Satin Over Stress

Satin Over Stress

Working in my field of human behavior and dynamics I have witnessed how people have dealt with the situation of the pandemic.  We are all in this, the situation has remained the same, yet people have dealt with it so differently.  Some people have been incredibly stressed due to the fact of the ongoing changes, and the uncertainty of it all.  Some are stressed by the fact that we are unable to make a plan to move forward because those plans are ever-changing and they cannot see a clear vision into the future and therefore feel frustrated and stuck. Yet, I have also seen others embrace the change and uncertainty, and get a feeling of opportunity and fun, yes, I said fun.  Now emotionally, it is taxing to see people go through the health concerns that come with the pandemic, and that is not fun.  What I am talking about, is the fun that some people are having of creating new idea’s, looking at new opportunities, and feeling a sense of freedom that comes from stepping out of a routine, expanding their creative mind, and seeing the world from a sense of possibility rather than what is.  How are you managing your stress? 

As I sit and write this I am in my blue sleek satin nighty and matching satin and lace panties. I feel good just to be myself, and wear something that feels good, and with that reduces stress.  So, when stress does hit, as it does for all of us, do you take the time to put on something that feels good, that engages that part of you where you feel yourself, and maybe even a little bit sexy?  What if you put something on and your partner's eyes open wide and give you “the look”?  What would that do for your stress level?  Sometimes just slipping into something with lace and satin can help take away the stresses of the world.  It doesn’t take away the external stressors, they will always be there, but it can melt away the stresses of your internal world. Feeling satin against your skin, and the feminine look and feel of lace can give you that little bit of relief that you are looking for when the rest of the world is going crazy.  How about a matching bra and panty set from XDress, or maybe a sexy babydoll set, a garter, and stockings? Such simple things to do, and just maybe, it might help reduce the stress in your partner when they see you in it, and just maybe want to do the same.  Who knows what that might lead to?  My girlfriend has an outfit that she likes to see me in, so, on a Saturday afternoon, I slipped away and slipped into it for her, and the look on her face.  Stress be gone!   

So, for those of you who are going through stressful times, think about this.  Maybe it just might help you destress your internal world.  For those of you embracing the change and uncertainty, get creative, wear some bright colors.  XDress has come up with some great color choices and lace and satin combinations that are guaranteed to brighten up your day, and maybe those around you.  So, when you start to feel the stress coming on, what will you slip into?  Love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing, or have done through the pandemic? 

Be yourself, everyone else is taken! 


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Reread this blog today as I have been dealing with some stress the past few weeks and this kinda helped me. I find that getting out of the work clothes and into a hot shower at the end of the day is a great way to begin to unwind. Getting out and drying off and then jumping into anything from XDress is a comfortable feeling and one that helps me relax. The way satin and lace feel against the skin is just so comfortable it cant help but melt away the stress of the day!


Yes! During these times we all need that stress relief. I feel blessed that I am a crossdresser and after a long and stressful day, there is no better relief than to slip into a that babydoll nightgown, hose and heels. Wow! What a relief that is!!! Of course wearing my panty all day helps too, but there is nothing like that lingerie, skirts, and blouses that make life a little better. Lets all feel good and dress to feel just a bit better!


Hi everyone
A very thoughtful blog. I not only enjoy dressing up and going out in these times – I think it’s actually become a little safer where I am because it’s become quieter – I also find that reading these blogs and exchanging views with like minded people helps a lot too.

Love to everyone

Ally x


Very well said! Internal stress is easier to release and XDress helps me do just that! These are trying times. The news is horrible and it does create a lot of anxiety and depression. What better release that a glass of wine, a nice matching panty and bra set from XDress and your SO ogling over you! Stay safe!


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