Oh, To Be a Famous Crossdresser

Oh, To Be a Famous Crossdresser

I think the media is an incredibly powerful part of our everyday lives, which I guess is why I work in social media. At least one of the reasons…maybe. The things we see in the media have such an impact on our lives, I feel that it’s almost too hard to ignore. When we see people in the media who have a lot of influence, and they also identify the same way that we do, it can create a sense of familiarity and make us feel a loose connection to them. I can only imagine that there are several famous crossdressers out there that people look to for inspiration!


I know I feel happy when I see prominent gay men in the media, whether it’s a celebrity or a fictional character in a popular TV show, movie, book, or etc. because it’s a confirmation that society is growing and accepting differences in people that identify the same way I do. It’s comforting to see your identity represented, like someone saying “hey there. We see you. You deserve this.” Granted, sometimes the representation can be poor, but let’s just assume we’re talking about the good kind of representation. The can of worms that is "bad representation in the media" is a whole subject for its own post. Believe me.

I love seeing famous crossdressers, such as drag queens and celebrities who challenge gender expression with their clothes. I find it so inspiring that they proudly display who they are, despite being so present in the judgmental public eye. People like RuPaul, Miss Jay Alexander, and even Jaden Smith, who recently put out his interesting twist on crossdressing, all have quite a powerful presence in the media that can inspire change. Lord knows every time I hear RuPaul say something inspiring, I’m all like “yaaaaas, girl” and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Crossdressers in fictional entertainment media serve an extra special purpose in my heart, because of my vast experience in fiction writing while in college. Representation in TV and movies is powerful because we usually watch it for enjoyment, and it gives us a deep look into the represented communities' true personalities, so it’s like a fun kind of learning! A recent example would be Liz Taylor from American Horror Story: Hotel. She was portrayed as someone whose struggles weren’t unlike anyone else’s, and that her identity as a crossdresser doesn’t make her vastly different from someone who isn’t. Being represented in shows and movies can give people a view of crossdressers that they might not have considered before, mainly the view that shows that they’re just like everyone else. Though the media is not always precise with how they represent other communities, when it’s done right, it can be a big influence on those watching. 


Representation in the media is something that wildly fascinates me, and I could go on and on about it, which is why I thought I’d mention it here! Cross dressers have enough of a presence in this world to be represented in the media, and it’s always nice to see them portrayed positively, either by people in real life or through the world of fiction. Hopefully society can grow enough to portray crossdressers as just another part of this world!


Are there any famous crossdressers or cross dressers in TV shows/movies that inspire you? Tell us a few of them in the comments! I always love learning about what inspires people!

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