Crossdressing: Why Do We Still Label It?

Crossdressing: Why Do We Still Label It?

Sitting here I was wondering how crossdressing is readily accepted today in society and to be honest, I am not even sure why we have to label it anymore. All too often we put labels on things to lock them into a category so that we can make statements about them like “I like to cross dress” or “You wouldn’t catch me dead crossdressing” or even “Crossdressers are just wrong." These labels in this modern day and age don’t hold any meaning. I like to think that as a society we have evolved enough to simply say as men “I like to wear bras” or “I like to wear lace panties” or “I like to wear stockings”. If we want to remove those labels, why not just say I like to dress to feel good?



Women now a days don’t really care as long as it looks good on us and we are feeling good for them, and more importantly for ourselves. If however, there are women that still cannot accept men wearing lingerie, then it's one more person to help understand and spread the word about crossdressing. Although, anyone is held to their own preferences and opinions, but perhaps the relationship may not be the same for the better or worse. As for guys who still cannot accept it, then I say they are most likely either locked in denial that they too want to try lingerie out, or they have been brainwashed into not allowing themselves to experience things they haven’t been taught.



XDress does an excellent job at making crossdressing for men just a way of life. By making the things guys want and by helping us to feel comfortable.  With so many options to choose from in panties, bras, camisoles, and other lingerie/clothing items, it allows us to put on what feels good and right. I myself, really enjoy lace and satin. XDress has some excellent choices like the The Smooth Satin and Lace Bra and The Lace Brazil Brief. I could go on and on for hours about what I love about their products and which ones I enjoy and really want to try out. 



So here is my question to you my friends. What do you really enjoy wearing (bras, stockings, panties, dresses etc.) and what would you like to see more of from XDress?

I know there are so many options, where do you even begin? Let me start off by stating I would love to see some more babydolls in lace or satin in solid colors. I would also love to see more thongs. This definitely makes for a fun conversation in the comments section, and it allows XDress to know where we would love to see them focus.

So before I let you go my friends, let me just say this. In today’s day and age I don’t think of myself as a crossdresser. I think of myself as a modern man who is comfortable in what I like and how I feel. If society still feels they need to label us as crossdressers then sign me up, because I am not going to change.

Until next time my friends!


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No need to label it but humans need to label everything. I think acceptance of cross dressing is growing and the stigma is going away as well. We are living in great times where we are able to more freely express ourselves than ever before. Get the courage to be you! Wear your panties proudly!




We are all a product of two halves, two hormones and these hormones, like any recipe, are not always in the correct proportion to achieve the perfect result. So, due to imbalance we humans have a very wide spectrum of outcome. It is accepted in our social life that girls are entitled to go through their “Tom Boy” phase as their hormones change so, why not the males after all boys bodies go through puberty and at that point imbalances will manifest themselves. There must be a way for all to develop without fear of any retribution and this start with sensible and well informed education from a very early point along the highway of life.


Hi. I think cross dressing is accepted more these days. I cross dress in a mild way if you get my meaning. To me this means I basically like wearing a skirt and panties. I enjoy fem clothes that are available at Xdress. Yet I still maintain my male hood. I am hairy and like women for example and Im married to a woman. Depends what level you want to take cross dressing. I bought a leather kilt about 10 years ago and wore it in public for the first time when we stayed at a hotel in Scotland. Well the hotel staff, which were mainly female loved it to say the least. One girl even took a photo of me and my wife. Wow she exclaimed I love the leather dress. (she was Hungarian) That gave me enormous confidence to wear it. My wife who wasn’t keen in my interests changed her perception from there. She does prefer me wearing two legs as she puts it.

Peter Hennessey

Your blog makes a really good point. What’s to be ‘cross’ about? They’re just clothes and bits of material aren’t they? I love to wear lingerie for its prettiness, comfort and feel. I find I take on an emotional feel as well as the touch sensory feel when dressed in that I feel gentler and more sensitive. There’s a part of me that enjoys dressing in a feminine way to feel closer to females but without wanting to be physically female. More recently I also feel I’m supporting females when dressing in lingerie, particularly in the light of the widespead revelations of abuse and mistreatment of women by high profile personalities.

Next steps for me are to find an outer layer that is feminine but suits my (reasonably athletic) male physique. XD’s leggins are excellent in this respect. Team that with heels and subtle day make up and I’m there. Oh to feel I could go into a major store and have a makeover. Perhaps BA could take out a guys makeover stand in major stores, Selfrdges, Harvey Nicks etc.


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