Getting The Wife On Board

You might be like a lot of other cross dressers that live a life of secrecy and only wear your favorite panties when your wife/partner is away or you are on a business trip. That secrecy can induce feelings of guilt and frustration. The cardinal rule to a good relationship is no secrets, yet here you are hiding an important part of who you are. To tell or not to tell? That is the question. Let’s suppose you’ve decided it’s time to out yourself to your wife/partner. How to go about it? First, a few things not to do:
  1. Don’t “accidentally” leave a picture on your phone or computer for her to discover.
  2. Don’t surprise her by being fully dressed in skirt and blouse.
  3. Don’t ambush her by taking her to a counselor where you reveal your feminine self.

Your attitude should be one of care and respect. This is going to affect her life as well as yours. The first things you may need to assure her of are that you do not want to switch sexual preferences and that you are still her husband/partner and intend to remain genetically male. These are the most common fears women have when becoming aware of their man’s feminine side. In other words, they are afraid of losing their man. Hopefully you know your wife well enough to have some sense of how she will react. Some women would rather leave the relationship than see her man in a pair of panties. If this is your sense of who she is, you might want to speak to a qualified therapist first. There are those women who will never accept your cross dressing, period. Other women approach it with interest and curiosity. Hopefully your lady is one of these.


Before having “The Talk” be sure you are clear with yourself on what cross dressing means to you. Why do you do it? She’s going to ask, so be prepared. Don’t be defensive – you are simply sharing a part of yourself that she didn’t know existed. Actually, she probably sort of did, but didn’t know where it was coming from – your sensitivity, caring, nurturing. All these things that can make a marriage/relationship so wonderful have been coming from your feminine self. The panties are just an outward expression of these gifts you bring to the relationship. If she wants more information on cross dressing, there are some very good sites on the internet tailored to the spouse of a cross dresser. As with all things, there are also some bad ones. There are also some sites that can be helpful to you in preparing for The Talk.


Importantly, once you have revealed your feminine self, go slow with what you wear. Start conservatively, as you want her to accept you, not be shocked by you. At least initially, avoid the more edgy lingerie. You need to give her time to accept this new you – at least new to her. Xdress has some conservative, but very attractive panties, such as the Satin High Waist Tricot Panty. Also, you might look at the Invisible Pleasure Brief and the Glistening Satin & Lace panty. The Glistening Satin & Lace Panty also has a matching camisole that is very attractive.


Lastly, be sure to show her what fun it can be being married to a cross dresser – the shopping, the chick flicks, the girlfriend nights doing each other’s nails. Help her understand that she isn’t losing her man – she’s gaining a girlfriend!

Angie, Guest Blogger


I have been cross dressing since I was seven I have always kept it to myself yes I have been discovered and lost girlfriends because of my fetish.. well I met a lady in the internet after a month I told her about my fetish.. she is so into my crossdressing selfies. Back east taking care of her grandma and she has sent me a package with two sexy dresses and sexy panties and a dirty parody panties. we BOTH into roleplay and dominate and submission. She tells me to put the lingerie on and model it for her than the dresses.. she is truly the QUEEN OF ALL MY DREAMS AND DESIRES AND FANTASYS

Crespin April 22, 2023

Hi all. I have been dressing since before puberty. As a child of around 7 ? I was called a girls name by my peers, this was hurtful and confusing. My parents were old fashion & hard. If I cried as a young boy they would tell me to stop being a sissy or they would put a skirt on me if I didn’t stop crying. Later in life now 52 I see that was quite abusive ? Or did they see I was feminine? Anyways I’m now married with a wonderful family whom I love more than my crossdressing. However I’d love for my wife to accept ALL of me. She has seen my dressed as she found pics on my computer. But she sends mixed signals, for example she once joked about me looking better than her in a pencil skirt .. I saw this as an invite , so I went to bedroom and tried it on along with pantyhose & one of her blouses. She saw me and look amazed and said “ told ya “ and then she laughed. She has also joked about getting me a pink dress years ago. I think she knows I’m more feminine than masculine . I cry watching tele more than her, I worry about our kids more than her . My sense of fashion is way more adventurous and totally more feminine than hers. In fact she has only recently started to dress more feminine, but likes to cut her hair like a tom boy lesbian ? Anyways I’d love her to accept my femme side & enjoy me being dressed and girlie with her. How can I do this ? Oops one more thing regards the “ bedroom “. She has always like controlled this area . I can only have Fun pretty much on her terms when she wants . I’ve often attempted to be the alpha male and take her like many women want and she doesn’t allow me to be like this . I’m confused . Please help Sylvia

Mark July 24, 2022

Derek- Love your courage! It took me a while and a few SO’s to accept but it is better to be honest up front than to repress. Life is too short to wear men’s underwear ALL the time! XDress panties offer a fun a flirty alternative!

Scott November 04, 2020

I started crossdressing about a month ago. I really enjoy it. I am not ashamed of it. It gives me a sense of rebellion I have never had, breaking such a Taboo. I also find it an escape from the divisiveness and dysfunctionality the United States is in. I am married, and straight as an arrow. I do not believe in keeping secrets from one’s spouse, so I told my wife, who went from initial acceptance to being quite upset about it. I respected her wishes and told her I was done with it, and have not dressed up in my outfit since. I do not resent her for that. Let’s face it: probably 99% of women do not want their husbands dressed as women. On the flip side, can you imagine your wife dressed as US Marine Corps Drill Sergeant? LOL I still wish to do it though. I only told her recently, and expecting my high-heel shoes in the mail. To change her mind, I was thinking of saying to her: “My high heels have arrived.” I guess I should return them? Any thoughts or comments?

Derek October 30, 2020

I really wish my spouse was more understanding. It took quite a bit for to reveal myself to her and she basically told me if I wanted crossdress to leave! I was devastated and humiliated. At loss for any words!

Dennis August 30, 2020

I love to wear all womens clothing and i can even walk in high heels for an extended amount of time and i just need to figure out what to use for a breast form

Tim May 03, 2020

I wish I was doing better. We’ve been together 16 years but married 6. In the beginning I learned he was bi. I few years in he started getting interested in crossdressing. I was ok as each thing came in to play I adjusted. Then it became a constant need and I got left behind. Over time I grew bitter learning he was posting himself online and talking to men and lying to me. I failed to mention as our relationship grew I made I feelings known that I wouldn’t be ok with him being with anyone else. I want to only have a one on one relationship. Time passed us going back and forth him saying he was ok with it but lying the whole time. We have always had an adventurous bedroom life, not to say to much. He’s purged many times. Starting over many times. This last time ( were in now ) he’s been honest about starting up again but I find it hard and hurtful this time as I fear he will go back down the other road. I want to trust and enjoy him and I want both sides of him.

Lorri February 13, 2020

Hi Angie. Getting the wife on board does make for a happier life if you have a strong feminine side. I do. When I got married I sort of stopped wearing panties. I did however wear mens nylon undies which were expensive and certainly not very fem. My wife saw that I preferred nylon and one day we were in a VF Outlet store. She picked up a pair of white VF panties that were around 2 or 3 dollars. She said these are less expensive than what you are buying. OMG I was wearing panties again. I will say six months, maybe more or less, and I had a dozen or more VF panties in all colors. The genie was out. Soon I had more panties than she did and many had lace and most were now pink. My fem side was emerging quickly. Then one day without any request she gave me a VF nightie. Turns out she had bought the wrong size for herself and I became the lucky recipient. The fem side of me was taking over and she was knowingly or unwittingly helping. I don’t recall the order of events but I shaved under my arms and then my legs. It was awkward at first with no hair under my arms at pools etc. But, I got used to it. My smooth legs were wonderful. I remember how silky looking they looked the first time I went out in shorts and I could feel the breeze. I thought everyone was looking and I didn’t care. Over the years I added more things. I looked for womens shorts that could be worn as unisex. Most of my shorts today are womens. I found womens jerseys that were unisex enough to wear out. The jerseys were not as easy to get away with as the sleeves are shorter and the jersey is shorter. I am a small male so it all worked and as I became more comfortable I have to admit the more feminine they became. My wife liked me in pastels so yellows, lavenders, light green and even pink. I love pink. I never told my wife these items were female but for the most part she figured it out. She said one day these shorts are womens. And some labels gave them away in the jerseys. I wanted more colorful sneakers and she was the one that suggested womens. I wear a size 9 womens sneaker/shoe. I wanted the pinks and pastel colors and she was fine with it. Again not in the order of timing I added womens deodorants, body lotions, creams and perfume plus more. I love Body and Bath. A must add for those of us with a fem side is Burt’s Bees nude lipstick. I carry a purse most of the time and my wife was behind that addition. She was tired of carrying my stuff and suggested a male bag. We bought a couple and then I got my first female purse. I have a couple of small shoulder bags and a couple of clutches. Nothing with bling of course. My favorite is the bag with the makeup mirror. When we found that one she commented “how appropriate, it has a makeup mirror”. One more thing it has is a very pastel light blue lining. I still look around when I open the bag and the mirror and the light blue is showing. I also gave up the traditional mens wallet and carry a womens wallet. I have gone on way to long. I am sure there is more.

I think a woman is either on board or she isn’t and you will know quickly. In a crazy way I think my wife likes having a girlfriend and husband. She is in charge and wears the pants in this house. I wear the panties, LOL. We joke about it and she knows it to be true.

One or two examples of crossing the line. I love camisoles. I secretly owned a few. One day she caught me slipping into a cute lacey cami. She said no way. She was concerned that someone would either see the cami though my shirt or they would see the lingerie strap. That ended my cami wearing. Bras were a similar story. She says there is no way I can wear a bra without something showing. I love bras but now I only help her pick hers out.

Thank you Angie for the blog. Hope this helps others. As Angie says, go slow, be cautious and let your wife if willing lead the way.


Keri April 02, 2018

Hi Dean,

I’m sorry to hear that your wife doesn’t seem to want to get onboard with you. She sounds like one of those gals that see men and women in a very binary manner – men are men and women are women, period. My best recommendation to you is to search the web for articles directed toward the wives of cross dressers that you might share with her. There are some very well worded articles out there. A couple of important points made in these articles is 1) cross dressing is not a disease and not something to be “cured” and 2) cross dressing is not something likely to just go away or get over – it is a part of who you are, and for most of us, a very important part. While I don’t know you and your wife, I suspect she may be worried about losing her man – a fear I can well understand. You might assure her that the vast majority of us are straight and in a committed relationship. We just understand ourselves to be a person that doesn’t march by the beat of conventional society’s drum beat. Our cross dressing is simply an outward expression of that part of ourselves that we embrace. Good luck to you, dear sister. My kindest wishes to you and your wife.

ANGIE March 29, 2018

I have and still do dress in lingerie, wifes knows and says snarky things about it, like I want a man, quit wearing my clothes. I try to stay in bedroom with it but occasionally I venture out and let her see and its “that’s too girly” well that’s the fun in it. A friend gave her some things, she doesn’t wear but a couple things so I am wearing the others. I have bought things that no way I am telling or showing her, it’s a hard sell after 35yrs of marriage to get her to change but I will keep on dressing and playing in lingerie.

DEAN March 29, 2018

Nicky, I am so happy for you. You had the courage to come out to your wife, and she had the courage to accept you as you are. Like you, my marriage is much closer now than it has ever been. Why? Because I’m able to express my feminine self, which I have discovered is every woman’s best wish in her husband. Have fun, dear sister, and I wish the best for you and your dear lady. Be sure and take her on a virtual shopping trip at Xdress and Body Aware. Have fun, and spend some money!

Kindest regards,

ANGIE March 29, 2018

It is difficult to talk with your wife about this…
I had to “come out” 5 weeks ago after being with my wife for 17 yrs. Ofcourse she was in shock and thought she lost her “man”, but after like 48 hours of talking she tried to understand me. And guess what… she does!
Never dared dreaming she would though but now im asking myself why i did not tell her earlier. My “hobby” (that’s how she calls it) is only with women underwear… and yes… i prefer pink, lace, silk, satin and everything that makes a pantie more girly. That is not her thing to be honest… she likes how i look in a thong but prefers black. She does let me wear my girly stuff but dont want to see that. Last weekend she asked me to show all my lingerie and even let me try it on to show her… and even after she said she dont want to see stockings or garthers, she did let me put them on. Her reaction: damn… you do wear it like it should. Fyi, we had awesome sex ?.
Now i have my own place in the closet with my panties and she let me wear them daily so… i do.
In short… please guys, talk to your wifes because this is one of the best things that ever happened in my marriage and we are closer to eachother then we ever were before!

NICKY March 29, 2018

Hi Aubry,

Obviously, you are well down the road into your feminine self, and congratulations that you have a willing partner to share in this. That is truly a blessing. Apparently you have hit the limit with your sweetie with the garter belt, stockings, bra, and see-through panties. Please refer back to my original post, where I say that you need to not run ahead of her in your dressing, but take it slowly and let her set the pace. You have made some serious inroads in her accepting your inner femme, but don’t jeopardize that by running too far ahead of her in your enthusiasm. I well understand that you want more, in terms of expressing your inner feminine self, but your relationship is important too. Show her respect and kindness. Be patient, my dear sister.

Kindest regards,

ANGIE March 29, 2018

My wife was ok with me cross dressing and told her prior to marriage I am 32 she is 28)married 10 years now and it progressed very well until I was dressing daily for several hours and all weekends from Friday night to Monday morning including full makeup, full lingerie including silicone breasts inserts, dresses and high heels. After I started my home business I began dressing basically full time and she seemed to be ok with it and since we have no kids it is easier. I have shoulder length very light brown hair or dark blonde hair and am 5ft.7in a women’s size 9 so I am not the most manly looking guy around which early in my life was a problem but was great for my cross dressing and to pass as a female. Because I have been dressing and passing as a female since my early teens and with her help I can go any where and am accepted as a female without question. I have gone into lingerie stores and tried on lingerie with the help of sales girls and they know nothing than I am a female. No excessive body hair, I keep shaved as any woman and have my eyebrows waxed and maintain long nails; basically for the last like 6 months I have lived fulltime as a female and have no plans to change that. Even my wife has said I seem happier and calmer living as a woman and only once in a while at night when making love she does ask me to not wear one of my silky nightgowns to bed until after we make love. She used be not like it during the day to kiss me when we are both wearing lipstick but she has even accepted that. We use the same deodorant and share makeup and almost live as girlfriends or sisters except we have sex. So I was so surprised when she completely freaked out when I came home with a garterbelt and a couple pair of stockings with matching bra and sheer see through panties with lace around the leg opening very feminine and sexy I loved them and thought she would. Now I always wear a dress or skirt and usually wear either pantyhose or usually thigh high stockings because I like the feel of my nylon slip sliding against my nylon panties (I do become aroused by crossdressing and always have and she knows it, I stay erect all day and wear fuller dresses so as to not show it) Unlike others I stay aroused even after satisfaction; the arousal from crossdressing never goes away. I thought when I went full time I would eventually get used to it and it would become normal and my arousal would subside; actually it get more and more intense as the day goes on and as I have orgasms. Seems like the more I have the more I want to have. Anyway I wear very silky sexy panties and bra, beautiful full slips or half slips; unbelievably feminine sheer 1960’s style nightgowns with matching robes and panties to bed. I sound look and act like a female 24/7 and have even worn a corset (with0ut garter straps and stockings) I have gone with y wife to a square dance wearing several real crinolines the silky sexy type girls wore in the 1950’s and had the most sexual feminine experience of my life and on occasion dress in that square dance dress with the petticoats just because it is so arousing and she knows it. But when I put on the garterbelt and attached the stockings and came out of the bedroom wearing the garterbelt matching very sheer panties and bra she looked at me and said “what is this a matching garter belt, bra and panties and stockings and you have an erection what the hell is the matter with you are you gay wearing a garterbelt with stocking that is so gay enough of this nonsense you will not wear a garterbelt”. What the heck was that I dress and look like a woman completely and wear the most sexy silky female lingerie bras sheer panties beautiful satin slips and have long nails and even had permanent eyelashes done and my eyebrows waxed and several of her coworkers think I am her sister and she thinks I am gay because I wear a garter belt and stockings. Any ideas on this it makes no sense that her “line” is a garterbelt or the see through panties I do not get it and she is staying mad at me and forbids me to wear them. Of course because of that it really turns me on to wear them.

AUBRY (REAL NAME) March 29, 2018

I told my wife four months after we met. She was only 20 and we were also four months from the altar (no pregnancy- just love!). She participated, and seemingly enthusiastically, for years until her asking me to “go put something on” simply faded away. She is alright with me dressing in private when she is not around- she simply doesn’t want to participate.

Why? All she has ever said is that it was a lot easier to take when she was still drinking (she has been in AA for 20 years and it saved her life- the trade-off is worth it).

KIMMI March 29, 2018

Scott, thank you so much for your reply. You are doing exactly what I would suggest anyone discovering their emerging feminine side would do. As I said in my blog, take it slow. You have to let your wife catch up with you, and never run ahead of her, as this may be threatening to her. Like you, my wife and I have found the joy of the lingerie counter and visits together to the nail salon. In fact, we had pedicures yesterday. Oh, btw, my nail tech told me yesterday that you shouldn’t wear toenail polish during the winter, as it invites nail fungus. Only wear toenail polish in the warm months. Didn’t know that, did you? Neither did I. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughtful reply and encouragement of others who have discovered this wonderful side of themselves that allows us such freedom. My best wishes for you as you journey on in this exciting life still to be discovered.

ANGIE March 29, 2018

I want to say that my wife try to get it but could not. So I had to cross dress in secret she found my hiding spot and dispose of my lingerie I just got back in bying again I will love for her to understand.

ANGEL ORTIZ March 29, 2018

Michelle, good on you! I’m so happy for you that it worked out the way it did. Have you had that first shopping trip yet? It is such fun to go shopping as girlfriends and pick out lingerie for each other. Don’t forget to take her to Xdress and Body Aware and go shopping electronically!

ANGIE March 29, 2018

I’d been a fetishist for crossdressing/TG throughout my mature life from teenage years on. I married rather young because I’m not great with the ladies and I knew her well after four years. We’d been through kids and moves together. We both have been overweight for a number of years, and I finally decided to try to take care of myself. She noticed after four months and sixty pounds that I was getting markedly smaller and held out a pair of her capri pants and asked me to try them on. Not only did they fit, I was secretly excited. I didn’t press at the time though… a couple of weeks later, we were making love and she had on a pair of her nylon/spandex panties on. I took them off of her, and then said “These look like my size too, I should totally try them on.” She laughed at seeing the result, but then we continued to make love and I “forgot” to take them off.

We had a frank talk after this about how much fun it was in the bedroom. After a time she admitted that she likes seeing me in them and it now turns her on that we have matching panties for the bedroom. While I would still like to go farther with certain articles of clothing (bra and stockings, she’s still not enamored with the look of a bra on a man and is sensitive about her own legs), at the very least I am a 98% panty-wearing man whose wife likes him wearing panties. We have even gone to the nail salon for pedicures, my toenails are delightfully painted. While my children don’t know about the bedroom, my teenage daughter complimented me on my painted toenails.

My experience is twofold. I am exceptionally lucky that my wife has not only accepted my panty-wearing but has encouraged it. However, I have not pressed the accelerator on her to overwhelm her with what I want. Becoming a panty man has taken about three to six months of discussion, lovemaking, and her becoming accustomed to me wearing panties (and nothing else) to bed. Talking frankly about your sex life is so helpful! I have outlined many reasons that I like panties and she has told me that she loves how unafraid I am to own my enjoyment of wearing panties. Being honest has helped our relationship immensely and we now have new date spots (the lingerie counter, the nail salon) that we didn’t necessarily have through the first fifteen years. Now that we have this fetish to share and know that we’re both adventurous, hopefully additional fetishes will come around. Thankfully our current compromises are a good first step. I’ve been able to reconcile within myself that if wearing panties is the only step I get to take it’s still not only worthwhile but I may giving up quite a bit in order to push for every last aspect of what I want.

Good luck to all of you guys who are reading this! People can change, or discover things about themselves that they didn’t know existed. It’s hard to hide yourself and what you want but I’m rooting for you to find the relationships that work for you and allow you to be who you are and to be able to share these aspects with someone who gets as turned on as you do.

SCOTT March 29, 2018

Well, the way it happened with us is that we didn’t actually have ‘the talk’. Part of me wanted to say something, but at same time I didn’t want something that could be weird between us.

Instead we were making out and I kind half put on her bra as we were doing it. Then she closed it on me (eureka). After we’d finished I just took it off and threw it on the floor. We didn’t talk about it afterwards.

Then the next time I did the same, she closed it, and got me some panties from her drawer. After a few times doing this she actually gave me a full makeover and asked me about it. I told her I’d been doing it off and on forever but assured her that for me it was just something sensual.

I was actually hoping it would happen this way. So am really glad it worked out. I kind of felt she wouldn’t have an issue, but could never be sure.

MICHELLE March 29, 2018

Dear Paulena, I’m sorry for your initial loss, but am so glad you found someone to accept you for who you are. That is everything!

ANGIE March 29, 2018

It is difficult to discuss for the first time with the one you love. It is fear. How will the one I love react? My ex wife ( no, this was not the reason for our divorce) went bulletin when I asked the question, " how do you think I would look in these?" She would not have been on board with me dressing. When I eventually found myself in a new relationship, but before taking it to the next level, I wanted to be honest and discuss my lifestyle. My heart was pounding. But fortunately, I had someone who accepted me as me. Of course my heart was pounding the first time I let my love see me dressed.

PAULENA March 29, 2018

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