Cross Dressing On-The-Go!

Cross Dressing On-The-Go!

Crossdressing is definitely a fun way to express yourself, wind down, or even get a little wild while at home after a long day at work. Getting home and slipping on a nice pair of panties, a bra, and whatever else you might feel like wearing is a nice escape from the day, especially if it was a stressful one! But what happens when you’re vacationing, or out of town for business? Do you bring the cross-dressing with you or does it have to wait until you’re back at home?


Panties would definitely be easy to travel with if you wanted to cross dress on the go, especially if you need to keep things discreet. Bringing some more durable pairs to get you through the day would be a nice way to keep the lovely cross dressing vibes going while you’re vacationing, and maybe even bringing some lace panties for later would be great for a cozy night in the hotel! 

To make the times at the hotel room even more fun, you could bring a whole get-up! I mean, who says the only fun parts of the vacation have to be when you’re out exploring the new area? Gotta spice up the downtime, too! I suppose you could also wear it out if you were up for it, but reserving the dressing up for the hotel room could open up for so many more possibilities, wouldn’t you say? (Room Service role play, anyone?)

Traveling with your cross dressing outfits could even bring up the chance to meet other cross dressers! It’s always nice to meet people with similar interests, no matter what part of the country you’re in. They might have some knowledge of the best places to hang out, and can help you get to know the area where you’re vacationing, from one cross dresser to another! Make some friends, explore the town, get to know some more cross dressers…those all sound like wins, to me! 

Need a suggestion on what you can bring for some panties on the go? Our Lucky Lace Brief would be a great one to use while traveling! It has the durability of a brief, with just a bit of lace to show off your feminine flair. 

Though cross dressing is a fun activity to do at home, taking it on the go could be just as fun! Hotel scenarios, exploring the communities elsewhere, and just being somewhere else doing what you love could give you a fresh experience with your cross dressing! It could be worth a try, so if you haven’t done it yet, I’d say that you should go for it!

Have you tried cross dressing while on vacation/when you’re traveling? Let us know how it went in the comments! 

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Great blog post! I travel with all my cross dressing supplies: panties, bras, garter, stockings. Sometimes I dress up only fit the hotel room and order room service. Other times I would head out in full makeup and women’s clothes. So much fun to be out of town and in a “new” environment.


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