Does Your Significant Other Know That You Crossdress?

Does Your Significant Other Know That You Crossdress?

Many of us look for that special someone to accept us for all that we are and that in itself is a journey. Some people have heard of crossdressing and others have no clue about it. As a site that caters to crossdressing, we like getting to know you as our customer. We like hearing what you have to say about our lingerie, any opinions on the styles and colors we offer, or even getting to know more about the various aspects of crossdressing. What ever it is, we want to hear from you!


Since we have been creating lingerie for men for a little over 20 years and now that we have had our 'His n' Her' Lingerie for almost a year, we would like to hear your opinions on our matching sets. To help you do so, we created a mini survey with a few simple questions, but feel free to tell us more in the comments section below! This may even be fun to get your significant other in on the survey as well! If you haven't told her that you crossdress yet, it's okay. Have a look at one of our previous blogs: 'How To Tell Your Significant Other You Crossdress' if you have been considering letting her know. 

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I took a while to find an SO so accepting. Many did not “get” the panties and bra fetish. Sometimes, I would repress these urges until later in the relationship only to find out they were not approving. Other times, I would wear panties and a bra in the early stages only to be met with the same disapproval. However, being yourself is something very important. Sharing yourself is something that makes us feel very vulnerable. When you find that special someone who accepts you openly, you feel great and the relationship will be better for it. So suit up in your XDress and be confident in yourself! If they don’t understand, its more on them than you.


I started CD in secret about 5 years ago. First my wife’s panties then things I bought. I met a nice guy who encouraged me to get a lovely wig. It made me feel so free and happy. When my wife found out she was horrified and has refused to accept it. So I can only dress up when she is a way. I’m very envious of guys whose partners encourage it. They are so open minded. I’m very unhappy ☹️


I asked my wife the thong that arrived with corset that she ordered. at first she was shocked but when I wore it she like it and also brought me few items… sometimes she asked me to be her sissy and sometimes she want me to be her man


My wife wasn’t aware that I liked to wear panties/lingerie items until relatively recently. She found two pairs of xdress panties and the back of my underwear drawer. and that led to a discussion. She turned out to be fine with it after we spoke. I think she was initially afraid that I was transexual and considering becoming a woman and leaving her!

Once I reassured her that I was happy being a masculine man and that I just enjoyed the look and feel of lingerie on me, she was happy. In fact, perhaps too happy. I really only cross dress when I’m in the mood, and she was encouraging me to wear the panties even when I wasn’t in the mood to do so.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have some close female friends that are amused (in a good way) and interested in me wearing lingerie. They’ve actually purchased items for me as gifts on the condition that I model it for them.


Up until a few weeks ago I was strictly a mans cotton boxer man. Then my wife took a short vacation and for some I tried on some of her thong panties. What I found that the feeling on my body of wearing something so feminine and frilly and comfortable was truly exciting. Upon returning I told her that i was wearing her panties and she told me she wanted to see. She was excited to see me in them. When talked about finding some lacy, frilly panties for me so I set out to find them online. I looked online and after some searching found a few places I ordered some lacy thongs with a mans pouch. What I found was that the places that sold them thought an extra large was for a extra large small person. I was not going to give up because my wife and I decided it was something we truly found fun, sexy and exciting. Then I can across There were so many styles and so many really sexy frilly panties that it was hard to choose. I placed my ordered and waited for them to arrive. As I opened the box and put them on my wife came into the room. They were a thong and pink lace, we both loved them and I have since purchased more from Only her and I know that when we are in public my panties are as cute and sexy as hers….well maybe not, but its a whole new world to explore and I doubt that we will go back. Thanks to for being there to fulfill new adventures.


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