The Games People Play

The Games People Play


Have you ever stepped out of the box in your gender fluid experience? I know, I know, you are already out of the box – but I mean... just a litter further? Have you ever gone bra shopping with your wife and when checking out at the register, have her hold the bra up to you and say, “Honey, this is going to look so cute on you!” Or the same with a cute pair of panties, or a skirt? Of course, it doesn’t have to be husband and wife….it could be, well, a guy with his guy. When my wife and I go shopping, I’m pretty sure the clerk is wise, as my wife is a tiny woman, and I’m either size XL or 1X, depending on the manufacturer. I’m pretty sure the clerk is wise enough to know the differences in sizes.


Or how about this one – have you ever had a makeup party with your significant other? My wife and I have had a lot of fun with this one. She’s introduced me to subtle fingernail polishes that give my nails a pearlescent glow, and I regularly wear frost pink on my toenails. My nail tech is totally okay with that, and even has complemented me on the color. (By the way, a trip to the nail salon with my wife is a heavenly girlfriend experience.) Next, my wife introduced me to foundation makeup and eye shadow. Have you ever had some fun that way? It can be amazing how the foundation can soften your complexion. How about lipstick? I found one that I can wear in public without being outed, but it’s a lot of fun knowing I have it on. To get the hang of makeup, you definitely want a GG as an advisor. As any woman will tell you, “Less is more.” Get some advice from a GG (genetic girl) so you don’t go out of the house looking like a drag queen (all due respect to drag queens, but most of us don’t want to get read).

Or, even a bit more boldly, how about dress up parties with you wearing a maid’s uniform and being submissive to your special person – wife, girlfriend, boyfriend? Xdress has some wonderful cosplay outfits if you are willing to take a little walk on the wild side. As long as we are on the topic, have you ever experimented with forced feminization/domination? I realize that probably isn’t for everyone, but it can be very fulfilling when you are feeling in your totally feminine self.


Those of you who regularly read my blogs (and thank you so much, dear readers) probably realize this blog is a bit out of my usual wheel-house, but hey, half the fun of crossdressing is playing those wonderful games with the person most dear to us. My wife and I have found that my crossdressing has enriched our relationship like nothing else could. What a unique experience it is to find the person that accepts you as you are, and the woman within you. I have online friends who have found not just wives and girlfriends that accept them, but also some wonderful friends who have found a male who treasures them. What lucky people we are!

So dear readers, tell me your thoughts, experiences and even desires you might have regarding this fun topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Fond regards,


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I shop at VS and they are very helpful! Their selection is great and super sexy. It fits okay but XDress does have a better fit but not the selection. Ying to the yang I supposed but the places we can shop are opening up more and more. I wish XDress had a brick and mortar as it would be a great shop to go to! I fantasize about how these items look and feel on the website. It would be better to see them in person. I never can forget the look on the strippers face when we went to the champagne room and she saw my panties. She was so turned on! And so was I!


Bonjour , je suis ravis de trouver un autres site Blog d’Hommes en lingeries Féminines ou fines . Je me suis déjà inscrits sur le site ( Culotte ) et sur le site ( ) , et je vien de trouver le votre XDRESS . Malheureusement ils n’y a pas grand-mondes qui répond , j’espère que sur votre site les gens repondent . Moi je portes de la lingeries féminines tous les jours , j’ai 60 ans , ca fait 50 ans que je portes de la lingeries tous les jours , ils n’y a pas beaucoups de personnes qui sont aux courants , ma femme et qu’elles ques amies is , sons au courants , mes auqu’uns de mes amis hommes ne porte de lingeries féminines , je suis un peux déçus . Pourtant je leurs montres , je leurs expliques , le bonheurs et le plaisirs que de portez de la lingeries feminines . J’achetes ma lingeries tout seul , personnes ne me donnent des conseilles ou des explications , je me débrouilles tout seul . Amicalement , tontonyvon .

Hello, I am delighted to find another site Blog of Men in women’s lingerie. I have already registered on the site (Culotte) and on the site (, and I just found your XDRESS. Unfortunately they are not big-audiences that answer, I hope that on your site people answer. I wear women’s lingerie every day, I’m 60 years old, it’s been 50 years that I wear lingerie every day, there are not many people who are aware, my wife and her friends, they are aware, my friends do not wear feminine lingeries, I am a little disappointed. Yet I watch them, explain to them the joys and pleasures of wearing women’s lingerie. I buy my lingerie alone, people do not give me advice or explanations, I’m doing it alone. Regards, tontonyvon.


Me and my wife planned out a role play to “push the envelop” as we say. We went to a town not too far from us and to a local shop that we know isn’t shopped in very much. The shop is a retro 70’s type store. I wore “regular” guy clothes but underneath I had on sexy white thigh highs, a lacy garter belt, and a pair of silky white bikini panties that were very sexy with lace at the waist and leg openings. We looked around for a while until the shop was just about to close and the only person there was the owner. We had been in before and maybe she recognized us but she felt comfortable with us being the only ones there. She asked if it was ok to hang the closed sign on the door she had things to finalize for the day. We said it was ok and did we need to leave? She said it was good for us to stay. I thought and later found it to be true that she was a woman with a kinky side. She kept checking out my and my wife’s physical features and especially my butt. I’ve always been told I have a really cute bottom. We found a short pleated skirt and a blouse to match and headed to the cash register without trying them on. The lady asked if this was all she could help us with. My wife said actually it’s not been tried on. She then held the outfit up to my chest and said, “Sweetie, I think this would look great on you!” I said I wasn’t for sure and my wife told me to go ahead and try it on. She then turned me around, gave my butt three spanks on each butt cheek, and with a firmer voice said, “Go!” The store owner was wide eyed and had a big grin. I came out of the dressing room to find my wife and the store owner looking me up and down. So, to give the picture, I’m standing in this store in front of my wife and a woman I don’t know wearing lacy top thigh highs and a matching garter belt that shows below the skirt, a sexy pair of silk and lace white bikini panties, and a school girl outfit. My wife asks the sales woman what she thought. She said I looked like a school girl looked good enough to spank. She went on to say that I was probably naughty and needed a good spanking. My wife agreed and two straight back chairs were brought out and they sat facing each other. I was directed to lay across their knees. I guess I’ll stop here telling this story’s details since it gets a little kinkier and would be a good bit longer but needless to say I had a very red bottom!


Love the sexy underwear thank you


I like womens clouths

Mogens Frederiksen

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