Let’s Talk About Bras!


Greetings, dear readers!

I hope this blog finds you well and wearing something pretty. In my last blog, “The Wonderful World of Panties!”, the conversation among you (and what a wonderful conversation it was!) drifted into the realm of bras. It was a wonderful and lively conversation. I’d like to extend that a bit in this blog. A shout out to Keri for suggesting I do so!

For me personally, beginning to wear panties was not much of a stretch, as I was already wearing men’s underwear that was as feminine as men’s underwear gets, in terms of color, style, and fabric. To wear a bra – well, that was a very clear pronouncement of the inner femme that I am. It took my wife a while to get on board with me wearing bras, but she is a trooper. She started picking out bras for me in the brick and mortar stores and consults me on what she likes at XDress. She’s even given me a few bras that have stretched out too much for her. These are my favorites, as they came from her, like some of her panties that stretched out too much for her comfort. There is real intimacy in wearing your wife’s panties and bras.

As a basic tutorial for you that may be either 1) interested in wearing bras or 2) have just started experimenting with bras, allow me to share a few items of possible interest. For you that are old hands at wearing bras, stick around – you just might learn something.

As far as styles go, there are three basic groups – traditional strap bras, strapless bras, and racerback bras. Each has its upside and downside. Within the three major groups, there is an overwhelming choice of styles.


First, traditional strap bras. The appeal to me of traditional strap bras is their traditional femininity. Every woman has bras with straps. You can get underwire, wireless, push up and padded. With the push-up and padded, you can get cups with a pocket for the insertion of silicone inserts. The same is true for racerbacks. There are some blouses and dresses that just don’t look right without silicone inserts, because of the cut and fit of the blouse or dress. I’m pretty flat-chested, so inserts are helpful from time to time. The downside of traditional strap bras is the straps. They sometimes slip over your shoulders, requiring you to (as subtlety as possible) reach inside your blouse/shirt and pull them up. Even with properly fitted bras, your straps are going to come down from time to time. As far as putting them on, I’m not nearly flexible enough to hook the straps from behind, so I just clasp them together and slip them on line a racerback (which I’ll talk about in a minute). One of the cool things my wife does is, upon arriving home from work, she unhooks the back strap, reaches into a sleeve, and pulls the bra out through the sleeve. The physics of that defies me!

Strapless bras remove the bother of pulling up the straps, and you have a wide choice of blouses to wear without worrying about your straps showing. One of my personal pet peeves is women that wear tops that clearly show their bra straps. That totally lacks class, in my opinion, and they look like they should be barefoot in the kitchen cooking, with one babe on their hip and five other brats running around the kitchen. The downside of strapless is that they fit quite tight, in order to compensate for the lack of straps.

The third major group, racerback, is my personal favorite. The racerback forms a Y or an X in the back and is slipped on, as there are no clasps involved. The upside is that you never have to worry about your straps sliding down. Sports bras and T-shirt bras are commonly in the racerback family. The downside is they won’t be appropriate with some of your tops if you don’t want to be outed. They tend to display more fabric on the chest, although this isn’t necessarily true.

I have to say that XDress is my go-to place for bras. Being flat-chested, they fit me very well, as they are cut and designed for the male physique. With women’s bras, it’s hard to find a bra that fits our chest width and cup size. XDress has a amazing number of choices that are very feminine and designed so they don’t out you unless you want to be outed. My wife’s and my personal favorites are the Glistening Satin Collection.


Speaking of size, sizing is really pretty simple. Measure (in inches) the width of your chest, below your breasts. This is your band size. Next, measure your width, measuring across your nipples. This is your cup size. Just for fun, if your wife/SO is on board, let her/him do the measuring for you. Next, pull up XDress online and have some fun shopping together! The reason I might seem to be pushing XDress is that, with their designing, it is so easy to wear a bra for everyday activities in public without outing yourself, yet feeling so feminine on the inside. 

There might be some of you that have gynecomastia. To the uninitiated, gynecomastia is a condition, often occurring in adolescence, of the enlarging of the breasts in males. Cup size may be as large a C or D cup. This condition can cause some serious challenges in adolescence, especially when it comes to gym class and the showers. For you folks, bras aren’t an option – they are a medical necessity. Be proud of your beautiful breasts, dear ones, and wear a pretty bra!

There are some pretty good chat groups online for those of us who love to wear bras – sites that aren’t pornographic or sleazy. They support gurls like us who just like to wear bras. You’d be amazed at how many of us are out there. My usual precaution – if a site feels wrong for you, it probably is.

So much for my thoughts on the subject of bras. What are your thoughts? As you know, I love to hear your thoughts and stories. So warm up those keyboards and let’s have a conversation!

Fond regards,



I do not only like my husband wears bra but also girdle. He adds hip pads and breast form to gain a better image. We both believe in gender equality and this is a great way to close the gap He sometimes use typical female clothes like a blouse or a skirt, some others a masculine suit…no matter the clothes he always wears his underwear and the padding… believe or not he is often approached by woman to flirt with him…clearly more than when he did not use them. This shows a change in society and proves that feminine men are in general more attractive to woman than the masculine ones

Maria May 04, 2021

My wife tells me I have the body of women but hates the idea of me dressing like one.. her hate for it makes me want to do what I dream and go full woman

P March 15, 2021

I recommend the silicone inserts that XDress sells. They offer a more natural or real breast experience than stuffing your bra with panties. I do not pretend to like large breasts so the water balloon idea would probably not be for me. I like an A to B cup. I like how the silicone feels against my skin and the inserts on the XDress bra’s allow support that won’t let the inserts slip out of the bra.

Scott December 19, 2020

Dean, I was never really into bras at first. Even though I had been purchasing panties from X-Dress, I had always been turned on by bullet bras. One day while looking in my ex mother-in-laws clothes hamper, I found her large 44DD lace cup Bali bras such a turn on that I actually tried on one of her bras while in her restroom. After hooking the four hooks on the back of her bra, I soon realized that she & I were the SAME bra-band size…44 Some time later, while my ex & I were out at a video/book store, I did find a bra with very large water balloons in the cups.. Seeing as how I too would use panties in moms & sisters bra cups, I decided to use water balloons. WOW! Love the “bounce” when wearing heels. I am not proud of it but back then I did take a couple of her bras over a few months. She only wore white Bali bras but I would dye them a purple/lavender color when I got them home. My ex would bring me her moms old bras when she would throw them out and go buy new ones. If anyone knows where I can find a bullet bra in a 44 band size, I would like to know. Thanks

Ron November 29, 2020

I bought my 1st bra a month ago, I wasn’t sure if my wife would accept it or not. She did. I got some nylons and my 1st garter from xd, I love to stuff my bra with panties (3 pairs in each cup) and put on my garter, nylons, and then a dress. I cannot wait to go out sometime, I’m a little nervous, though. I’d love to find a Phoenix area club that is for us with alternate lifestyles that will be a comfortable place for me to go. Thanks XD for the constant support, you’ve all been so supportive and helpful. Breast forms are next, then maybe a wig and make up. signed, Michael Wears Panties

Michael July 15, 2020


Thanks, Angie for your post. I use it normally in my daily routine. Bra I tried but I never found anything that I could wear without being noticed in some way. I hope to buy a set at Xdress to try it out I think I will like it.

Nuno January 24, 2020

I luv bras, really into them now, I have many in different types. I luv a molded cup as to have boobs and easier to stuff, I like to go big. Strapless for us men that wear are a challenge, they slip, slide down, we dont have the boobs to hold them up. Fabric to me doesn’t matter, anything I can get to wear is good. My new bra buys are satin pushup and a bullet bra.

Dean January 04, 2020

Bonjour mon amie, my dear Tontonyvon. How nice to hear from someone from your part of the world. Thanks for the tips on proper bra wearing without outing yourself. Tips are always welcome! I hope to hear more from you and your perspective.

Fond regards,

Angie November 16, 2019

Bonjour a vous tous , pour moi portés des soutiens-gorges , fait partis de mon quotidien 24h / 24h , et toute l’année. je préfère les soutiens-gorges sans armatures qui épouse parfaitement votre corps et qui ne vous blesse pas sous les bras ou la poitrine , et je vous lisait , et vous avez raison , quant vous dite que le problème pour nous les Hommes , et de dissimulé les bretelles , les agrafes , et les réglages des bretelles sous une chemise . Pour moi c’est très simple , faite comme moi et vous n’aurez plus de problèmes , si je ne le vous dis pas , vous n’en reverrez pas , pourquois , j’enfile mon soutien-gorge , je le régle , et je porte une combinaison , ou un fond de robe comme vous voulez , et ni vue ni connu vous ne voyez plus rien . La coupe et les bretelles large de votre combinaison vons cachez les bretelles de votre soutien-gorge , et sous une chemise ou une chemisette , on croira , que vous portez un maillot de corps , et en plus vous aurez le glaçage et le frottement du Nylon sur votre peau , je ne vous dis que ça . Bonnes journées , tontonyvon

Hello to you all, for me I have worn bras as part of my daily 24/24, and all year. I prefer bras without underwires that perfectly fit your body and that do not hurt you under your arms or chest. I agree with you, and you’re right, when you say that the problem for us men is concealing the straps, sliders and shoulder straps under a shirt. For me it’s very simple, do like me and you will not have any more problems. If I did not tell you, you would not see the bra again. I put on my bra, I adjust it, and I wear a suit, or dress as you wish, and no one know or see anything any more. The wide cut and shoulders of your suit will hide the straps of your bra, and under a shirt or t-shirt, you will believe, that you wear a undershirt, and in addition you will have the feeling and the friction of the nylon on your skin, I only tell you that. Good day, tontonyvon

tontonyvon November 13, 2019

Hi again, my dear friends. Stevie, I’m with you – cooler weather has its advantages, in that we are wearing heavier clothing, and wearing a bra is much easier, given the thickness of the outer clothing. Today, I’m wearing pink matching panties and bra from Xdress and love the hug around the chest you mentioned. Also have facial foundation on to tone my complexion. What fun! TA, we all look forward to hearing more from you. I love your “Lotsa satiny hugs” closing. Hugs in satin right back atcha.

Fond regards,

Angie November 11, 2019

Thanks Stevie for your kind comments. Yes it is a blessing to have a GF/GG who’s supportive and great to have a community like this to share ideas, thoughts and feelings on being a boy/gurl!!

And welcome aboard TA. Love to hear comments from GGs on here!!

Kyrstin November 08, 2019

Hi Everyone!
A big thank you for the welcoming! I’m so excited to have this safe place to post some of our little secrets!
Stevie, I love the way my SO wears his bras – it is the perfect hug for when I’m not available! I agree with the tank tops – it definitely helps to cover if that’s a need! You’ll definitely be hearing more from me! Lotsa satiny hugs!

TA November 07, 2019

Greetings friends!
Today I chose a blue satin underwire bra with matching high leg briefs to wear under my suit. Now that the weather has turned cooler I can wear multiple layers. For those of you wishing to conceal your bras, I have a tip. After putting on the bra (matching sets are my pref) place a tank or t shirt on to conceal the little adjustment knob on the straps. Then sweater or jacket and voila you are in business. A delicious hug around your chest all day. As an added bonus I found that proper snug fit actually enhances the chest muscles, an added bonus.
I did a little light concealer and foundation today as well as a little mascara on the lashes just to enhance the length (a lot of guys have naturally long eyelashes) .
What a great day its going to be with my own secret undies reminding me all day that as a man I can be pretty and feel sexy
Wear something pretty today I am

Steff November 06, 2019

Hi dear ones. All I can say is “WOW” for all the wonderful responses in this blog. I’d respond to each and everyone of you, but that would be a pretty long response. All of you are truly a credit to our special group. TA, a great big welcome to you. I know we are all excited to have a gg join us. My goodness, your SO is over 6 feet and 220 lbs? That is so cool, and I’m sure he looks great in satin. Dear one, you are always welcome here to post your thoughts. I so wish we could have more gg’s join us in our chats. My wife is also very accepting and supportive. I continue to learn more from her. Oh, btw, gg means genetic girl, in case you didn’t know. Welcome to our little sorority, dear sister.

Fond regards,

Angie November 05, 2019

Hi Angie, YES, YES, Bras are wonderful. They are the perfect item for the feminine man. I’ve always loved bras but so rarely get to wear them. So much great commentary on the subject. Seems that most of us love and enjoy our feminine side. As I have read though the posts it occurred to me that this circle of friends is in fact feminizing us even further. I have found my feminine side noticeably encouraged by these blogs. Dare I say we sound like a bunch of girls or is it gurlz? Either one can apply. I find that seeing men in panties and bras is personally very exciting and stimulating. Your models are gorgeous and make me take notice (if you get my drift).

Keep up the good work Angie and XDress.

Hugs, Keri

Keri November 03, 2019

TA, thank you so much for posting. I don’t think I have ever seen a female post on this site about supporting their SO’s feminine side. I think that it takes someone very special to accept that side of a man as society see’s things differently. We all have masculine and feminine energy, and Im not sure how many people out there understand that, so having someone in your life that embraces that feminine energy makes for a very special bond. Having my encourage me and support me has been huge in my own personal acceptance of this side of me. I had kept it hidden for a very long time as my previous spouse would have never accepted or understood it, traditional thinking keeps things inside the box. I love the feeling of wearing sexy things and feeling sexy, but then also being told and encouraged takes things to a whole new level. I was wondering how you go about encouraging your SO, and how you can help him get dressed up to actually go out on a date. I think it would be a good topic of conversation, and would love others to chime in as well. I really appreciate the safe space that this site provides.

WB November 03, 2019

Hi TA – that sounds fabulous!

I’m tempted to offer to help out with making the dinner.

But that would be too much of a crowd I guess. ;-)



Ally November 03, 2019

Thanks Ally! I enjoy so many different things on him – I love the feel of rolling over in bed in the morning and reaching into his satin panties… but that’s likely not a discussion for this site!
My favourite look however is a black lace bra with hot pink lace panties, black garter and stockings. I love watching him make breakfast for me in a nighty.
You have to know he’s not a slight man – he’s over 6 feet tall, 220 pounds. He appears very masculine though I feel incredibly blessed to know the feminine side of him that only I know. When he’s in his lingerie he looks sexy and after much discussion and being told that, he’s finally seeing it and realizing it’s truth.
We went shopping and purchased a dress for him and put make up on him. He looked so pretty and sexy. He made dinner for us and we enjoyed a lovely evening together. It was very romantic and I definitely saw a different side of him. His gentle feminine side is so beautiful.
I would like for him to dress up and go out to dinner with me but only if he feels comfortable to do so.
I hope this inspires some of the SO’s out there to know it’s ok to enjoy a sexy man in lace and satin. It feels fantastic to support him in a way that also feels good to me. I can’t imagine being with someone who didn’t enjoy wearing satin and lace!

TA November 02, 2019

Dear TA – wow! How great to see an SO posting on here. I have to thank you on behalf of a million others – and I’m sure others will – for being so understanding and supportive. It’s great to know you feel as excited as we do. One thing I notice since I’ve been dressing is how much gentler I feel towards the world in general. I can cast off any expectations of masculine aggression and focus on beauty instead. Do you notice any changes like that in your other?

What do you like most on a guy by the way?

With love

Ally x

Ally November 02, 2019

As a woman whose SO wears bra and panty sets, nighties, baby dolls etc., I need you to know I wasn’t sure what to think at first.
Before we began dating, he told me about his interest in wearing panties. He sent me a couple of pictures and I wasn’t sure what to think. I let him know I had to see the look in person but that I wasn’t turned off by it – as was his initial fear.
For as long as I can recall, I’ve liked the look of a sexy drag queen and when I allowed my mind to wander to that, it opened up completely.
Before our first date, he sent me a link to Xdress – he ordered a few things and I ordered a pair of panties for him. When I saw him wearing panties for the first time, it excited me! Thank you for designing a manty with a junk drawer (fitting into women’s panties can be a challenge!)
I have encouraged him to buy some bras and many other items since! We enjoy shopping together and are excited to try on new items for each other.
It still excites me every time I look at how sexy he is in his lingerie. We have an incredible sex life, which feels even sexier in satin and lace!

TA November 02, 2019

Wow great comments
As for going out if your SO is on board then Halloween would have a great excuse but going forward try TriEss local chapters to see if a local one is having a meet up so u can go out. Is your job LGBTQ friendly? Sometimes they have a meet and greet. Or a local Fetish convention that you go to and dress freely
Bras and panty sets are so sexy and feel so good. I feel sexy pretty and a little naughty
I feel free
So go for it! You wont regret it
If your SO is on board all the better…
Wear something pretty today, i am!

Stevie November 01, 2019

This is my first post to this site. I must say that it has been truly liberating that there are others out there that have gone through the same thought patterns as I have, thinking that it was wrong. My girlfriend has been amazing in helping me move through this thought pattern, and is very supportive and encouraging. I am not a shopper, either is she, but when we go shopping together for things for me and her, it is a whole new experience. It started out with wearing panties, and now has advanced to wearing bras, garters and stockings. I feels so good to wear a nice bra and panty set, and gives you the freedom to be yourself. The encouragement from my girlfriend was truly a turning point, and now I love it. XDress has been a great place to go to buy things that fit. It does become a bit of an obsession though as there are always new styles and colours coming out. My girlfriend now wants me to fully dress up and go out. Having difficulties with that one, suggestions? Thank you to everyone who takes the time to post, its been extremely helpful to know that you are not the only one feeling the way I did,

WB November 01, 2019

John, that will certainly come in due time! The simple act of wearing panties daily slowly reprograms your brain from once thinking it’s wrong, to loving it with not an air of doubt. Once this occurs, incorporating bras and other feminine items such as jewelry, shoes etc into your daily wear feels so natural! Like Kyrstin, I have just recently began wearing bras daily and it is pure bliss!

Just stay strong and try to not let your negative thoughts control your true happiness!

Nathan October 31, 2019

I love wearing panties and have been trying to reprogram myself to accept wearing them all the time. I bought some xdress bras and love wearing them. Bras are very sexy and push my feminization training further than wearing panties alone. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m comfortable wearing a bralette under my shirt in public (fear of being discovered) but I’m trying to force myself to wear them whenever I’m home. A matching bra and panty is so sexy and helps a lot in erasing toxic masculinity. Hopefully with enough “training” I can erase the thought that there is something wrong with it and just put on a bra and panty as normal :)

John October 31, 2019

Hi all. What fun reading your replies! Isn’t it interesting how so many of us enjoy celebrating our feminine side by wearing bras without shame or apology? Its even sweeter when you have an SO that thinks you look pretty in a bit of lace. Keep those comments coming. I love every one of them!


Angie October 31, 2019

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