Xdressing in Public

Xdressing in Public

“I soon worked up the nerve to go into a fast food restaurant…” - Anonymous Cross-dresser


In his recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner revealed that during his out of town speaking engagements, he would walk the lobby of his hotel dressed as a woman. “No one knew!” he proclaimed. That is a pretty ballsy move considering how famous Bruce Jenner is. Prior to his transitioning, Bruce also confessed he would cross-dress in the privacy of his own home while Kris and the girls were away. He would raid Kris’s closet, and if you’ve ever seen a Kardashian closet, or dreamt of one, you know it’s going to be massive and full of luxury. Right? Those lucky bitches!


With the ease of purchasing lingerie off the internet, it’s easier for a closet cross-dresser to play dress up in the privacy of his own bedroom. For the thrill of it, some cross-dressers dare to wear their feminine lingerie underneath their business suits whilst at work. Cross-dressing friends of mine, tell me they limit their cross-dressing to gay bars or pride events, because it allows them to blend in. Even in those circumstances, they still feel the judgmental stares. “Back in the day, unless you were dressed to the nines like a drag queen, gay guys would give you the freak treatment,” stated a cross-dr

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Mostly the bedroom but I have ventured out a few times. Mostly when I am out of town. A bit easier as I would not run into people in my town and have to explain it away. Not that Is m ashamed, just no need to explain something that feels natural to the uptight people that live in my community.


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