3 Ways to Sissy Your Outfits

3 Ways to Sissy Your Outfits

As a supplier of luxurious crossdressing gear, a question we often get asked is “how do I become a sissy?” Honestly, it’s one of our favorite questions, because we love helping people express their femininity! Due to the frequency in which we get this question, we decided to give some suggestions on some great, low-effort ways you can sissify yourself!


1. Frilly/Lacy Panties



I mean, you can never really go wrong with getting frilly and/or lacy panties. Wearing these ultra-feminine pairs of panties would be the easiest way to sissify yourself, since all it takes is just slipping them on! You can wear them around the house on a relaxing day in, you can wear them for a loved one who’s just dying to see you get feminized, or you can use them to play out any of your wildest fantasies. The possibilities are endless, when it comes to sissifying your panties!


2. Bras and Garters



Want to take it a step further? Incorporate some bras, as well as some garters! Of course, you will need some stockings to attach the garter to, so don’t forget those! To really up the anti on the feminization, incorporating a bra would be perfect. The garters would be a good touch to make the feminization even more edgy, as well as adding one more pretty element to your ensemble. You’ll be the sexiest sissy around, with an outfit like that!


3. Dresses/Petticoats



With a dress on, you’d be flying that sissy flag as high as you possibly can! I feel like this is where you have the most freedom in expressing yourself as a sissy, because you can find dresses in so many different colors, prints, patterns, lengths, cuts, and styles, that it can really be a way of showing what kind of sissy you really are! You can achieve any sort of aesthetic you want with a dress, such as elegant, cute, sexy, or anything you could possibly imagine! It’s one of the most creative ways to complete your sissy transformation.


There are honestly an infinite amount of ways to make yourself into a sissy. It’s all about what you like, what your loved one would want to see you in, and what you feel comfortable wearing! Once you really get into the swing of being a sissy, we know you’ll have endless fun. 


If you want to get your sissy collection started, you can always browse through our collection of panties, our bras and garters, and our luxurious dresses and petticoats to see which of them would be perfect for you! 


If you had to organize your dream sissy outfit, what would it include? Show off your pro designer skills in the comments! 

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I just love dressing all girly for me it.s a dream come true


My perfect sissy outfit would begin with black stockings that have the line up the back. Attached to a white garter and matching white satin panties. The bra would be a black satin number. The top would be a sheer navy blouse-one that easily waves in a slight breeze and the feel of it rubbing against my skin gives me goose bumps. I would cover my lower half in a mini skirt made of a polyester/rayon. Very light and flowy. Heels that accentuate my calves.


I used to dress up as a girl and would like to again.


I would prefer it to be pink satin maids dress and white lace.


My dream sissy outfit? Well, I have a few (and at least one even include diapers, but we won’t go there today), but I’ll start with one. Black heels, or black and white, I have a pair that are mostly white with black toes, with either black or white stockings. The stockings are either secured to a garter belt, or a corset, but not free-standing. Next would be either black or white satin panties with some lace trim. Maybe a full cut pair with four or five rows of lace across the bum? ;-) Then I’d have a matching bra (I prefer a padded bra, or forms or something, but nothing over the top or unnatural, perhaps a B cup, maybe a C). A very full white petticoat would be next. The kind with lots and lots of soft netting, not the stiff scratchy ones. The main thing would be the black, satin French maid’s dress. Iconic, classic snd classy, not slutty. All black dress with white lace around the neck, sleeves, and skirt, and a white apron. I would accessorize this with red lipstick and full makeup (again, classy and natural, not drag-queen or jr. high), a black and white choker and hair band, maybe with a small bow. Mmmm. I’m in heaven wearing this. Excuse me while I consider the possibilities and fantasies of wearing this outfit. :-*


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