Men! Five Tips On How To Wash Your Panties

Men!  Five Tips On How To Wash Your Panties

Delicate Xdress lingerie is a treat to wear and a treat to look at! With the current obsession in men’s underwear being lace, satin and silk, it’s all too easy for men to forget that delicates are aptly named because they are just that – delicate! You can’t just throw your Lace Brazil Panty or your Sexy Satin and Lace Panty straight into the washer with your cargo shorts, thick jeans or dirty gym shoes. Xdress Lingerie is made to last a long time if you treat them with the care they deserve and follow these key instructions:

1.  Use a Lingerie Bag!

There’s no question that investing in a lingerie laundry bag is the thing to do for your delicate panties, but it also saves time and protects your lingerie in the washer. Keeping your lingerie separate from other items and ensuring they get cleaned gently will keep your lingerie in tip top shape. A lingerie bag will ensure colours don’t mix and your items don’t fade or lose shape in the washing machine.



2. Read the Labels

When in doubt, always read the care labels on your lingerie. Whether it advises you to wash warm or cold, gentle cycle or hand wash, paying attention to instructions will greatly affect the life of your specialty lingerie items. Most men don’t ever even glance at these instructions and end up paying for it later when they ruin some of their most favourite pieces!



3. Always Air Dry

It’s a good rule of thumb to always opt to dry your satin, silk or lace intimates via air-dry only and avoid the dryer. Mixing your intimates with other clothes in the dryer is a sure-fire way to end up with sharred panties and ripped edges, and the heat of the dryer can cause changes in the elasticity of the panties and can even cause colours to fade.



4. Store Separately

These are your specialty undies, give them their own separate drawer or pouch so that they don’t get tangled or pulled on other more basic items. Your XDress panties are delicate and special, so give them their own well-deserved space if you want to keep them for a long time. How you treat your delicate items is how they will treat you in return.



XDress has some of the best men’s lingerie in the world, and when it comes to satin, silk, or lace panties for men, you’ll want to give them the special treatment to ensure they stay looking and feeling as great as you do when you’re wearing them. Investing in lingerie laundry bags and taking care to wash as directed, you won’t have to question how your panties will last for a lifetime if you follow these instructions. 

Do you have any laundry nightmare stories about washing your delicates?  We'd love to hear about them below!

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