Major Social Networks that Support Crossdressing!

Major Social Networks that Support Crossdressing!

Because crossdressing is such a niche when it comes to hobbies, finding like-minded individuals to talk to about it can be hard. Luckily with the beautiful invention of the internet, we’re able to talk to several people all over the world about our interests! Though it seems like major social networks would mimic society’s norms, which might treat cross dressing like something that should be made fun of, there are several very popular networks that create spaces just for cross dressers to express themselves and meet other cross dressers! 


1. Reddit


Now Reddit isn’t something I have personal experience with, but I know several people who use it who really enjoy it. Reddit is basically a big discussion forum that is broken up into subsections, appropriately titled “sub reddits,” which are based off of a certain theme or interest. There’s an r/crossdressing subreddit that covers lifestyle, outfit ideas, and other aspects of being a cross dresser, and even a “crossdressing stories gone wild” section where you can read some steamy crossdressing-related stories! This is a great site to interact with other crossdressers, share stories, and get inspiration for outfits from other guys who love to crossdress.

 2. Tumblr


Tumblr is a social blogging site where you can post content to your own blog, follow other blogs to see their content, and look through tags (such as "crossdressing") to find blogs that appeals to your interests. Though this popular social network depends a little less on social interaction, it’s still a great site for self-expression and finding a place to indulge in niche interests. There are several cross dressing blogs out there that post their outfits, fun quotes, and anything else you can think of related to cross dressing. Hey, if you go on there and start posting your own cool crossdressing content, you could get Tumblr famous!

 3. Pinterest



 The reputation for Pinterest makes it seem like a site just for home decorating and recipe inspiration, but there’s plenty of good content on there for guys interested in crossdressing! There are pins to articles on tips for crossdressing makeup, infographics on how to do lipstick, the latest trends in crossdressing, and so much more! Just looking up the “crossdressing” tag on Pinterest will lead you to so much content for you to pin to your own boards, and through doing this, you can find other pin boards from other crossdressing accounts to keep the interactions happening! This is a great site for keeping the inspiration up, as well as sharing content with like-minded individuals.


These are just a few sites that I’ve found that seem to do very well with creating a positive space for crossdressers to meet and express themselves. It was nice to see that these were very mainstream websites that you tend to hear about every day, so it creates this beautiful space of acceptance in such larger spaces of the internet. Hey, baby steps, right?


What are some of your favorite websites for interacting with other crossdressers? Do you use any of your popular social networking sites for this kind of community building? Let us know in the comments! Any amount of help would be good for those looking for a safe space of the internet to express themselves. 



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