Sexy Sleepwear... Oh Yes!

Sexy Sleepwear... Oh Yes!

After a long day at work where the pressure to perform is overwhelming don’t we deserve to slip into some sleepwear that makes us feel sexy for ourselves and our significant other? A chance to embrace our sexuality and recharge our souls. I know growing up for me, sleepwear was always shorts/pj pants and a baggy t-shirt. Sure it was comfy, but that was about it. When I first met my significant other I would look at her in slinky satin chemises and babydolls and think to myself I really wish there was something like that for myself that would allow me to embrace my feminine side and then I found XDress and my dreams were answered. I am going to share with you some of my favorite combos from XDress and hopefully I can inspire you to try some sexy sleepwear for yourself. There are so many options to choose from it's hard to find a place to start.



For me, I just love the Soft Rayon Cullote. The fabric feels amazing against the skin and I love to throw these on after a nice hot shower with a pair of Glistening Satin and Lace Panties, a Glistening Satin Cami, or a Simply Luxurious Chiffon Robe. So comfy and so sexy any way you choose. Perfect for unwinding in bed with a little Netflix before turning in. If not sure about the Soft Rayon Cullote then maybe substitute them for Soft Tangle-Free Sleep Shorts. They feel amazing too and even come in Fuchsia (how sexy is that).



Now the Rosebud Babydoll Set is super sexy to sleep in and you can’t help but feel feminine when you slip this set on. I also find the Henley Nightie super fun to wear to bed and oh so comfy as it is not restricting at all. I like to wear my Henley Nightie with Satin Tap Shorts (these feel amazing) or some nights nothing at all. All depends on my mood. 



Now if you’re going to be lounging around for a bit before turning in why not try The Silky Romper. The feeling of the fabric against your skin is exquisite and if you put these on and parade around the house you may find your partner won’t let you go to bed without a little fun first.



Hopefully this gives you some ideas for sexy sleepwear of your own. XDress has some amazing options and who says we shouldn’t have sexy sleepwear. We are comfortable in our sexuality and we deserve to own sleep wear that feels amazing and helps us to feel amazing too. I know I wish I had more!

Before I sign off though, I would love to hear from you! What you would like to see XDress carry for sleep wear? I would love to see a long satin and lace chemise, more baby dolls, and a ruffled nightie. How about you? I really love hearing your suggestions and I know XDress does too.


So until next time my friends, sleep well and stay sexy!


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