Smokey Eyes for Guys

Smokey Eyes for Guys

The Smokey Eye is an instant way to accentuate your eyes, and create a sultry and sophisticated look. It’s all about layering the shadows and blending. This may take a bit of practice, but with our guidance we hope that achieving this look will become a breeze and an enjoyable part of creating a full Smokey Eye look. 

Jeff will be our model for this look. We are using our 5 Color Eye Palette in Chocotini that has a range of shadows to help you create various smokey eyes. As well as our Perfect Brush Kit, that will be your friend for applying the shadows. Just remember to be adventurous and a little bit of product goes a long way. Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s eye shape is different, so the results may look slightly different based upon your eye shape.

The Subtle Smokey Eye

Before creating this look we applied our Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation to even out Jeff’s skin and defined his brows with our Black Coffee Incredible Brow Automatic Pencil.

Pro Tip: To make this look work, apply the lightest shade from the inner corner of your eye to the darker shade for the outer part of your upper and lower lid. You can always go back and apply more eye shadow to lighten up the center of your eye lid and blend together the darker shade.

    1.) Using the first lightest eye shadow, create a base by applying it all over your upper lid.

      2.) Fill in the inner corner of your eye with the second color in the palette to give it some shimmer and apply it under your brow lid for a highlight.

        3.) Apply the fourth color to the middle and outer edge of your eye lid as well as on your lower lid to create some definition.

          4.) Layer the fifth color onto the outer edge of your lid in a curving motion and go back with the fourth color to blend the two together in the middle of your eye lid. Do the same on your lower lid from the center to the outer corner making sure to blend. 

            5.) For a finishing touch add mascara and line the rim of your lower lid with a brown eyeliner pencil, which will make your eyes pop even more!

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              Great instructions. I have FOREVER wanted to try some shadow but never knew where to start. Is there any trick to which brushes to use, when? and do you have to clean brushes between colors?


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