First Impressions Count!

First Impressions Count!


Recently I was invited to an XDress photoshoot which I have to say was an absolute blast, but it created a burning question I wanted to ask you! I have to know my friends, what do you think of men and women side by side wearing lingerie in photos?  Seeing a hot man like Michael in lingerie was truly something to behold, but I found it really went to the next level for me to see Aurora in lingerie next to Michael. I could picture myself and my love doing the same, which made it all the more personal and intimate. Does this also hold true for you?



In the media we are bombarded with women in lingerie, and seeing this on it's own doesn't really become anything special for me. However, when I see a guy in lingerie that’s a different story! I picture myself in the pieces they are wearing and it makes me think of what it would feel like for me. I am very much about the feel, look, and fit (XDress has the best fit!). Now, when you add in a woman into the picture, I instantly get flashed back to the exciting feeling of what it would be like to wear the lingerie for my love. I get that heart racing sensation when I am modeling something new for her. Am I alone in this feeling? What about two guys together in lingerie, does this also hold the same feeling for you?



I really hope you will share with me your thoughts on this cause, since the more we share the more we realize we are not alone. I know I would love to see more photos from XDress that show both men and women together in beautiful lingerie. I think it would also be sexy to feature women in a more masculine light and the man in a feminine manner (tastefully done as only XDress can do). Another would be to have a woman/man helping a man do up his bra or attach his garters. But again, these are just my thoughts. Tell me what you think?


Until next time my friends remember we define what is sexy and we deserve to feel sexy ourselves!


XD Blogger

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I agree with previous comments on the more female models appear alongside males the more strides will be made to “normalise” this aspect of our sexuality. The look and feel of such lingerie is a 2 way process and should be shared as such. Without getting explicit there is scope for the models to interact more than just stand beside each other.


I think it’s good to show men and women together with men dressed in lingerie. Show two men together also maybe. Or two couples together enjoying dinner or relaxing in the sun. The more you normalise the scenarios the more the prejudices will break down.

Ally x


Love the store I love being a CD wearing sexy panties bras thigh high nice pair 4 in heels with shear top and skirt .nothing better. Thank you for your blog


This is an interesting question. Never really thought about it before. And I think the most accurate or most valid comments would be given by women. I would actually like to know females perspective in all this lacy lingerie for men movement or fashion or whatever you want to call it.


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