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At Xdress we continually look at ways to better serve you. One way we can better serve you is to know who you, the customer, are. Below are a few questions that will help us understand a little about the folks we love to serve. Please be assured that Xdress will in no way use this information for any purpose other than getting a better sense of our customer base.

Thank you so much for helping us get better acquainted and for sharing your valuable opinions with us. We at Xdress appreciate your response!
Thank you!
Angie ❤️


I’m really enjoying the blogs and seeing the lingerie models. With that said I’ve noticed all models are young and beautiful but I know I would like to see older models (50’s and 60’s) as well as I think you have a lot of older males that are interested in your offerings. Also … it would be nice to find more “classy” lingerie such as long flowing nightgowns on models and available to purchase.

John September 27, 2021

I love the fact that you do offer a lot of panties in the sheer, see-thru fabricks. ( I have just placed an order for three(3) panties that are sheer.) Would love to see more orange colored panties with perhaps black lace trimming on legs & waist. Just like John Rymere, I too love the color lavender. As mentioned earlier, I too would love to see more inventory. When finding some items that we want, it is so frustrating to see that they are out of stock. However, I have always been notified when a new supply has arrived. Purple, lavender and lilac are so hot! Colors that are hard to find in panties/lingerie are orange, yellow, periwinkle. Would love to send a snap shot of my motorcycle as I would love to wear panties that match the color of my bike! BTW, I did order them sheer yellow panties in your inventory. Thanks.

Ron December 02, 2020

I found your site long time ago but just now got the crave to go forward with my femininity and buy a bra
I’m 40 years old and hope that the L size items will be available very soon.
The models are very sexy but it could be nice to see your items also on “regular” and older models

Yaniv January 07, 2019

Your models are fine and I believe appearing with female models enhances the appeal of the lingerie. If I had a slight concern it would be there are obvious differences down there between men and women and better explanations of how your lingerie is tailored to meet the requirements of men would be helpful…especially for the more well endowed men of whom I wish I was one. I would also like to see more figure shaping lingerie in your excellent range.

Fritz August 28, 2018

In response to an earlier comment, I would say that I love seeing women modelling alongside the men. I appreciate not everyone is able to do it for real, but seeing a couple sharing enthusiasm for delicious lingerie is a delight for me.

Gigi August 20, 2018

More feminine cut trousers and blouses would be good. Pretty and with a feminine feel but which will fit a male shape and go with heels and jewellery.

Ally June 18, 2018

Not all guys that like to wear satin and lace are gay, they may like the look or feel of the material against their skin or perhaps because their wife also likes the look of the item. I think there is a misconception that if a guy likes wearing these items he must be gay ! Wrong

G June 13, 2018

I love being in panties every day and dressing totally when i can… sweet femmy me. Satin- silk – nylon… so yummy and sexy

Mark June 11, 2018

I love the models that you have but i would like more twinks
slender young thin guys.I have been wearing panties since
i was 13 (my sisters) love pink

Ray June 11, 2018

I’d like to see more blouse skirts and shoes. Thanks for asking

Doug June 07, 2018

I love shopping at your site the chose of panties bra and hosiers are great model show well. I thank you

Sidney June 07, 2018

First, thanks XD and BA for giving guys the opportunity to express themselves in a wonderful and different way…to explore fun and fantasy in new and exciting options.
Your models are handsome and display clothing well, their lean and muscular physiques look great in feminine fashions. However, I myself am a mature guy in my 50s who has worked hard and Strength trained all my life, and still carry my 6’-0" 220 pound muscled frame pretty well. I wouldn’t mind seeing more models like myself to better guage what the fit of the articles might be like for me. Having diversity in your models may help some of us decide what bra, panties, stockings or shoes would go well with our particular atributes, be it tall, short, round, or thin.
Just a personal preference, but I think shaved models display clothing best, and smooth legs show stockings and shoes most advantageously, and thongs, tangas and g-strings look best on a smooth butt.

Brad June 07, 2018

Not sure that the new ‘thing’ of putting women in the ads in intimate clutches with the models is going to do much to keep your shoppers’ interests focused. If this is part of a ‘trend to pretend’ it won’t work.There may be many heterosexual men who buy your clothes, but they’re not buying them to appeal to the women in their lives, are they.

stephen hunt June 05, 2018

I would like to see a better selection of stockings, pantyhose and stilettos.

Ivo June 05, 2018

Would like to see bras and shapewear with masculine fabric and cut for the male body.

Silverfox June 05, 2018

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