Musings from a Panty Packer

Musings from a Panty Packer

Hello XD fans and enthusiasts!! It's John the Panty Packer! What's up?


I am your new Guest Blogger, helping to keep everybody in the loop about all the new goings-on here at XDress Lingerie for Men. 


As Mother Nature is changing and preparing us for the holidays and the long winter ahead, we here at XDress are changing too!  We have a great new item called the Vintage Nylon Lounge Pant (L159). These pants are the cousin to the Barely There Leggings (L130). These new Lounge Pants are great for exactly that -  Lounging!  While the Barely There Leggings are completely sheer, these new Vintage Nylon Lounge Pants are made from a smooth and slinky fabric referred to as nylon tricot.  Honestly, I feel like I have been pulling and packing them all day! 


Actually, I was chatting with a customer today about this new item and they brought up an interesting point.  These Lounge Pants are made from 100% Nylon so the feel of them is exactly like vintage women's underwear. Evidently, back in the day women's panties and slips were made with this same nylon fabric.  I must admit that I did not know that!  I always enjoy learning new things so I was very grateful that this information was brought up. I would normally thank the person by name here, but I did not want to post their name without asking them first and sadly I did not hear back before I posted the blog :(


Connecting with our customers is a great thrill for me and I am always excited when a new dialogue is opened, so let's keep it going!!


I love receiving feedback from customers so please comment down below and I'll be sure to answer any questions you might have.


Signing off for today!

JPP-John the Panty Packer

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XDress ships their product very well! The packaging is discreet (no XDress markings) and when you open it up, each pair is individually wrapped in a nice XDress logo’d bag. Very professional and very sexy! Class act all the way around! Great job! Keep up the good work!


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