The New Guy's First XDress Shoot

The New Guy's First XDress Shoot

As the new guy who’s only ever seen pictures of men in lingerie on the internet, you can get some sort of prediction of how I might carry myself through an entire photoshoot of a man wearing bras and panties. I’m a very progressive-minded person who’s open to new ideas and experiences, so before even entering the studio, I figured it would be simple. Tall, dark and handsome model in flowery bras and panties: no big deal, right?


Well, sort of.


The experience itself was easy. Fun, even! My task was to take behind-the-scenes pictures of all that was happening, which was exciting in its own because of all the prep work that went into each shot. The two models had to get their make-up done, there were several bird’s-eye view angles where the photographer had to stand on a gargantuan latter (I was terrified for him) and we even got to watch a man walk in high heels (that were too small for him) for the first time. 


It didn’t start off that easy, though. 


I knew that there was supposed to be two models there. So when I arrived, I noticed that only the female model was there, which had to have meant that the male one was running late. No big deal, right? Our Marketing Director just tried to get a hold of him to see where he was. Time passed by and he hadn’t responded. Faces in the room hardened, gears in their heads were turning. “I don’t know what we’ll do if he doesn’t show up.” 


They all looked at me. They asked if I’d be up for it. I felt the burning desire to sprint out of the room. I mean, they had to be joking, right? I had absolutely zero modeling experience, and who even knew if the lingerie was my size? I don’t even look like a model! And take it from me: models have a look. 


So considering all of this, I was so convinced that they were joking. Then, as if some powerful force out there wanted me to stay terrified, the photographer’s assistant tells me “oh don’t worry, one time the model didn’t show up to a shoot and I had to fill in.” You know, as if that was supposed to make me feel better about the situation. Terror levels were in overdrive.


Luckily for me, the model arrived. And luckily for everyone on set, no one got to see me with minimal clothing. Everybody won!


After that initial panic attack, the rest of the shoot was a blast. It was an incredible experience to see everyone work together to get the sets prepared, as well as see these models get into these roles that made them seem completely different from who they were. It was amazing for me to see this kind of stereotype-breaking shoot, with a man getting into a more feminine role with a woman being a domineering figure. This shot was probably my favorite:

So, despite almost being thrown into something terrifying (I’m still convincing myself that they were just joking), the shoot was an experience I’ll remember for quite a while. It had just enough glitz and glamor to be out of the ordinary, but low-key enough to not be intimidating. I’m definitely enjoying this new life, of mine. 


Have you almost had to do something that you didn’t think you’d be capable of? If you went through with it, did your efforts pay off? I’d love to read your stories in the comments!

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This side hustle would be a great! Love the photos and the experience must have been a lot of fun! If it was your first time in bra and panties, I would be curious how you felt once you put them on.


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