Discreet Shipping: Your Desires Are Safe With Us

March 17, 2015

Discreet Shipping: Your Desires Are Safe With Us

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of Victoria’s Secret debating on whether to go in or not. We think to ourselves: Will the salesperson call security? Am I a pervert for doing this? What if I bump into someone I know? I really wish there was a men’s section? And so forth. We act as though a lynch mob is on standby ready to brand a scarlet letter on our foreheads the moment we step onto that glossy, pristine floor.


Is that pink lace panty really worth the self-inflicting mind games? Yes, it is.


Fortunately, with the invention of the internet, an uncomfortable trip to the department store is a thing of the past. However, those same stressful thoughts remain: Does the mail person think I’m a freak? What if my package gets delivered to my best friend next door? What if the corset falls out due to poor packaging? Why did my cat just cough up a laced fur ball?


Calm your passions and relax.


We at Xdress take pride in our discreet shipping. More importantly, our properly secured and discreet shipping. We use brown boxes, FedEx and/or Priority Mail packaging. Each order is packed to perfection to prevent it from moving around loosely. No one will be able to shake it for a closer inspection. We ship to homes, hotels, and businesses everyday. There will never be any distinguishing labels on the outside of the package to identify what is inside. You can rest assured that your shipments will be sturdy, durable and inconspicuous.


So, if you still find yourself inside Victoria’s Secret pretending to be “waiting on your wife or girlfriend,” leave the store. Drive home. Log onto Xdress.com and shop away!


No judgments. No hassles. Your feminine desires are safe with us.

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