Whose Panties Are These?

Whose Panties Are These?

Some of us have been there, whether by accident or through deliberate snooping, when your girl confronts you with a pair of frilly panties dangling from her hand and utters those four dreaded words: Whose. Panties. Are. These.


Oh sh*t! Make something up…Just say it! No!…Make something up! Uhhh...


Recently, I did an interview with Kinky Paret - a married, heterosexual couple who love to dress each other up in lingerie and take sexy photos of each other. Hot, right? What’s even more hot is that the wife is in on the action. Not every wife or girlfriend is that understanding though.


A friend of mine, Paul, says he hides his panty wear in his tool shed within an old, crusty toolbox that he knows his girlfriend will not think twice to search through let alone touch. Tetanophobia is his accomplice.


Another guy I know was bold enough just to wear it underneath his regular clothes but exposed himself by bending over or reaching for something just enough for her to see what he was wearing. At first, she thought he was wearing her underwear as a joke. Eventually, she got used to the idea and now she buys him lingerie. Which is a plus, because let’s face it guys, sometimes we could use a girl’s opinion, right?


What about you? What would you do if your significant other found your stash or walked in on you prancing around the mirror? Where do you hide your panties? Does the secrecy give you a rush? Do you want her to know? Would you fess up? Could you? Maybe she does know. If so, how did she take it?


Let us know below. We want to know how you would answer this game-changer of a question. In any event, and whatever you do, please don’t respond with “Aren’t those yours, honey?” Big mistake! Your bae, as the kids say, wasn’t born yesterday.

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I went on a business trip to Montana one time and I had packed a few panties in my bag as I enjoy wearing them. Little did I know my SO thought it would be funny to send me on my travels with a pair of hers as well. She called and asked if I had gotten her gift and I said I hadn’t and didn’t know what she was talking about. When she said she packed a pair of panties for me, I said I hadn’t seen them. Since they were a thing, I said I hadn’t really unpacked and that I would look for them when I got back to the hotel. When I did, I found them. I called her and told her I found them and thanked her! She asked me to put them on a send a pic, to which I did but I had on a pair of Satin Hipster panties from XDress on instead. She was so intrigued! Said she always wanted to se me in panties but thought the travel game would be the best way for her to introduce it to me. I then put on the pair she sent along. I guess the story goes that you can be open. Sometimes the kink is mutual. Now we shop together and often get matching sets.


I told my 2nd wife i like to wear panties. She was a little confused at first but was ok with it. She told me to wear hers because she doesn’t wear them unless she is going out wearing a dress. Now we even shop for them together. While I don’t wear panties everyday she knows that when I do the sex will be great that night.


When I first started under dressing (this was many, many years ago), I kept my stash in the bottom drawer of my dresser. So far, so good. One Friday night I had my dress shirts in the dryer and threw in my soiled panties. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. The dryer shut off and my wife, being the sweet person she is, decided to tend my laundry instead of wake me up. Busted! She came in the living room with a pair of my panties in her hand. She woke me up with a panicked look on her face and said, “Is there someone else?” I wanted to laugh. I mean, if you are carrying on with another woman who isn’t your wife, are you going to launder her panties? Well, I didn’t laugh, as my wife was very distressed. I told her the truth – that they were mine. We had a very good (and honest) talk about my journey into my feminine self. She went to the bedroom and came back with three pair of panties, telling me to try them on to see if they fine. She said she didn’t really care for how they fit her. Game on! We began shopping together, and now me wearing matching panties and bras is just an everyday thing. I love that woman!


Definitely a “been there” moment. One evening I attempted to put on a pairing my wife’s pants. She was not amused in the least, in fact she came unglued!
A few days later, when she was not around, I decided to try a pair of hers on. I loved the feel of the silky nylon fabric. Soon, I purchased a few pair of my own, which were kept in a box in the garage labeled “camping”.


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