Let Your Panties Do The Talking

Let Your Panties Do The Talking


There are so many different types of panties out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for you! There’s lacy, shiny, ruffly…and many, many more. However, when it comes down to it, you probably end up with a preference of panties that fill your drawer up to the brim! So when you get to thinking about it, what do you think your preference in panties says about you? 


Product: The Valentina Lace Short

THE LACY PANTY LOVER:  You are the adventurous type! The different style of fabric garners much attention, which might be something you enjoy. Lace keeps your skin covered while also leaving a little room for a “sneak peek.” It could show that you like to keep people on their toes. We’re always guessing what you’ll be up to, next!


Product: Satin & Lace Panty

THE SEXY SATIN ENTHUSIAST:  If you like something on the silky or satin side, you might be the type of person who likes elegance in your life, not because you want to brag about it, but because you enjoy the finer things in life! Things that are shimmery and shiny excite you! You dazzle everyone in the room and steal the show without effort, and might be the person to modestly deflect any compliments with “oh, this old thing? I just happened to throw it on, today!” 


Product: Ruffle Boy Short

THE ELEGANT RUFFLE FANCIER:  If you like ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles (or maybe just one layer of ruffles), you’ve definitely got a quirky side! Like ruffles on a pair of panties, you could be a lot to handle at one time, but those who are able to handle you would absolutely adore you. Though the attention you demand is not always given, the attention you receive is very well deserved. Your personality is somewhat of an “avant garde” of personalities, "in your face" and unapologetic, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Whether these match your style or not, I’m sure your stash of panties might say a lot about your personality! What do you think your collection of sexy undergarments says about you?


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Mine say I am open, fun, flirty, sexual, expressive, sensual and reciprocating!


It has to be satin or silk and being totally predictable it has to be black. Whilst I have nothing against thongs or tangas, panties have more material (It’s that look and feel again) and are more comfortable. The look and feel of glossy lingerie is unbeatable and the contrast of black against pale skin is a real turn on. Equally I find the contrast of white lingerie on those of different ethnicity very sexy.


Le problème est que j’aime tous les styles selon mes humeurs et mes envies du jour…
Mais les descriptifs me vont également à ravir…


My panty type says I’m the considerate type – because I like to look nice for you when I’m undressed. Who wouldn’t want to wear beautiful, colourful satin and lace cut to emphasise all the right places. Makes for much nicer encounters.


My favourite panties are pink ones guys need to wear them not only because it’s so liberating it’s also comfortable


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