Be Bold This Summer!

Be Bold This Summer!
Hello wonderful readers! We are now in the midst of summer which means it is the perfect time to get out there and discover all the amazing possibilities of the feminine wardrobe! So let us talk about all the amazing summer styles! 

To start with, mini skirts! What better time is there to fully appreciate the lovely benefits of a flowy skirt that not only looks beautiful, but also helps keep your lower half cooler than anything else? Those who have worn a skirt outside on a hot summer day will certainly appreciate how much more comfortable it is for us males as opposed to a restrictive pair of shorts or pants. I personally cannot bring myself to wear anything else during these hot days for those reasons alone. 
Not only are skirts super cute, but they also come in so many different styles. XDress offers skirts that are more on the flirty side, like the Plaid n' Lace Skirt, perfect for wearing at home during a romantic evening with your significant other on a beautiful summer night. Summer colors are also usually quite vibrant, which is sure to catch the eye of others and can also make you feel more confident in yourself. However if you prefer more muted colors, of course you will be able to find those options as well. There will always be something out there for everyone! 

Moving on from skirts, let's talk about shoes! Summer is certainly not the time for sneakers or boots, and flip flops definitely don't look good with skirts or dresses. So that leaves us with sandals and heels. XDress certainly has an amazing shoe selection, like the Strappy Sandals or the Strappy Open Toe Heels. (Footwear is only available on our USA XDress Shop These go perfectly with a skirt or dress and also keep your feet cool, all while being incredibly comfortable and stylish. Once you start wearing sandals on a hot summer day, you'll never go back to wearing anything else! Men wearing heels and heeled sandals is also becoming a lot more popular, which really helps make it easier to be comfortable with in public! 

What about tops? Men usually don't have too many options for the summer in this regard, just the choice between a t-shirt or tank top. However there are far more choices in the feminine wardrobe, that being camisoles, crop tops, bodysuits, open shoulder tops and V-neck tops just to name a few. Of course all these styles also come in a vast array of materials, all of which are much more comfortable during the intense summer heat. Just one example is Satin, which is one of my absolute favorites because of its thin material, while also being incredibly shiny and alluring. Of course all these styles also come in beautiful colors or florals, which are so much more exciting than the plain selections the men's styles offer. 

Of course let us not forget dresses! These are certainly the most comfortable option, as there is typically no waistband which is great for the occasions where you might be more physically active. Of course these also come in just as many styles and colors as tops and skirts. I definitely encourage you all to go shopping and try on some dresses and try wearing them during your daily activities during the summer. You won't regret it! 

And that concludes this blog for now! So what do you usually wear during the summer? What styles of shoes or clothes do you favor? What colors do you bring out during the Summer? It's been a while since we've had a long discussion on a blog, so warm up your keyboards and let me know in the comments! 


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Hi all. I have never bought a skirt or a bodysuit. But after reading this beautiful post, I feel inspired. And from today I will start looking for a skirt and top that suits me. I hope to find a bodysuit too. After all, summer is coming and we need to prepare for the summer. This is clear. I’m starting to search the site.


Thanks Krystin


OK Stevie I’ll get it restarted. I haven’t worn a skirt yet this summer but I did wear tight shorts a couple of times along with my girlfriend which felt so good and sooo liberating. I got a few looks but no rude comments and even had some compliments. I’m greatly aided in putting together my outfits with her help, and she enjoys doing it as much as I enjoy wearing them. Also, when we went for our bimonthly pedicures I went bold for a change with hot pink nail polish, and that looked good with heeled sandals. Anyway so much fun…..get your femme on all you gurlz!!


Well this thread stalled! Y? Well let me stir it up Summer is almost over who has worn a skirt in pub? What did u pair it with ? C mon now lets get this restarted … 😊


Hi everyone

Summer is a great time for short skirts and crop tops if you get the opportunity to wear them. I don’t think skirts or dresses always need heels though. The Xdress camo mini and crop top will look great with white (or camo) sneakers. Sneakers work well with denim minis too. Likewise, floaty midi and maxi dresses look great with sneakers – if you can get them in your size, sneakers with a metallic touch can work well with long casual dresses.

Keep dressin’

Ally x


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