Panties on the Move (XDress Product Videos!)

Panties on the Move (XDress Product Videos!)

You’ve seen the products on our website, and you’ve seen the gorgeous editorial images that our spectacular photographers do for us on our social media pages. Both capture our products in such a fantastic light, of course, but they’re just so…still. Not boring by any means, but it doesn’t show how the items will move with you throughout the day. Well, we’ve now alleviated that problem with the start of our product videos!



Yes, we’ve now been recording many product videos, meant to further dive into the items we sell, as well as give you a better look into how these products will move when you move. We’ve started by making videos with our model next to our wonderful production associate, Kat, who will give you all that you need to know about how the product fits! Our goal was to show how these items will fit and feel when you’re wearing them in real time, as opposed to trying to judge it just by looking at a still image. As you’ll be able to tell from the videos, we try to make them as “cheeky” as possible, if you catch our drift.

We’ve been working and re-working these product videos, and because they’re so new to us, they’re bound to change in format! This is a format that’s worked for us so far, but we’ll be experimenting with different styles and ways of showcasing the garments in these videos, so please be sure to give us some feedback on our Youtube Channel! We’ve been uploading all of the videos to it, so be sure to check more of them out there, if you’d like!

And of course, much like any other shoot, we’ve had such a fun time filming the videos. Models making the best of faces, being the cutest on camera, and just the whole crew having a blast. Check out some of the fun times/behind-the-scenes shots we’ve gotten while on set!



This has been such a fun project for us, and we’re hoping to be doing these for as long as everyone is enjoying them!

What are your feelings on product videos? Do you like them the same, more, or less than product images? Let us know in the comments! 

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Hi big fan, are there any plans to do more videos/adverts staring Kat and Corey they have such chemistry together, it would be great to see them showing off more of the range ruffled panties, cosplay etc….


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