Men's satin undies by Xdress are the ultimate in comfort, fantasy, and beauty.
Sleek Satin Nightie £38.00
Sleek Satin Camisole £26.00
The Sexy Satin T-Shirt £28.00
Slim Satin Thong Bodysuit £38.00

New Satin Camisole £26.00
Sleek Satin Joggers £34.00
Satin & Lace Panty £22.00
Sleek Print Satin Tanga £22.00

The Smooth Satin Tank £28.00
Smooth Satin Bodysuit £37.00
The Satin Peony Robe £35.00
Sleek Print Satin G-String £22.00

Satin Brazil Panty £22.00
Sleek Print Satin Thong £24.00
Sleek Print Satin Panty £24.00
Sleek Satin Bodysuit £38.00

The Satin Mini Thong £20.00
The Greek God Brief £21.00
Sleek Satin Rosebud Panty £22.00
The Satin Mini Tanga £21.00

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