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Greetings, loyal readers!

Today's topic will be about the wonderful world of hosiery, and all the amazing options there are! First, it is important to understand the history of hosiery.

The genesis of hosiery began in the very early days of the Roman empire, in which it has been recorded that the Romans used leather or cloth to cover their lower body parts. Throughout millennia up until the 20th century, hosiery remained popular for both men and women as a simple way to keep the user's legs warm. In addition, it became a fashion accessory as many colours and types of hosiery became available.

Since the 1990s, there has been a decline in the popularity of hosiery amongst women, as workplace dress codes changed, and trousers became more popular. During this time, however, hosiery has risen in popularity amongst men steadily since 1999. With the advent of the internet, online hosiery retailers have reported the majority of their sales are to male customers.

Now onto the fun part! There are many different types of hosiery. This includes pantyhose, stockings, fishnets, bodystockings, compression hose, and knee highs. They also come in a wide range of alluring colours, black and nude shades being the most common. My personal favourite is a pair of satiny black pantyhose.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I progressed to wearing pantyhose shortly after I began wearing panties. Their soft and silky texture, as it was with panties, was the main reason I was so attracted to them. The first time I slipped on a pair of hose was truly sublime, as they just felt amazing to wear.


After I discovered them, they quickly became my favourite garment to wear. In my very early adult years, I would wear pantyhose underneath my pants so I could experience this delicate texture all day. Furthermore, seeing my beautiful girlfriend wearing them was just as euphoric, and I am quite fortunate that my girlfriend incorporates them into her daily wear.

Stockings were my next progression from pantyhose, accompanied with a garter belt, of course. This combination is undeniably the most alluring and ultimately feels the most exciting to wear. For me though, I still prefer pantyhose for daily wear as the compression they offer helps quite a lot from any bulging when I wear skirts or dresses. I also have poor circulation, and pantyhose significantly improves my blood flow. If I am wearing a particularly loose-fitting skirt or dress, however, then stockings are a perfect choice.

Next, I experimented with fishnets. The materials fishnets are made with are typically more coarse, so they are my least favourite type of hosiery to wear when it comes to comfort. As such, I usually save wearing fishnets for special outdoor occasions, such as concerts. Their open, diamond style knitting allows for better breathability compared to pantyhose/stockings, making them more ideal for hot climates.

One of the great things about hosiery is that due to their thinness, they can be easily layered offering a whole new range of fashion options. One of my personal favourite combinations is to wear a pair of red pantyhose and a pair of black fishnets over the top, which is my favourite colour combination. It's also an incredibly gothic look. You can imagine with the plethora of options in both style of hosiery, as well as colour, the possibilities for hosiery combinations are infinite.


It is important to note that there is a certain finesse that comes along with wearing hosiery, specifically in how they need to be cared for. First, this involves how to properly put them on. You will want to ensure you care for your fingernails, as a split or jagged nail can easily snag hosiery. You then want to roll them all the way up in your hand, place both thumbs inside, and roll it up to your ankle or knee, then repeat this process on the other leg. While you slide them over your thighs, you will have to shimmy your legs to ensure that the hosiery is evenly distributed throughout your whole leg. Wearing hosiery can quickly become irksome if you put them on unevenly, as they will put unwanted pressure and pinching on specific areas.

Next, washing them. Hosiery should be washed after 3-5 uses, as they tend to store a lot of bacteria caused by perspiration. Hosiery should always be hand washed in lukewarm water, as putting them in a washer risks them being easily torn. They should also be air-dried. I usually put them on a hanger on a shower rod and let them dry overnight. This is especially important with stockings, as putting them in a dryer will ruin the silicone / elastic band that holds them up.

Another fantastic thing about hosiery is the fact that they have many practical uses for men, aside from just their fashionable aspect. Horse jockeys, hunters, soldiers, motorcyclists, and football players all wear them for added heat or protection from various elements. So as it stands, hosiery should not be considered at all taboo, as they offer so many benefits for any and all who wear them.

This concludes my thoughts and tutorial on hosiery. What are yours? I would love to hear your stories! When was the first time you wore hosiery? What are your favourite types?

Kind Regards,



Interesting history! I, like many of you, got my start to wearing panties and pantyhose in my early teen years. Then years later I found myself in an environment where ticks and other insects were abundant and was told to try wearing pantyhose. Even though it was a hot climate I found no ticks stuck to me. Then deployment time came along and due to the environment we would be we were once again instructed to buy pantyhose for our deployment. After service time I continued to wear thin pantyhose for Spring and Fall and tights for Winter months. My wife understood. Later on she introduced me to stockings with garter belts and stay ups. I preferred the garter belts. So much more sexy and not having the stay ups slide down my legs.

Daryl October 05, 2022

As a young kid, I always wanted to wear pantyhose. But at 14, My Dad started wearing sheer socks . They were thin like pantyhose, some had lines, others were without. They had a reinforced toe and heel. To me, it was like a license for men to wear pantyhose. Around 20, the socks were hard to find. So I switched to pantyhose, knee highs and trouser socks. I only wear sheer pantyhose with My suits, tuxedos and dress clothes ( pants) For me, they feel Amazing with dress shoes, making them easy to slide on and off. Being in the public eye, they are My fashion trademark . The women I have dated never had an issue with it. And I never had any negative experiences wearing.

Sergio August 12, 2022

I wear stockings and a garter belt almost every day. When I don’t, I usually have on shiny pantyhose. Some days when I get home my wife will have me shower and get dressed in something she has laid out for me to wear for the evening. After a shower and shaving especially my long legs she has me wear thigh highs with tall heels and a sheer top around the house and out on the patio. I think she enjoys having me outside to show me off but I’m the one who is really enjoying the outing. Shiny stockings. Red stockings. And high heels seem to be her favorite outfit for me to be in, and so with her in a nylon body stocking and heels, here we go outside again. Love it

Shinie August 07, 2022

This guy hates pantyhose and never wears them. At 6’ 3" tall, I wear opera length stockings with a garter belt. I’m a garterbelt nut. I have dozens of them with as many as twenty(20)! garters. Pulling up my stockings and fastening my garters is the greatest of fun. I’ve also gotten into layering my stockings. I’ve worn as many as FOUR pairs of stockings with several belts. Right now, I’m wearing beige opera length stockings with a twelve strap belt over black stockings.

angie March 06, 2022

I just love wearing gartered stockings. This guy loves wearing tightly gartered stockings. Right now, I’m wearing a pair of beige stockings fastened with a firm six strap garterbelt. Putting the stockings on and tightly fastening my garters is a big part of the fun. I reach back between my legs to attach the rear garters and then do the others. I adjust the straps for maximum tension ant then, as now, enjoy the pull of my garters, the thigh massage from my stockings and tiny motion of my garter straps as I move about. I’m massaging my stocking clad legs as I write this.

angie July 27, 2021

Right now, I’m wearing what this guy is wearing and really enjoying tan thigh stockings. They are nice and long and I can pull them up all the way to my crotch. They are so so comfortable on my legs. Sometimes, I also fasten a single garter to my stockings. I get a four SHORT strap belt with the side straps well to the side of my thighs and cut off the front straps. Then I fasten the side strap to my thigh highs. I bunch up the thigh high welt and fasten the garters to the stockings just below the welts. They are so so comfortable. Try it, you’ll love it too.

Angie April 01, 2021

I have worn pantyhose, stockings and garter belts as well as stay ups. In my younger years as a skier my wife was fine with my wearing pantyhose for warmth. Who was I to say no? So I didn’t hold back and had a number of pantyhose with designs and colors. My preference became stay ups as it was easier in the men’s room. Less to pull down. However, living here in Arizona isn’t ideal for any kind on hose. So like most women today I ditched the hosiery.

alicia February 03, 2021

As a guy, I never liked pantyhose. I often wore thigh highs (stayups) which were long enough to come all the way up to my crotch and felt SO SO good. In fact, I often wore a short strap garterbelt with them with single garters on my thigh outside. The garter would pull the stockings up so the top of the welt in the garter was well above my crotch. Try it; You’ll love it too.

angie January 30, 2021

I’ve been hooked on pantyhose since I slipped my first pair on that I nabbed from the laundry. My mom was short, so I outgrew my supply source quickly. I did, however, get bold enough to buy my own starting with “Leggs” in the plastic eggs. And though I love to crossdress completely in all sorts of women’s clothing, my go-to items are sheer pantyhose over panties. I’ll usually wear a skirt if I’m home. I often underdress in panties and pantyhose (or tights), sometimes without socks. Seriously, who looks at ankles? Makes me feel so sexy!

Mary B. January 13, 2021

I remember being about 12 when I first started going through my mom’s stocking drawer. I can’t even put into words how amazing it felt to put on nylons. I went from enjoying seeing women wear them to wanting to wear them myself. I managed a couple of times to convince my wife to let us both wear nylons to bed. Unfortunately she is not as into it as I am. I am back to only wearing them when nobody is around.

Somedude December 19, 2020

Love the way the line runs up the back of the stockings-David Lee Roth. I enjoy the garter belt and hosiery combination. So feminine and sexy. Black is my favorite, especially with the line running up the back of them. The feeling I get from wearing them is amazing!

Scott September 23, 2020

I’ve wore stockings and garters under my business wear for decades. I wore a wide six strap belt with the rear strap well back and nude or light beige stockings. Normal men’s socks over my stockings. Loose pants of course. I loved the gentle thigh massage by my stockings, and the motion of my tight straps on my thighs. Now retired, I wear stockings at home all day. All kinds of crazy fishnets, fencenets and so on, And I’ve gone garter crazy too. I’ve worn multiple garter belts with as many as twenty four garters. It’s so much fun fastening them all nice and really tight.

angie August 09, 2020

I love wearing purple panties with a matching bra, along with my xdress garter and nylons. If I wear a dress over them at home, she know what’s underneath. I am slowly growing my nylon collection and love the feel and the allure of the softness. For now, until I get some breast forms, I stuff my bra with silky panties. 3 pairs in each cup gives me the look of breasts, without the firmness, though. I like it when my wife feels me up, then the fun starts. Xdress, you’ll be hearing from me again, I have my eyes on a few hot items that I cannot live without, especially that sexy silky nightie. Can’t wait. Loves, Michael aka Michelle

Michael July 22, 2020

One of my first experiences with wearing feminine underclothing was for a 4th grade school play. Our whole class, girls and boys, had to wear white lace tights under our cardboard costumes that we got to decorate. The girls were asked to bring in tights for the boys. Some had a flower detail some were just a pattern of diamonds or hearts. I distinctly remember the electrical feeling of pulling the tights over my legs for the first time. We even received instruction from our teacher on how to put them on by rolling them down to the toes and rolling them up our legs and over our waist. A few days after that experience I found my mother’s tan pantyhose hanging on the towel rack. My attention was drawn to them. I just had to try them on. Even though they did not look like the lace tights, I was eager to find out what they felt like on my legs. Once I rolled them up my legs that exciting electrical feeling rolled in and hit me all over again. This time that feeling was even better and more intense because they were silky smooth and made my legs look so pretty. Soon I was raiding my mother’s dresser drawers and sneaking and trying on different colored pantyhose and styles. I found that her stockings were even silkier and easier to roll on. My favorite were her black lace top stockings. Later I experimented with her half slips and full slips over top of the hosiery. The feeling of the silk slip gliding against my legs as I walked and paraded around was so very pleasing, fun and exciting. Seeing my body decorated in satin and silk with lace trim and feeling pretty is an experience I am so grateful to have. It took me a long time to accept this as part of me and as something good in my life. It has always provide me comfort, relaxation and fun. Adding high heeled shoes and a skirt and other lingerie has only made that electric feeling better and better. I feel closer and a bond and attracted to all things feminine because of my experience of wearing pantyhose and stockings. I am so very thankful that shops like XDRESS are now available in today’s world. Thank you for spreading the knowledge to the world that it is okay and a good thing for men to feel feminine and to seek out explore their feminine life styles.

EilleyCat December 17, 2019

Ik draag kousen met jarretelgordel, heerlijk om te dragen. Hold ups draag ik onder mijn jurken en rokken als ik uit ga, ook en geweldige ervaring. Ik heb wel 10 paar kousen en hold upp’s.

britt November 22, 2019

Hello everyone!

I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and experiences. As Pauley mentioned, the allure of pantyhose/stockings is undeniable, but I also wear them for warmth. I have horrible circulation and I feel much more comfortable in a pair of hose, which is just one of the reasons why I wear them daily. My GF certainly was pleasantly surprised by how much she loved the way I looked them, and I am so glad that others here have SO’s who feel the same! Sharing this side of yourself with a companion is an experience like no other!

Nathan November 21, 2019

A little slow getting to writing in this blog. Another wonderful string of comments. By the way, love the model. So cute.

I have worn pantyhose, stockings and garter belts as well as stay ups. In my younger years as a skier my wife was fine with my wearing pantyhose for warmth. Who was I to say no? So I didn’t hold back and had a number of pantyhose with designs and colors. My preference became stay ups as it was easier in the mens room. Less to pull down. However, living here in Arizona isn’t ideal for any kind on hose. So like most women today I ditched the hosiery.

I should add that if you have not tried wearing peds then do. Or some call them no show sox. Women have worn them for years and now they even have them in basic colors for men. I prefer the stretch lace or pastel colors. Go figure. I wear them just about everyday. Minor warning. If you are buying a pair of shoes don’t forget you have them on. I slipped off my footwear once only to reveal a cute pair of lace peds. Oops.

As usual fun adding to what you gurls have already posted.

Hugs, Keri

Keri November 20, 2019

Great blog, Nathan, and thanks for the background information on hose. Very interesting. In my early exploration of underdressing, I tried pantyhose. By the end of the day, I felt like they were trying to cut me in half and neuter me all at the same time. I went to garter belt and hose and love the look of them. You mentioned the benefits of hose, regarding blood circulation, and you are spot on there. Men have been wearing supp hose for a very long time, and no one looks askance at that.

John, you mentioned leggings. Where I live, it gets pretty cold in the winter, and I wear tights on a daily basis. Funny story – my boss has gotten into wearing those wild socks so popular with men these days. I was in a meeting with him one day and he was wearing some really off-the-wall socks. This is a man who is very straight and conservative, so I labelled his socks as his mid-life crisis. Anyway, my wife and I had recently gone on a shopping spree for tights and we tried to outdo each other on finding the wildest tights we could find. In that meeting, I was wearing some truly psychedelic tights. I commented on his socks and then said, “I think I can outdo you today” and pulled up the pant leg on my right leg to display my tights. I thought he was going to laugh himself right out of his chair! What fun!

Thanks for the blog, Nathan. Very interesting, and very fun.

Fond regards,

Angie November 13, 2019

Hi Stevie – that sounds like the perfect thing. It must have felt great all evening. I’m off to a day time event this week and will be wearing similar. Thigh highs are just right for these cold days and a pair of satin panties just feel so right with them.
Stay gorgeous
Ally x

Ally November 11, 2019

What a great hose night. I had a formal function tonight. So I took advantage of the situation by wearing a pair of xdress panties and a pair of sheer black thigh high hose under my suit. I felt great and warm and confident
So wear something pretty today i did

Stevie November 09, 2019

I have worn panty hose for years. Love the look and feel. Especially nice when the weather gets cooler, for the nice extra warmth. I also wear tights. My favorite color is the very dark black that completely covers my legs. For some reason the black panty hose and tights make me seem taller and look good when I am wearing a dress or skirt. Love hearing all the interesting and great comments.

Randy November 09, 2019

Ahhh, hosiery, such a sexy experience! So many things I could say but I’ll keep it to a minimum. For starters, I luv wearing panty hose or thigh highs especially this time of the year when the weather is cooler. I live in a hot part of the country so it’s a little uncomfortable in the summer but I still manage to do it a few times even then. My favorites are sheet black panty hose and fishnet thigh highs with either black or red heels. My GF loves that look on me and likes to wear her own favorites for a nice evening together at home or a night out. She and I enjoy shopping for them together and the anticipation of wearing them later just adds to the fun. It’s a completely euphoric and exotic experience that’s hard to match.

As Stevie said, wear something pretty today gurlz!

Kyrstin November 08, 2019

Hi Gurlz
I’m definitely a thigh-high, hold-ups kind of guy. Especially now the weather is getting a little colder. Nothing nicer or more reassuring than a lovely soft pair of hold-ups under my suit trousers. I really like to find opaque hold-ups and tights in great colours and patterns too. I tend to wear coloured tights only with shorts though. So much fun in soft and sexy leg wear.
Have a fun day all.
Ally x

Ally November 08, 2019

Hello my friends
Another great topic
Panties then bras then stockings and or hose and of course the garter belt are the ultimate in SEXY!
Shoes to complete the ensemble….wow what would it look like if i wire a dress or skirt? Hmmmm that looks so good i want to add a little make up and voila before i knew it i was completely transformed
That was a few years back and now my combinations are any of the above
Now that its cooler i wear my thigh highs almost daily. If its really cold then tights all feel so good all day
Wear something pretty today
I am

Stevie November 08, 2019

A pretty pair of panties, garter belt, and stocking send my wife crazy over the moon. I wear them out, at work, and around the house often. There is really nothing sexier than you and your wife dressed in only panties and stocking cooking in the kitchen. The sexiness is a given but they are also functional especially in the winter in keeping you warm and when flying as they assist with circulation and prevention of clots.

Pauley November 07, 2019

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