Another Saturday Night

Another Saturday Night

Remember when we could go out and do just about anything we wanted? Saturday nights were fun! Gather with some friends at the bar or take that special someone out to dinner.  It is the perfect night of the week because you typically don’t have to work and can relax and get ready for the big event.

For many this getting ready ritual may have included a trip to the spa, a hair appointment, a mani/pedi, a waxing or maybe a combination of a few of the aforementioned. It was a day to pamper yourself in anticipation of a nice night out on the town.

With COVID, we are not heading out as much. Not taking care of our inner souls enough. Not pampering ourselves enough.  And all this got me to thinking about how you would spend the night out now IF there was no COVID. Would you go anyplace special? Go to the old favorites? Would you spend more time on yourself? Would you have a special outfit picked out? Undergarments that would suggest a great ending to a perfect evening? What would you do to prepare for the big night out?

For me, I plan a magnificent date for me and my SO. It would start a few days before with a reservation at a nice restaurant. Not overly pricey but not bar food either.  I’d confirm the date with my SO and spend the next day or so thinking about an outfit to wear.

The night before the date, I put on my XDress Red Satin and Lace Hipsters with matching bra and garter and nice white panty hose and iron my navy dress pants and white print button down from Banana Republic which enjoying some Al Green and a slightly strong Kentucky Mule or two...

The next day, I would put fresh linens on the bed in anticipation of a fun night ahead. About two hours before the date, I’d start getting ready.  Pour a Tito’s and tonic and pop on some Teddy Pendergast and hit the shower and wash every inch of my body with Jack Black body wash.  I take extra time shaving, making sure all the stubble was removed and moisturize with Keihl’s Facial Fuel. No cologne, the fresh soap is good enough.

I’d put on my XDress Pink Lace Brazil Panty and slide my pants over the top. The rush of pulling the panties on is an exciting moment every time.  And the panties fit just right while hugging the buttocks perfectly and holding me together in the front!  I put on my XDress pink satin bra and my shirt over it.  The hidden pleasure of wearing panties and a bra is exhilarating! I finish dressing and jump in the Uber.

I pick up my GF and she looks amazing in a spaghetti strap navy blue satin dress and the slight breeze tonight has her petite breasts at full attention. She smells of lavender and her hair is freshly styled.  I notice the Uber Driver checking her out and I can’t say that I blame him!

We arrive about 15 minutes early and the restaurant is packed so the reservation paid off.  We head to the bar and flirt with each other over Martini’s; mine is a very dry vodka and her’s is a Blood Orange. Both are tasty. She asks what I am wearing underneath and I decide not to tell as I want to keep her guessing for later on.

We sit and enjoy a lavish dinner. I go for the 1/2 dozen Wellfleet Oysters for an app and finish with a striped bass.  My SO goes for a Caesar Salad and braised lamb chops.  We enjoy a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to wash it all away.  We skip dessert but do settle on an after dinner drink: Woodford Reserve Bourbon for me and Espresso Martini for my SO.

We hail an Uber and are feeling a little glow from the alcohol. We head to my place, 8 stories up on the Charleston harbor front.  I pour two Woodford's, neat and we slow dance to Al Green for a bit while slowly moving the foreplay forward.  Her dress slips off and slides to the floor. My shirt gets unbuttoned and tossed and my belt is undone so my pants fall to my ankles.  We step back to admire for a moment and she is wildly excited to see my choice in XDress panties and bra tonight.  And as I undress her, I discover we share the same fondness for pink this evening.  We head to my room.......and so ends the perfect evening.

How would your perfect evening go?


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Need to get out and do this before we head to restaurant closures again! Of course, you can skip the dress up date night and just lounge at home isn’t he same outfit but dressing up and going out is so much fun! I often match my XDress panties and bra and often wear a garter but if not, I wear the stay up stockings which work very well! If heading out I often surprise my date at the end of the night. If staying in, we usually take turns on the panty parkway or lingerie runway. Nice blog and now I gotta get to work on planning a date night!


Wow what a wonderful description of a great date night, SC. It’s very similar to what I like to do when I’m ready to “get my gurl on” and head out for an evening with my GF. She’s always curious about what I’m going to be wearing underneath-so sometimes I’ll tell her, because it adds to the anticipation of the night. But I also like to keep it a secret until the end of the evening. I like a satin bra and matching panties with fishnet thigh high stockings under a dark shirt and tight jeans. Regardless of the outfit I choose, it always ends up being a great time. XXOO Kyrstin


That all sounds far too exhausting and choreographed for me. I think I’d rather stay at home and have someone I fancy come round.

I’d dress for the occasion for sure. Right now the xdress floral lace mini-dress is a favourite of mine. I’d match that with fishnet stockings, evening gloves, jewellery and heels. I think my pink lace split-back panties would be my underwear of choice. Then I would wait for the doorbell to ring and see what happens.

The pizza delivery boy might get a surprise!


Ally x


This sounds like a perfect evening!

Like you I’ll start preparing for a date night with my man days in advance, by deciding what I’ll wear. As we’re heading into winter now, I’d be likely to go for leather leggings, knee high boots and a silk blouse, or if we’re going out dancing a sequin top! I’ll also take care to choose my best and sexiest lingerie for him to discover later when he unwraps me later!

On the day, I’ll visit the beauty parlour; for a mani/pedi (love painted nails), perhaps a wax or facial.

We live together, so we’ll get ready together whilst drinking a little Prosecco or champagne, whilst listening to some music, me putting on my make up and fixing my hair.

Then the cab arrives, off out to a fab restaurant or a party. It always feel good being out, femme and on my handsome mans arm, and knowing that he’ll be coming home with me afterwards! Xxx


I picture myself in nearly same garments from my own 4 drawer collection. A perfect way to finish the evening!


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