling to wear it and part of that thrill was from the fact that my wife was watching me. In other words, I wasn’t going behind her back.

About five days later, my wife texted me while I was at work, saying she had a surprise waiting for me under my pillow. What could it be, I wondered? Panties? A bra? Divorce papers?!? All seemed like possibilities. When I came home in the morning I made a bee line for our bedroom and my pillow. Under my pillow was a note in which she expressed her gratitude for opening up and sharing something very personal, and a bag. I opened the bag and pulled out five pairs of panties and a halter top teddy all my own! I was damned near moved to tears. My wife is very accepting and supportive and getting more so all the time. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing compassionate woman to love and to call my wife.

With her help, I’ve realized that being a cross dresser isn’t something to be ashamed of, to feel guilt over wearing and loving women’s clothing. None of us should. It’s clothing and it puts us in touch with our feminine side, our gentler and kinder aspect of our personalities. At least it does for me. We shouldn’t have to feel like we need to sulk about it like criminals in the night. We should all be so fortunate to have a significant other who is so supportive and understanding.

Since I came out to my wife, we’ve gone shopping together numerous times. Because of her kind heart, I now own three more beautiful nighties and I feel like I need more, and a cute and very comfortable nightgown and two camisoles. We’ve also gone to a thrift store and picked up a cute coral colored cocktail dress and a simple but very soft blouse that fits me like it was custom made for me.

I’ve acquired a few more things since then but that’s not really the point of all of this. The point is that I’m not some horrible monstrosity because I love how women’s clothing feels against my skin or how it makes me feel inside, and neither are any of you. I still have a long way to go before I fully accept Jill as being an integral part of who I am as a whole person, but I’m on this new journey and I’m excited to see where it goes from here!

My best wishes for all of you,



I really liked this article by Jill. For me, it also started while bringing in the laundry from the clothesline. I was about 11 years old. With mom & both sisters all wearing nylon panties, feeling their panties, nylon slips, half-slips, etc., I soon had the desire to rub them on my skin/face. Back then, women’s nylon panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch and NO COTTON lining like they do now days. With very little pubic hair at the time, their panties felt so naughty & nice! For this reason, I always REMOVE the cotton lining from my panties prior to wearing! Karli…like you, I too really enjoy wearing panties as my # 1 item of lingerie. I wear women’s nylon panties every day. Jamea…so good to read that you also like motorcycles. It is an awesome feeling to be riding your motorcycle while wearing a 6-suspender garter belt and nylons. When putting your feet down at the light, you are quickly reminded that you are wearing nylons when you feel them pulling on your garter belts! Because I often wear panties that have a large “lace” waistband, I have to be careful that my shirt does not ride up, exposing my lavender or pink panties.

Ron November 30, 2022

I have a tender fem side and also masculine hunting, motorcycles, farm equipment, etc. I was looking at crossbody purses as mine, hidden away has started deteriorating. Our Amazon accounts show all that we look at and i was amazed to see under my side of the bed one similar that i was interested in. I am not sure if my wife put it there if it is a test or it is intended for me or just a coincidence. She does not like to have or keep anything under beds. I have not had the opportunity to question that so in a few weeks when i get back home i will pursue the questioning and hope for the best…..

Jamea November 20, 2022

This blog is a great place for people to share their thoughts and experiences! Thanks for maintaining it. Jill’s recent posting, as well as some earlier posts and comments, triggered a few thoughts: My early experience with the sensual lingerie seems similar to many others. Being drawn to sensuous silk and satin fashion should be no surprise. Throughout history sumptuous garments have been the providence of royalty and privileged individuals. Strange that this legacy has been lost to many. Maybe people who find erotic pleasure from lingerie and other sexy items should be considered “gifted and talented in the arenas of sensual pleasure”. 😉 Finding items that provide comfort and continuing sexy feelings throughout the day or night can be hit-or-miss. XDress solves the challenge of finding lingerie that fits more masculine body types. In terms of increasing support of a partner…here are a few thoughts that may be of value to some: Incorporate the inclusion of lingerie, costumes, or whatever into a broader effort to increase eroticism in a relationship. For example, Laura Corn’s “101 Nights of Great Sex” provides ‘secret sealed seductions’ that are initiated by either partner and cover an exciting range of possibilities. (There are many other resources.) When moving to incorporate more sensual dress, doubling down on ensuring that a partner is getting over-the-top pleasure may be of value. Women may overlook the fact that men’s primary pleasure centers are more on the surface. If they haven’t experienced the impact of rubbing a guy with their silk lingerie or slipping a sensuous bikini or tap panty on him or rub his chest with a satin bra or cami, they might be surprised at the positive results. I have mentioned to my wife that a woman can enhance and extend erotic pleasure with a piece of plastic and battery and that is considered standard play…so what is unusual about a guy feeling good when wearing a silk panty under golf pants or at the office, or other erotic adventures? Maybe these last two thoughts do not need to be mentioned but unfortunately, they seem to be too common of a concern. (1) If a guy does not pull his weight with household or child-related needs, and his partner is exhausted, she is not likely to be as supportive of venturing into unfamiliar erotic play. (2) If a guy lets his physical condition go it may not result in over-the-top interest from a partner. Cheers to all. I look forward to the anticipation/excitement and small thrill I experience when receiving and trying on another sexy item from XDress.

Jim March 17, 2022

Hello, good evening to you. I would like to say that I really found your story interesting about being a cross – dresser and all as I found that when I was 8 years old I wore my mothers friend daughter panties and I found them so comfortable but I could not come to terms with who to turn to or who to tell. I was hoping me myself coming here would find a answer 😊?

Dean.Sumner March 17, 2022

My wife has few objections to my wearing panties. She only has a problem when I wear sexy lace girly ones. However, she refuses to participate in my wearing any other feminine clothing. Your wife is truly amazing for embracing this part of you.

Stephanie March 04, 2022

I’m lucky like you my friend. After reassuring my wife that I wasn’t gay and going off to have sex with men. She became my biggest supporter. Random orders of things show up at the house she will pull some thing out for her and me usually. My best affirmation story is that we were shopping one day and the store was kinda busy. It was a plus size trendy retailer. We were at the panty bins and she says in a normal tone and volume “hey you would like these holding up a hot pair of cheeky cuts.” A few people looked up an associate there gave a big smile. I later took her in my arms and told her how much I loved her and how much that meant to me. She didn’t mention it under her breath or whisper it like it was some thing shameful. She said it out loud FaceTiming I wasn’t a freek, a pervert, or someone you should be fearful of. I was a dude looking for something soft and silky to make me feel good and proud of my own journey. Wesley Dude in a dress

Wesley February 23, 2022

Beautiful cross-dressing story Jill. So happy for you.

Ally x

Ally February 20, 2022

I love hearing these stories. It shows me I’m not alone. My wife isn’t exactly open to as much as she says she is shes ok with me wearing a bra and panties from time to time but I brought up lingerie once to her and it ended up being one of our worst fights. I’m not sure why but here recently she has been seemingly more supportive I hope she starting to understand it is nothing against her. I just like wearing things like this. I have since I was I think about 9. I just wish she was as supportive as yours is.

Sydney February 17, 2022

Is nice to read about some of us that have support of our partners, the Jill’s story, I think, is basically the same of almost all of us, men who like. to wear sexy lingerie. I use it every day since 30 years ago or so, tongs, bras, suspenders, etc. is very satisfactory for my inner fem side. In my case I’m not straight, I’m married with a women but I’m more pansexual, and gender fluid, because my feelings about myself go from very masculine to very feminine and this could varied from day to day or even hour to hour, so I decided many years ago to dress like a women inside and as a man outside; oh and yes of course there are days that I crossdress me 100% and use make up, my wife teach me how to. Free life to all of you, greetings from Mexico City

Carlos February 03, 2022

Great blog Jill. I too went through vicious cycles of purchasing thigh highs and nylons then purging and resisting the temptation to wear them. I was so relieved to find a community that enjoys wearing pantyhose. During my childhood I dressed up for Halloween, and part of that outfit was white tights. I instantly loved putting them on. I loved how they felt and how they looked. I never understood the stigma of enjoying a piece of clothing that wasn’t “acceptable” for my gender. I am a heterosexual man who loves thigh highs and nylons. I would go through this cycle of buying some, then throwing them away, then suppressing the urge to wear then. Finally I got fed up with this cycle, bought some fantastic thigh highs from xdress and came clean to my wife. I told her I enjoy wearing these articles of clothing. She was understanding and really embraced how open and honest I was being with her. I am glad other men are expressing themselves here as well. I fish, hunt, and enjoy being a man, but I am no longer going to hide that side of me that enjoys wearing pantyhose. After all, look at old photos of men in the 17th century. Many wore white tights! Why did that go away? Gentlemen, we aren’t freaks. We are men who have a sensitive side, and for me, wearing an article of clothing doesn’t define me nor does it stigmatize me.

Jay February 02, 2022

All of these stories echo my own, from the young age of 4 or 5 I’ve been more attracted to women’s panties than any other clothing item. As a “straight” guy I can recall countless binge and purge sessions filled with secrecy and shame over so many years. I recently “came out” to my wife who has been very understanding and supportive, but largely uninvolved. I still feel like I’m hiding something and feeling shameful even though she washes my frilly underthings daily without batting an eyelash. This blog gave me the confidence to re-open the discussion with her and for me to try to become more accepting of my feminine side, and also hoping she will be too. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

Karli January 25, 2022

I love this story and long for my situation to be like all of yours that have posted. I have a understanding wife regarding my dressing in lingerie however she doesnt want anything to do with it so I do it in hiding which brings me shame and guilt knowing that I am always hiding something from her. This makes me sad and unaccepted by her. We have talked about it several times and she just isnt willing to budge or even give it a try. I am working with my therapist to deal with my feelings but even with the shame and guilt the feeling I get when I put on something pretty and sexy just takes me to another place. I want her acceptance and participation and oh my god if she ever took me shopping and helped me pick some things out it would blow my mind. These blogs give me hope and keep me from purging my large collection of bras, panties, stockings, heels, dresses, lingerie and night gowns as well as leggings and sports bras. Some day I will find this satisfaction but for now I buy what I want but have to be secretive to enjoy it. I have almost every single item from Xdress and Body Aware but I do love to shop at Victorias Secret and a few other places for my ultimate feminine stuff. Sorry for the rant but it feels really good to share my feelings and situation. Take care all

Christian January 24, 2022

This is fantastic Jill! I’m incredibly excited for you and your SO! Supportive partners love each other through everything – including the fears of others. Lotsa Satiny Hugs! TA

TA January 09, 2022

Have found lingerie sensual from at least my teens….my first multi pack of nylon y-fronts were as close as I dared to go initially—-but love xdress bras, garter belts, nylons, and panties as a way to express sensuality. Also find leather, latex, flannel shirt n Levi’s and more oh so sensual. Think it is truly sad society has for the most part classified sensual wear whatever it may be according to expected gender roles. Intimacy is adult play, let’s do just that, OK? Mike

Mike January 04, 2022

Hi Jill, Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous story, I can relate to so much of it, in fact some portions of it are almost identical! Like you I’m fortunate to have a woman who understands and actually enjoys and actively participates in my femme side. I “came out “ to her in a similar manner as you with much hesitation and trepidation but things worked out quite well much to my surprise! It has greatly improved our sex life and brought us closer in other ways too. Too all the straight guys out there who want to/are exploring their feminine side, I say go for it! I realize that many of you can’t do so at all or at least to the extent you would like, but the time will come when you’re ready/able to. Until then, keep underdressing as I did (and still do at work) til you can fully express yourselves. I wish all a safe and happy New Year🎊!

Riann December 31, 2021

I think as we develop as a culture, we will be more open to these ideas. 20 years ago, things were so much more repressive than they are today and 20 years from now w things will be even less repressive. Have the confidence to break these stigmas in life. You will be surprised how your SO can be when you share the most intimate and vulnerable moments with her/him.

Scott December 30, 2021

Jacky You are so fortunate! 1. To have a relationship where u felt safe enough to tell ur SO! 2. She is somewhat accepting ! Cherish this time with her! As you will see from some of the posts its hard to get lightning to strike twice with another person. Always make sure she knows ur still her man ! Get ur lingerie on I did Stevie

Stevie December 26, 2021

The story is almost related me also. When I wan teen I tried to find some gents underwear with attractive colors but all the time I was disappointed.
when I was 27, I bought some sexy lingeries for myself long distance gf but I didn’t send for some reason. One pleasant night tried it, it was amazing and I did… that’s was starting point. I Now I am 36, during this period I bought lots of panties and bras and used them and felt guilt and bin them.
Before married I told my wife ( not a long distance one) I would like to wear girls panties only during s… (of course I lied) the first question was I gay or trans. I said no, just a pleasure. She agreed and she allowed me wear her panty only during interc….
Yesterday I confessed I would wear full outfit and play a girl role. She was laughing and confused. But she agreed somewhat.. will see what happens…..

Jacky December 24, 2021

Thom I feel u It starts young most of the time. But who cares if no one likes us

Stevie December 14, 2021

Wow What a stimulating topic We all have a story and that’s what makes explaining crossdressing so difficult. Its not the same for every one! From the reason to the gender! There is no one reason! As for me I started with moms shoes! That progressed to stockings nail polish on my toes to full on dressing and transformation to a female. Unfortunately i looked horrible as a female ! So at 50 after 42 yrs of dressing ( with a hiatus age 14-25) i began to research why people xdress and why i crossdress. Now I d be lying if it didn’t really turn me on ! But as I age i just love feeling pretty sexy and invigorated! I explored any gender changes i needed to make and found none! For me I m just a guy who loves loves the clothes the shoes the nail polish the dresses the skinny jeans! I m not trying to look like a girl. I ve now settled on the fact that i like lingerie pretty nail polish and light make up ( to enhance my look ) women s jeans and sweaters I can not leave out that i love the taboo part of it The naughtiness of it And the sensuality So that s my story Love this blog Get ur lingerie on Stevie

Stevie December 09, 2021

Hey to all my fellow friends of the cloth, it’s nice to belong to like and kind. I still wear panties but I have purchased many of xdress items, it’s so hard to just toss what I have been wearing all my life, 66 years and still love that feeling like the first time. So now I have a choices of what to wear, thanks to xdress.

Martin December 07, 2021

Hi Jill. Thank you for your blog. You bring back to me a renewed appreciation for my amazing wife, who has probably bought more of my panties, bras, and skirts than I have. We have a very full and loving life because of our acceptance and celebration of each other. I certainly hope this is true for you as well. I must say that I think Tom has a point in the awkwardness of referring to ourselves as crossdressers, in view of the fact that women dress as men all the time and no one even turns a head. Let’s just say we are gender fluid and love the femme within. Good luck to you, Jill, in your future, and may you and your wife find many blessings in this new frontier. Affectionately, Angie

Angie December 07, 2021

The first half of your story sounds a lot like my early experiences (at 12-13, lacking the Halloween part). But finding that pair of panties left behind in the laundry room and the feeling of actually appraising them seemed so naughty and taboo at the time. I couldn’t get it out of my mind though, and for the longest time I tried to disregard the notion, then eventually I just had to try’em on… and I swear it was like magic, all of a sudden a feeling shot through me from head to toe, like a bolt of lightning and a rush of lightheadedness and an incredible erection (which I didn’t even know what to do with), it triggered something inside of me that couldn’t be denied or explained, and yeah I thought I was the freak. As time went on I suppose (or at least thought I did) I outgrew that prepubescent curiosity. A few decades later, home alone (while GF is out of town), for some reason I couldn’t resist, almost instinctively like I tried on a few things (out of horniest maybe), but it was the stockings, garter and panties that cause an eruption in my mind (and heart), it was exciting beyond belief, wearing something so feminine could make me feel so good, it was luscious… And my girl I thought she was pretty cool, I mean she liked wearing my stuff (underwear and shirts, I thought she looked sexy and not knowing of my proclivities), one day, when she came home and found me in her things, Oooh Boy, she liked to blew a gasket! She says, “We gotta’ talk!”. Well, I still love her, but surely miss her. To have had her support/acceptance would have been so wonderful (and this was before the internet). So I’ve been a solo act since, secretively and privately at home alone. Loving every minute of it just the same! And sure, I’d love to have a lover that would be so willing to adventure into my life, but I’m OK with what I do have. A little narcissistic, maybe, but for these daze it’s all ggg… I could really go on but you get the gist. 😘

Gigi December 07, 2021

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m very happy to hear that she loves the other side of you. My wife also accepts and supports my desire for lingerie.

Yaniv December 07, 2021

Jill, thank you very much for your honest and open blog. Many aspects of your story are close to mine; I can readily identify with a prior history of purging and shame. It took a cancer diagnosis (fortunately no longer a concern) and my children being at least college aged before I was better able to come out to myself and work towards more fully accepting myself, even appreciating that aspect of my self. I take great pleasure in wearing lingerie, particularly panties and nightgowns. I am a very loyal and appreciative xdress customer. I still am uncertain about the term cross dresser, as it isn’t used for women who wear articles of men’s clothing. I note, just as a manner to recognize and celebrate diversity, that I have not given this aspect of myself a female name. I am deeply thankful for all who have lived and do live their authentic self, for it has been freeing to me as well. Love the diversity. Love the open expression of self. Enjoy my lingerie. Enjoy the services of xdress.

Tom December 07, 2021

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