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Two and a half years ago I was introduced to XDress by my new SO and can say it has been an interesting journey to say the least. From the many conversations we had, I was well aware that his love for the soft textures and pretty look of panties started when he was a young boy trying on his sister’s panties. He would take them out of his sister’s dresser drawer, run off to his room, and try them on to see how they would feel and look on him. He always wished he could buy women’s underwear for himself, but knew his former wife would definitely not approve of that! All of the lingerie shopping he did for her, he had secretly wished was for himself.

During one of our first long telephone conversations, he asked me what I would think about a guy wearing women’s lingerie… I truly wasn’t sure what I thought about it and let him know I would have to see it on him before I could answer that question. Our relationship has grown in so many ways since that conversation.

We spent the first two years of our relationship living in separate towns, two hours away from each other. When we were together, we would shop for panties, bras, nighties, stockings, garters and makeup either in store, or online through XDress and exploring many different looks and combinations.

When we shop in store, we love the reactions we get when searching for the correct sizing and the salesperson discovers the item is for my partner. They love to engage in further conversation and tell us we aren’t the first couple to come in looking for under garments for ‘him’. In fact, they even make suggestions of what might have a little better fit. Ultimately, it would be amazing to have XDress outlets to shop in as the fit is much more…. shall we say,… supportive and all encompassing.

One cold December day, my SO, Amalie, greeted me at the door after three weeks of being apart. She looked absolutely stunning! The black leather skirt, pretty off-white blouse, black stockings, and under dress of a hot pink garter, bra and panties were accentuated with her gently applied eye makeup and lipstick. I had only seen this complete look once before when we went shopping together for dresses, skirts and blouses.

As I entered the house, she handed me two dozen multi-coloured roses, embraced me, then looked deep into my eyes and said “I love you – thank you for loving me unconditionally. Each of these roses holds one little reason why I love you, though there are many more reasons.” My heart felt so full in that moment. She went on to list some of the things the roses stood for before pouring me a glass of my favourite red wine.

The biggest surprise wasn’t the pretty look or the beautiful roses, but instead the enhancements that were purchased to fit into the pockets of the hot pink bra from XDress. They truly completed the look and added a to her sensuality. As we embraced, I could feel the certainty in her touch – the knowing of safety, assurance,… Love.

Our evening was filled with creating a delicious steak and lobster dinner together, dancing in the living room, and talk about our future together. At the end of the evening I requested a catwalk of at least 5 different looks – needless to say I was not disappointed. I enjoyed almost every new look that my SO showed me, though I do have several favourites from XDress. The Satin Panty and Bra sets they have are not only sexy to look at, but feel sensual to touch.

I know that our connection grows stronger the more Amalie’s fem side is shown. She brings with her an ease of sharing thoughts, ideas, secrets, joys and pains that may not otherwise be shared. She brings a soft, sensuality to an otherwise tougher, less likely to share, being.

I truly enjoy my sexy SO in whatever he wears, though I can say this aspect adds to our connection and brings a little extra spice into our lives.

Lotsa Satiny Hugs!



My wife was very athletic in high school. She was a swimmer and all around tomboy. She asked me to help her to become more feminine. I was kind of a late bloomer so not very athletic. Now i wonder if she saw my feminine side from the beginning. 45 years since we graduated now. She mentioned the other day about her friends doing girls weekends or girls nights out. I tried to throw out a suggestion that we could do a girls weekend but got a response of the weekend was a good idea but did not get the Girly affirmation i had hoped for. I am thinking i will try to plan for something in the next couple months and include something sexy for her and something also sexy for me….it might just be the key to unlock ourselves…..

Jamea November 20, 2022

Such a wonderful story, I’m so pleased the beautiful underwear from x dress has allowed to become a loving couple enjoying those sensual moments together.

Michael November 08, 2022

Further thoughts My therapist and I have worked on what is that I get out of crossdressing 1. I feel good 2. I feel sexy 3. It relaxes me 4. I like the clothes 5. I like mixing genders 6. It fills a void i felt as a kid / bonding w my mother 7. It turns me on 8. Its my private thing 9. It makes me feel naughty This is different from why i feel the need to xdress Ur thoughts? Get ur lingerie on! Stevie

Stevie June 06, 2022

Such an amazing tale. Congratulations to both of you.

Michael April 09, 2022

I understand the “get your head around “ comments! It can be mentally exhausting to try to understand why u as a man are wearing panties bras and things considered feminine! But, work thru it , try it out like it was suggested, figure it out! I hope u come to the conclusion I did! I like it! I like the way it looks. It makes me feel good sexy naught! My business my life ! Who is it hurting? Get ur lingerie on ! Stevie

Stevie March 19, 2022

Danni, Great to hear that your SO is with you on this journey. Much easier than having to hide it, or find work arounds. If I may, what mental aspects do you need to get your head around? I would assume that this is something that you enjoy, she enjoys, and that you enjoy together. How about trying to go two weeks without going back and see how it feels? Wear a bra on the weekends, and see how it feels? Get some feedback from your SO. One way to find out is just doing it. If it feels good, there is nothing to get your head wrapped around. They aren’t girls undies, they are your undies. Hope this helps.

WB March 15, 2022

My SO fully supports the effort; probably more than I do! She has been trying to get me into panties permanently. I haven’t yet fully converted but I’m trying. I’ll go a week wearing panties but ultimately regress to guy underwear and then start again. She also has gotten me to wear a bra sometimes. Love to hear any suggestions on best practices to fully and permanently convert to girls undies! Need to get over the mental aspects.

Danni March 13, 2022

I have a friend that lets me show her my outfits and comments on them

Stevie March 11, 2022

I would love to keep this conversation going. Who else out there has an SO that fully supports the luxury, look and feel of wearing lingerie? Have you had the wonderful experience of having your SO go shopping with you? Then going home to try on the new purchases and watch the excitement in her eyes. I hope that there are more stories that we can share on this site, and let others know that it is ok for us to be us. Let’s keep this going.

WB March 09, 2022

Wow How awesome! There is an undeniable un breakable bond that can occur IF an SO can accept v. Tolerate our cd ing! It is an intimacy so deep so pure so liberating that can not be matched by any superficial “normal “ things . Its like telling someone a secret and they unconditionally accept u! The most deepest kind of love Sooooo cool! Stevie Get ur lingerie on !

Stevie February 24, 2022

I told my wife thank you for her support. The day I came out to her was terrifying. But after I answered her most pressing questions about how this was going to effect our relationship she was fully supportive. I told her it was as I exposed a tender fresh petal of my heart. If it had of met resistance or anger, it would have closed off never to reveal itself again. She said thank you for trusting her with the most tender part of my heart and she promised to protect it forever. Wesley Dude in a dress

Wesley February 23, 2022

It is nice to see how supportive and open you were. Not everyone is so accepting. He shared a vulnerable moment with you and you accepted him openly which likely made him feel very good. It is nice to see you shopping for bras and panties together. I love doing that with my SO and enjoy the help provided by open and accepting sales people. Nothing is more fun than matching sets! Of course, XDress has many great items too and I wish a brick and mortar would open up somewhere near me. BTW, the new purple polka dot panties and bra set are cute. Love the XDress site! Stay satiny and sexy!

Scott February 15, 2022

Hi Gurls, Thanks for sharing TA, always nice to hear an SO’s perspective. My GF and I shop together online and in store and we’ve received similar reactions from store employees. We’re always surprised and elated at the affirmation we get. I’m glad xdress has bras because it’s hard to find size 42A cup! Love the gender neutral collection and the satins. Happy Valentines to all.

Kyrstin February 14, 2022

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