Look Back - Look Forward!

Look Back - Look Forward!

As 2020 winds down and with the Holiday Season upon us, we often take time to look back and remember the things that happened, the people we lost, the times we shared (via Zoom mostly) and the experiences we had.  Then at the stroke of midnight, a New Year begins full of of hope and promise, new dreams to be had and new beginnings. 

Overall, 2020 was, for the most part... a year that we could forget but will always remember.  It started off really strong and full of promise. Then, as Shakespeare warned us in Julius Caesar, the Ides of March came and slammed the brakes on everything! We could no longer travel, see friends or family and toilet paper became harder to find than a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.  We pivoted and made it work though!  We had work and school from home and learned how to make sourdough, new meals and tasty cocktails. We learned about Virtual Happy Hours with co-workers and friends from around the world. 

For me, the best was virtual panty parties with my XDress Cheeky Satin n' Lace Panties, matching Bra and Garter and some nice Stockings.  I also was able to wear panties everyday!  My collection from XDress now includes over thirty pair of panties, five bras, three garters and multiple pantyhose. Since I was home more, I found myself being able to dress up more: The black French Maid Dress, Cutie Ruffle Panties and white stockings. Or the Pink Polka Dot Skirt with matching Polka Dot Crop Top and Panties depending on my mood. I bought the silicone bra inserts which gave me a little more breast to which my SO was pleasantly surprised (and aroused) by.  I found the ability to be a little more free than I would and ventured out to nearby towns for outside cocktails.  I also began to blog, which is quite fun and I hope you are all enjoy reading them! Most importantly, I discovered that life is too short to not dress up! 

Now that 2021 is fast approaching and I, for one, am looking forward to it.  Something about a New Year brings promise to a better tomorrow.  We have a lot to look forward to such as the three new COVID vaccines that should hit the market in 2021. Will you take it?  I would be first in line if I could! We have a new President which is always interesting to see what policy he will deliver on.  As for me, I am hoping that life gets back to a little more normalcy.  Should the vaccine work, which all indications say it should, we will be back to work, play and interaction by late Spring or Early Summer, and possibly sooner!

I will take what I learned in 2020 and move it forward into 2021.  I will not repress my inner gurl and will celebrate her whenever possible.  I will still have to dress for work and client calls in my man attire but underneath it all will be a cute pair of panties, like the Ashley Hipster Panty or some other fashion forward product that I am sure XDress will release.  And when I go out, I will go all out: dress, make up and heels, the works!  I do know that I will check the XDress site for their new product releases and hope they come out with some more skirts! 

Yes, 2020 has been a crazy year and I hope you all are able to find something positive that you got out of it.  What are some of the things you remember most? Did you learn a new talent? Did you dress up more or less? And as 2021 approaches, let me know what you look forward to doing? Will you maintain your level of femininity? Increase it? Will you have the courage and encouragement to venture out in full dress? And more important, how do you plan on celebrating New Years Eve?

It will be strange to not see Times Square packed with people, not that I would be there anyway!  As for New Years Eve, I will be attending a small outdoor fire pit party with friends.  Under my ski pants and jacket, I will have on something super sexy for my SO to unwrap just after the stroke of midnight. I am thinking the Polka Dot V-String, Black Garter, black Polka Dot Stockings, paired with my Black Satin and Lace Bra-with inserts of course!  Or maybe XDress launches a new product that will catch my eye in time for the ball to drop?

Happy Holidays!


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I was not able to toss ALL on my male undergarments but I did whittle it down quite a bit during COVID and replaced with many XDress panties to fill the gap. Hoping 2021 is a great one!


I’ll fondly remember 2020 as the year I decided to throw away all my male underwear and exclusively wear women’s panties. It’s also the year I discovered panties that were more enjoyable to wear then g strings, if that’s possible, I’m talking about Brazilian panties. What a wonderful style and so many variants. I’ve spent a good amount of time researching women’s panties and looking for the styles which will best suit me as a man. I hate granny pants and avoid bikinis because of panty lines and found that flat lace edges are virtually undetectable even under the tightest jeans. I now have a collection of over 40 different pairs of panties. I’ve enjoyed wearing panties fulltime, and get a thrill doing even the basic things Getting dressed in the morning is something I look forward to as the first thing I put on is sexy lace panties. The simple things like going to buy a new pair of jeans ahs become exciting, as I love standing in the changing room in my panties while I’m trying the jeans on, I just love that feeling. The next step I’m looking forward to in 2021 is summoning up the courage to visit a lingerie store and trying on panties. Bringing up my love of panties to my new girlfriend is going to be a challenge, but I’ll probably go subtle with a microfiber g string when we first get intimate, then explain from there. My deepest desire is to find a woman who loves me wearing panties as much as I like wearing them. I just hope she doesn’t surprise me by getting intimate when I’m wearing my favorite lace g string, that might be a bit much at first? Trying to expand my wardrobe, I’ve tried camisole tops, bras, stockings and suspenders, but it’s really about everything below the waist for me, especially panties. I think I’m at the end of my journey as far as cross dressing goes, and I’m at my happiest in pretty lace panties. 2021 is certainly a year I’m looking forward to but 2020 will be remembered as the end of a cycle of switching from men’s to women’s underwear, feeling guilty about my love of lace panties and finally fully embracing the fact that I’m a straight man who loves wearing girly lace panties full time.


hi SC a year to forget or remember? remember who we lost forget the anguish remember george floyd, covid 19 and the summer of protests and the election life is too short to not be myself. 2021 i will be myself and i will dress more and wear more makeup. i will stop being shy and be confident at the nail salon. I will discuss my cd ing more with my SO. i love this forum and i love being able to talk to all of you in a safe place i also want to dig deeper into who i am savannah hauk s book talks about 6 categories to help define yourself 1- biology 2 – gender 3- sexuality 4- romantic attraction 5- gender expression 6-pronounns me: biology xy male gender male sexuality hetero romantic attraction female expression male, feminized pronoun he get your femme on stevie


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