Gift Ideas for the Nice, and the Naughty!

Gift Ideas for the Nice, and the Naughty!

The holidays are upon us! With the spirit of gift-giving now dancing in our sights, we’re all wondering what to get the people in our lives, no matter how naughty or nice they were, this year. We at XDress think that, no matter which of the two you were, that you deserve a little gift for making it through the year! We decided to compile a list of goodies that could be good if you were on the nice list, and a list of items that could excite those on the naughty list. Which one are you? We'll have to find out! 


For those on the nice list…


1. Our Cuddle Up Collection!




Our cuddly, soft, and mildly sexy Cuddle Up collection would be the cutest thing to get for your loved ones on the nice list! It’s soft, keeps things toasty, and would show off just how warm and fuzzy they are on the inside, as well. I mean, look at those cute little sock monkeys. How could you not smile after simply looking at these?


2. Lace Frills Brief



Our Lace Frills Brief is perfect for anyone who’s been nice, this year! Its elegant frills and delicate lace instantly give the feeling of being dainty and absolutely adorable. Whether they prefer the softer pink with the white lace or the bolder pink with black lace, both have “nice list” written all over them!


3. Bagpipe Beauty Dress



If the recipient has been nice all year, definitely go all out and get them a dress! Our Bagpipe Beauty Dress is great for those on the nice list, as shown by the elegant lace trim on such a doll-like, warm plaid design! Beauty and grace come together in this gorgeous dress, which will also keep you warm in these colder months. Someone who’s been especially nice this year deserves this dress (even if that person is you.)



For those who’ve been naughty…


1. Gothic Mistress Wig 


This is the perfect wig to show off a little bit of that dark side. It has that lady-of-the-night vampire look to it, keeping the wearer elegant and graceful while showing a darker shades of their personality. It could go with naughty or nice looks, but it'd be so much more fun to be a little bit bad.


2. Bottes Dangereuse



If these boots don’t scream “naughty list,” then I don’t know what it even means to be on the naughty list. That pitch black color and latex appearance give off such strong Dominatrix vibes, which is not only naughty, but can make for a very empowering part of someone’s wardrobe. We could all use a good pair of dominatrix boots. That’s what I think, at least.


3. Teacher’s Pet Uniform



Now this outfit doesn’t look like something that would be for someone on the naughty list, but you can easily edge it up to make it into a “bad student” ensemble, and lord knows those bad students are on the naughty list! With some combat boots and a dark, leather jacket, you’ve got yourself a Teacher’s Pet on the edge. Whether you edge it up or not, the “punishing the bad student” role play still comes to mind…



So which list would you be on this year? The naughty list, or the nice list? Let us know down in the comments!

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Ah, if only footwear companies made more boots in larger sizes. . .


Nice collection for my hubby


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