Morning Ramblings of XD Blogger (To Pouch Or Not To Pouch)

Morning Ramblings of XD Blogger (To Pouch Or Not To Pouch)

This morning after grabbing a quick shower I went to my dresser to pick out my panties/underwear for my day at work. After riffling through the contents of the drawer for 5 minutes looking for the perfect pair from XDress to start my day off feeling sexy (today it was the Glistening Satin Tanga) it came to my attention that my daily wear panties are mostly pouches while my leisure or fun panties are not. It got me to thinking to myself is this common for a lot of men? For me a pouch allows me to keep my package neatly contained and slightly forward and I am guessing for those of you really endowed (average here) this would be of benefit too.  I always found that non pouches left my boys feeling loose and out of control unless I was excited. For those that are below average in the twig front I often wondered if pouches would be a hindrance. Would things stay in or would you be constantly be adjusting to keep things right (Yes these are the things that dance through my mind when picking out underwear).



When it comes to romantic times with my love though I find I really enjoy the non-pouch (standard front) panties as it forces my package to strain against the fabric which both my love and I find sexy (It feels great too!). An example of this is the Invisible Pleasure Brief (which will become anyone’s fast favorite if you try it).  So I thought I would ask you my friends what are you favourite style to wear and why? Is it a pouch or standard front?



What I also wondered about on my drive to work is what would be the best style to wear if you were tucking. For this I would imagine a standard front would be best but if anyone could shed some light on it for me I am sure there are some that would be most grateful.


Now I want to share a secret with you my friends, I would like to try chastity sometime (gasps I know) but I want to make sure I am informed as to what the best style of underwear to wear is and what device should I get. More research is required on this front and I think I remember seeing some devices on Epic Leopard. I would imagine that while wearing a device a pouch would be most comfortable but again this is only my guess. Maybe at a later date I can shed more light on this.



I hope my friends that everyone enjoyed the brief glimpse into the things that just pop into my head randomly and how I find myself being always curious to the various styling of panties. The panties from XDress sure help me feel sexy and paired with the perfect cami or bra I am unstoppable in my day to day activities.


Stay sexy my friends and remember we define what is the norm, not society!


XD Blogger

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I’d never want to pouch because then it doesn’t feel like crossdressing. What I really want are panties with a front that’s flat but stretchy enough to accommodate a male without looking like it’s SUPPOSED to accommodate a male. The other big reason is that pouches always seem like they’re meant to let the penis hang down, which makes it REALLY awkward and uncomfortable when I get aroused. I’d rather wear something that keeps me pointing up when I’m soft, so I don’t have to reach down and adjust myself when I start getting hard. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority on that mindset, because it’s almost impossible to find panties that fit like that. Even brands like XDress – despite being perfect for me in every other way – don’t have any options I think I could enjoy wearing. It’s both baffling and infernally frustrating! ……………. Xdress comment: We have a lot of panties without pouches!


Pouch is a bit more comfortable sine they are designed for men but women’s panties are good too! Sometimes my parts slip out but not too often. Women’s panties have a lot more selection and inventory and I find the hipsters and cheeky’s to fit a bit better than the tangas (probably because there is more fabric to hold me in place).


I only wear sexy lace panties and bra under my work clothes, if I know its going to be later getting home I will take stockings, slip, long maxi skirt and blouse and hi heels, it’s late when I finish work and nobody around, I slip into men’s toilet with my bag, I quickly remove my clothes and dress up in lingerie and female clothing then slide long pants over top and a shirt, I go to car and see nobody around so before getting into the car I remove male clothing so I’m only wearing female clothing, I get into the car slip on a long wig and then start the long drive home, it takes about 2 hour to get home, once home I shower then slip into a long sexy nightie


I to started wearing sexy lingerie and female clothing when I was about 13, I love the silky lace panties and bra, I wear stockings, slips, dresses and skirts, I don’t see any harm with guys who want to wear women’s clothing


I love wearing flat front panties but find that they get uncomfortable as the day goes on. So, I like to have a little more ballroom in the afternoon.


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