Satiny Memories!

Satiny Memories!

The colourful, sharp looking, button-down Robert Graham shirt, paired with jeans and stylish shoes are a great look for the office my partner works in.  He always looks well put together when he gets in the shower, and I’m always excited to pick out his underthings as he does mine.  Throughout the day thoughts of his under-look flit through my mind.   He often becomes my Amalie when he dresses pretty for me, and I do love that gentle, caring side of him deeply.

As I was choosing his look this morning, my mind wandered to the cabin in the wilderness we once rented. It was a quaint little place overlooking the water and the cool fall weather was much like today. Prior to leaving our house that weekend, Am turned and asked what she should bring to wear.  My reply, naturally, was “Bring it all baby.”  I sat and watched as she thoughtfully packed a duffle bag full of everything that makes her pretty and sensual.  

On our drive up, there was a little flirting going on as we chatted about what we might like to do while at the cabin.  Reading books, playing games – we tend to make small wagers when we do, and whether we win or lose, it’s always a win-win as we generally make it all about touch, back tickles, cooking a meal, etc.  

Upon arrival at the cabin, Am decided right away to change into something more comfortable before we began creating a simple supper together.  She came out of the bedroom wearing a sexy, baby blue negligée that matched her eyes.  She looked so stunning it was hard to take my eyes off of her.  “I love the feel of it against my skin” is what she told me when I first bought it for her.  It’s one of her favourites – and mine as well.  

The comfort Am had as she started creating our butter chicken dish, made me love her even more.  Being free to be who she really is has taken so many years and I admire her so much for wanting to share this part of herself with me.  I watched as she plated the food, taking care to wipe away any drips and presenting it on placemats and pairing it with the perfect wine.


We always look into each other’s eyes and wish each other good health prior to our first bite, after which Am looks at me questioningly, wondering if I approve.  And I always do.

The remainder of our weekend consisted of cooking, reading, talking and games like Cribbage -which inadvertently ended in a catwalk of 5 of my favourite outfits on Am – all of which were purchased through XD!  There is so much to love about the confidence she exudes when she strides into the room and does a spin for me.  

So this morning, as I was making my choice and this memory popped up, I decided to bring out his hot pink bra and panties… tonight, I’m hoping to add his lipstick, stockings and a garter when he gets home.  Wish me luck!

Lotsa Satiny Hugs!


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I love this blog! We should all be so loving. Those stockings in the pics are so hot. I really want to try them!


Wonderful blog TA, I think all of us hope to find someone like you one day. ♥️


PJ. Where intention goes, energy flows. It works. I had a set of intentions of what I wanted with a partner after I got divorced, guess what one of my intentions was. Set it and forget it, it will find you. Until then, enjoy the ride with Xdress attire on!


Ah, the unfettered beauty and liberation of being (and dressing) as one desires. Especially, for me, as with my undergarments. And, to have a companion so open minded and open hearted as described by TA is a deep yearning of mine. My experience is that energy follows intention, so over the past few months, I’ve intentionally made Xdress purchases, and am trusting the energy of life to fulfill my desires. I am grateful for this company, the delightful garments and these blogs that lift my spirit everytime i return here. 🦄💕PJ


Satin is the best! Sounds like fun that you pick out each others panties!


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