How Do You Like Your Panties Wrapped?

How Do You Like Your Panties Wrapped?

It’s that time of year where the Christmas celebrators are getting giddy about gift-giving and gift-receiving. We get that rush of excitement when we hold those gift bags and boxes in our hands, and feel the rush of anticipation as we tear the wrapping paper, toss tissue paper aside, and untie pretty little bows to see what our loved ones gave to us (and hoping that it’s not something lame, like plain white socks.) 


A fun part about giving all of giving all of these gifts is figuring out the cutest way to wrap them. Like food, the way a gift is presented sets the standard in our mind for whether we think we’ll like it or not. When you consider this, it’s no wonder some people are very particular about wrapping! So with all this said, how would you wrap something like a pair of panties? 

Would you put it in a bag, quite possibly the simplest way to wrap something? I remember that there was one year where I wrapped every gift in gift bags, and I got a lot of crap from my stepmom about it. Yes, it’s a bit lazy, but there are so many cute gift bags out there! It’s hard to not want to just throw some gifts in those. This always leaves the option to put in something else with it too, since gift bags usually have so much room. You could throw a garter in there, or maybe a pair of stockings, too!


Or, you could put it in a cute little gift box! I’ve recently come to love putting gifts in gift boxes because you don’t even have to wrap it, and it looks adorable! These would be good for putting a few pairs of panties in, or even a cute outfit. It’d be hard to stuff them full of goodies though, since they only allow for a limited amount of space. However, it’s great for giving a decent assortment of pretty panties!

Maybe, if you’re the most daring of them all…you try to wrap them with wrapping paper! (insert gasp here). Of course, it’d be easiest if they were in some sort of box, first. Wrapping something that isn’t a cube or a 3-D rectangle proves to be…quite a challenge. This takes the most time and takes so much technique (surprisingly), that sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it. However, there’s just a certain excitement you get from tearing open a wrapped present that you don’t get from anything else. And yes, tearing it open, not opening it neatly to save wrapping paper like some kill-joys, out there. There’s too much excitement to be patient about it!


No matter what, your wrapped panties will look cute all the way through the big reveal. When it really comes down to it, it’s the thought that counts. We take the time to pick out heartfelt gifts and wrap them to the best of our ability, and isn’t that what the season of gift giving is all about? No? Well, it’s something like that.


Let us know down in the comments what your favorite gift-wrapping methods are! Are you team gift bag or team wrapping paper? We just have to know.

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I once gave a g/f seven(7) pairs of panties, each a different color for each day of the week. I stuffed them (barely) into a card which had a picture of a guy on the front of the card wearing a white sheer, see-thru panty with a full erection. On the inside of the card it read…" I got you something but it’s kind of HARD to wrap"! I chose this card to let her know that I was into panties. It worked! Because I also purchase panties, they started sending me my panties in this cute gold/copper colored bag with a bow ribbon at the top. I also use these bags when giving panties to friends.


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