Let's Talk Outerwear!

Let's Talk Outerwear!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great holiday season. With the approach of winter, I felt it appropriate to write a blog on outerwear.

So first, what is outerwear? Essentially, it's any piece of clothing that covers another. Such options available on XDress are bodysuits, cami's, skirts, nighties, robes, gowns, and dresses. One should never limit themselves to just under-dressing, for these options are sure to shift your perspective on what men should be able to wear comfortably! After all, these types of clothes are made from the most comfortable fabrics, like satin or chiffon. Why should only women get to enjoy them, especially if there are options available made specifically for men?

XDress offers a variety of options and colors in this category, my personal favorite being the Chiffon Robe in black. It has become the norm for me to slip into a satin nightie paired with a chiffon robe after a long day at work, the comfort and allure of this combination are unmatched by anything else! I used to just slip on a pair of shorts and t-shirt back in the day, having no clue of the superior options out there that sites like XDress provide!

Unlike the limited and drab options, you'll find in the men's outerwear section of department stores, feminine outerwear opens up so many more amazing options. There are nearly infinite styles, designs, and materials of items to choose from to suit virtually any mood or outfit. I recall many years as an adolescent always feeling so dissatisfied with the options of outerwear available to men, as they all looked the same just with different colors.

Whenever it was time to buy a new jacket, for example, I was never satisfied with the fit. My small frame did not suit the large, wide jackets made for men even if I did purchase a small size. The designs, textures, and styles were always so limited and unexciting. If I wanted to put something on to relax at home, my options were t-shirts, shorts, and a hoodie. How ridiculously limited! I am so glad I have embraced who I am fully, and through sites like XD/BA, have the ability to buy the clothes I've always wanted to wear. No matter what you choose, I guarantee that both the fit and feel of feminine outerwear will be far more comfortable and flattering to the body.

Transitioning to wearing feminine attire exclusively really altered my perception of how essential a nice-fitting piece of outerwear is to an outfit. For example, bodysuits combine perfectly with a skirt, as you won't have to worry about constant tucking your top into it. However, there are other great options as well. Cami's are able to be worn as just a top with a pair of pants/skirt if you are confident enough. They look especially great with skinny jeans and high waisted skirts. However, they can also be worn underneath a button-up or other top, to provide that softness that your other top may be lacking.

Speaking of skirts, every man needs to at least go outside of their comfort zone and try one on. After all, skirts were the most common thing for men and women alike to wear for centuries! They are especially suitable for the male anatomy, and are the best option for hot days, especially over shorts. They also are warm enough to wear in winter so long as you pair them with tights or leggings, so they are an excellent year-round choice. I personally recommend skater / A-line styles for public outings, as their style prevents any bulging when sitting or walking. Feel free to wear anything you want at home though, of course.

When it comes to full-body comfort, nothing beats a satin or chiffon gown. This is certainly the most extravagant option, and you will certainly feel fancy when you wear one. Women often choose nightgowns as their go-to item to sleep/lounge in, and for good reason! The delicate fabrics are a dream to sleep in or to simply just relax in. Satin is a pretty common material in these items, and there are so many wonderful colors available in this material on gowns.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful options there are in feminine outerwear, but this concludes my thoughts for now! What are your thoughts? What is your favorite type of outerwear? What colors/materials do you prefer? I'd love to hear from you!


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Outerwear is anything not panties! Sweater season is upon us and nothing is better than a sweater and some tight leggings!


Ahhh outerwear to me involves anything not underwear…
On my crossdressing journey i have progressed to add womens clothes to my wardrobe. After accepting that i loved women s lingerie, i replaced all of my underwear with panties including stealth undies for times when I needed to change clothes in front of other men.
Then i started wearing women’s jeans which actually fit me better and have softer fabrics- i ve gotten lots of compliments
I added women’s sweaters
I love it! I feel so sexy and complete
For me I’ve also added light foundation
Filling in my eyebrows and mascara
That’s all I need to stay masculine and feel feminine at the same time
Thats my style! I m not trying to transition (love those who are) to each his/ her own.
I happy mixing genders, is there a term for that? Lol
Wear something pretty today


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