We Went to Phoenix Pride!

We Went to Phoenix Pride!

One of the things I love about working for XDress is that it presents all sorts of unique opportunities. Some of you may have read my past blogs about cross dressing and other musings. In this blog I, wanted to share the experience I had while working our booth at the Phoenix LGBT Pride Festival.

What an amazing and fun experience it was!! I had never been to the festival before and went into it with no preconceptions or ideas about what it might be like. I wanted to absorb all that the festival and community had to offer. 

As with any good story, I must first lay out the setting. Our booth was set aside from the main festival vendors. We were placed in a unique area of the festival where you had to be 18 or older to enter. This special area was called Erotic World. There was also an erotic soap vendor, an adult store, a sex harness vendor, and a bondage group. There was also a sexy Twister area that I helped set up on the first morning. Now, who doesn't like a little fun game of twister while wearing underwear, or less?! It was fun! XDress rounded out the Erotic World vendors with our sexy underwear and a few fun toys as well!

In our special corner of the festival we encountered people of all types and styles. There was so much color and skin everywhere! I saw men and women baring it all! There were ass-less pants, short shorts, women with pasties for tops, and men wearing thongs and jocks. It was awesome! The different hairstyles that were on display were just as colorful and unique! I saw spikes, streaks, shavings, up-do's, traditional, and a few bald men…and women! We saw some masters with their own slaves on the leash. (All in good fun and with full consent of course) A group called the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was there in full force! If you are not familiar with them you should definitely look them up! It was an amazing place to people watch.

While watching the fresh new styles of all the different people was amazing, it was even more interesting to interact with everybody! As festival goers would enter Erotic World they would immediately walk by our booth. People would saunter by as I would brazenly tell of all the extraordinary items we had at our disposal in our booth. We had underwear, toys of all sorts, and accessories of the kinky variety. Cock rings, cock straps, paddles, cinches, crops, and of course our super sexy merkins! (On a side note, we are now including a free one size fits all merkin to anyone that puts "merkin" in the customer notes in their order!)

All our lovely merchandise allowed me to have wonderful conversations with people from all walks of life. I find it is very rare to have such open dialogue with so many different people. Our customer base is broad and wide but personal face to face interactions are few and far between. These interactions were organic, pure, and made working at the festival feel not like a job but a privilege. Seeing how open and interested people were in what we had to offer was extremely encouraging. It felt great to show so many people that as men, we truly do have options besides the boring department store undies that we are told to buy from birth. 

Another fun part of the experience was that our models Jacob and Cory were there and did some live modeling for us. Everybody was taking pictures with them and posting them on various social media accounts. While hanging with our models and interacting with myself and my co-workers was fun, I would have to say the real celebrity there was our mannequin/mascot Carlos! We clad him in our merkin and he wound up getting all the attention! The fun thing about Carlos is that, well let's just say, he has removable parts! HA. On this day we had his part showing that he was all man and was at full attention, if you catch my drift! People would come by and give him a grab, a tug, and position themselves around him in the most wonderful ways!! 


In the end it was a total bast! I met all sorts of interesting people and got to see so many fun and exciting things! If you have never been to your local Pride Festival, I encourage you to do so! Show support for the community, make friends, but most importantly make memories! The more support we put out, the more we can make a difference and help bring acceptance and understanding to our community!

All the hard work our XDress team put into the Pride Festival was amazing! I love our XDress team and I love XDress! I hope to write to y'all soon and I do read all the comments and responses! If you feel so inspired please leave a comment as it really makes my day to hear your thoughts as well!

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