Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!!

Sexy shoes for me have always been a difficult thing to find. I have larger feet (size 12) and until I came across the amazing shoes XDress carries I thought I was doomed to be sexy shoeless (Lol an amazing band name?). 

What is really awesome too is the sizes are in men's so there is no conversion needed. Now, if you are going to start wearing sexy shoes I really suggest that you start with a flat like the sexy ballet flat. They are super cute and come in black or pink. After getting comfortable to the different fit sexy shoes have and your feeling more daring, I would suggest moving to a chunk heel like the Mary Jane Platform, the Go Go Boots, or my favorite the Tea Party Shoe (love the black patent look they have). A chunk heel is a little easier to learn to walk in and you are less likely to roll your ankle. Keep in mind when learning to walk in heels, you step with the front pad of your foot. You may find the first little while your calf muscles will tire quickly, but with extended wear you will get used to them (makes your calf muscles look sexy too). 


Once you have mastered your strut in chunky heels you are ready to move up to the finer/stiletto heels which XDress has some amazing options (I want them all!). Try the Devious Heel and you won't be disappointed. I absolutely love the black and white detailing on these. If you are looking to draw some extra attention to your sexy calfs then try the Risque Pump in red as they are oh so sexy and oh so high. I really love the Bottes Dangereuse because of the sexy look they bring to my legs and the feeling I get when I strut around in them. The black PVC look they bring takes your sexy outfit to the next level (wink wink).


I know for some this has probably been a review, but I will ask you what kind of shoes would you love XDress to carry and do you have any tips for learning to walk in them? I would love to know and I know XDress does too. 

So why not add a sexy pair of shoes to your femme fatale wardrobes and let's strut our sexiness. 

Until next time my friends, stay sexy and don’t forget to tell me your favorite shoes!

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Pick heels you can walk naturally in. I’m quite lucky in that I can fit women’s sizes but tend to choose a mid-height broader heel that looks good with a dress, jeans or leggings. You feel much more feminine if you can walk properly and not wobble all over the place – one foot in front of the other rather than legs apart too. Save sky highs for when you know you won’t be on your feet much ;-) if you know what I mean.


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